Gray doesn't deny interviewing for Zorn's job

On Wednesday, reporters asked Redskins secondary coach Jerry Gray whether he interviewed for the team’s head-coaching position, which currently is filled.

According to Jason Reid of the Washington Post, Gray initially said that he hadn’t, but when pressed by one of the reporters Gray didn’t deny it.

Later, the team’s public relation staff informed reporters that Gray’s initial “no” regarding whether he interviewed actually should have been “no comment.”

League observers suspect that the Redskins have pre-complied with the Rooney Rule by interviewing Gray and/or defensive coordinator Greg Blache for the head-coaching job.  Though NFL spokesman Greg Aiello recently told us that the Rooney Rule as applied to coaches presumes the existence of a vacancy, Jay Glazer of FOX suggested on Sunday that the interviews of minority candidates are being done to clear a path for the hiring of Mike Shanahan promptly upon the termination of Zorn.

21 responses to “Gray doesn't deny interviewing for Zorn's job

  1. It’s bad enough to have ” worked for the Redskins” on your resume. Why would he want ” interviewed for HC for the Redskins” on there? I would deny it, too.

  2. Bet the Redskins don’t bother re interviewing them when a vacancy occurs and get away without a penalty.

  3. Florio is IN LOVE with the ridiculous Rooney rule. NBC is so proud that they bought his soul. I am glad Snyder is making a mockery out of required racial quotas.

  4. I really hope they get nailed over this. Snyder is a good businessman, but he’s a moron when it comes to the football side of business. Matt Millen was the last person stupid enough to get busted bypassing the Rooney rule. I hope Snyder is not on his level.

  5. Shanahan aint stupid. He knows Danny will overpay for anything so he is probably looking for a bidding war to drive his price up.

  6. in all my years following the NFL I have never seen any team be so consistantly low class as they are under the leadership of the midget prince
    to keep Zorn twisting in the wind like this…give Gray or Blanche the reins till seasons end ( & they should have done this as soon as they knew they were going to fire him…
    didnt they do the same with with Norv Turner & Marty ? I would love to see Shanahan pull a Parcells on Snyder…

  7. So what, exactly, does this Rooney Rule help? They want Shanahan, and they’re going to hire Shanahan. That’s the way it should be. Sorry, I’m all for equal opportunities, but if you paid hundreds of millions of dollars to own a franchise, you should be able to hire whoever the hell you damn well please.

  8. Has anyone thought about the possibility of Blache and/or Gray interviewing to take the place of Zorn DURING the season? I would not be surprised at all if either one of those guys interviewed for the position during the bye week.
    The Rooney rule was applicable 5 to 10 years ago – and at the time was needed….although I’m not so sure it belongs in todays “rules.”

  9. Has there ever been a latino head coach?? Will there ever be an asian head coa….wait are there even any asians in the NFL??

  10. “…the team’s public relation staff informed reporters that Gray’s initial “no” regarding whether he interviewed actually should have been ‘no comment’.”
    Nice try with the spin, there. 🙂

  11. Good point SPG. Also, the problem with firing Zorn now is the assistants might walk as well. Snyder had to wrap Shanahan up now,thats how ended up with Zorn. I like the guy but it’s time.

  12. The Rooney rule is nec. . There are too many unqualified Caucasian coaches in the NFL and outside of it…..Snyder needs to comply but I am all for Shanahan ultimately getting the job. The good old boy network is worse than the Rooney Rule!!

  13. I have a feeling Zorn is ready to stick it however he can to Snyder. That ridiculous gadget play to end the first half on Monday was the beginning. In the huge rivalry game against Dallas this weekend, if Zorn is still coaching which he will be, something else insane will go down. No way we win that game either. Zorn wont quit, not after whats happened to him, and he will subtly give ole Danny boy the big F U during the most important rivalry game of the year. SNyder should have fired Zorn with Cerrato and just let Blache or Gray take the reigns, cuz whats the point of a coach continuing to coach when everyone knows hes gonna be fired.

  14. Racism exists in the mind. When you try to regulate people’s thoughts this type of mockery happens. The path to hell was paved with good intentions.

  15. What’s the statue of limitation on the Rooney Rule? They weren’t tampering with Albert Buttersworth, they were chatting about other things, non-player related, like the head coaching job.
    Actually, Albert Buttersworth is great fit for the Redskins head coach position. He already doesn’t show up for the fourth quarter, just like the offensive play calling. Oh! Zing!
    I liked Zorn, to bad he’ll probably end up QB coaching in Cleveland.

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