Wilf wants Favre back in 2010

We recently posted the terse response of Vikings owner Zygi Wilf to a call from Charley Walters of the St. Paul Pioneer Press seeking comment on the “heated discussion” between coach Brad Childress and quarterback Brett Favre.

Don’t bother me, OK?” was Wilf’s reply.

But the man who has owned the team for four years later spoke about the situation with Sid Hartman of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

“We win four and we’re in the Super Bowl,” Wilf said.  “We’re going to have to take
it one day at a time, but it’s great to be in this position, and all
the talk about us — whatever the talk’s [between Favre and Childress]
been going on the past week — has definitely been blown out of
.  We’re going to work hard to win this game [against the
Bears on Monday night] and move on.”

Possibly to demonstrate his lack of concern regarding the possibly icy relationship between “Chilly” and Favre, Wilf also said that he’ll do everything he can to persuade Favre to come back for another go in 2010.

The bigger question is whether Childress will feel the same way.

43 responses to “Wilf wants Favre back in 2010

  1. Thanks for FINALLY posting this article which I mentioned minutes after you posted the other one. I’m sure Childress will feel the same way since Favre is the reason for his contract extension.

  2. some people never learn but what would you expect from a guy who we-uped Klink after the shit job he’s done? Man it’s great being a Vikings fan!

  3. Well, it’ll be another offseason of retire, then unretire in hopes of winning the second super bowl of his career. He’s the gift that keeps on giving to the media and defensive backs all over the league.

  4. Possibly to demonstrate his lack of concern regarding the possibly icy relationship between “Chilly” and “Lord Favre”, Wilf also said that he’ll do everything he can to persuade Favre to come back for another go in 2010.
    There, fixed it for you Florio.

  5. My god florio get off it. You have nothing to do with farve and childress, or the vikings, or their management, so just shut the hell up about it. Quit trying to make something out of absolutely nothing.
    Must REALLY piss you off regarding how well they’ve done.

  6. Chilly and Wilf don’t seem to believe in Favre’s meltdowns in December, his stats show he is consistent there since 2005.
    They’ll lose again and somehow it won’t be Favre’s fault and they’ll entice him back. He’ll play his normal, maybe/maybe not game long enough to sit out of training camp again and will return after many tear filled press conferences.
    All the while sports columnists will enjoy every minute of it and sports fans will threaten to rip their eyes out if they have to read another Favre article. At the same time fans will continue to read articles and that will allow columnists to continue writing them.
    For some reason this never gets old, even after 2-3 years.

  7. We recently posted the terse response of Vikings owner Zygi Wilf to a call from Charley Walters of the St. Paul Pioneer Press seeking comment on the “heated discussion” between coach Brad Childress and quarterback Brett Favre.
    “Don’t bother me, OK?” was Wilf’s reply.
    I can still understand this as being more along the lines of schedule an appointment asshole.

  8. C’mon, guys. You actually believe Chilly is suddenly turned off because Favre drew a line in the sand?
    Imagine how dominant the offense “could” be with a few additional O-lineman that can run block? Throw in a replacement for Madieu at safety and that’s suddenly a much more shut-down squad.

  9. He also said he didn’t want Favre before he signed Favre.
    Zygi, Chilly, Favre all have less than 0 credibility

  10. “Possibly to demonstrate his lack of concern regarding the possibly icy relationship between “Chilly” and Favre, Wilf also said that he’ll do everything he can to persuade Favre to come back for another go in 2010.”
    Or possibly because it’s the only way anyone in the national media will pay attention to his team without moving it to LA.

  11. What worries me is all this “Super Bowl” talk in Minnesota. After losing 2 out of 3, and in a very bad way, the Vikings need to wrap their heads around getting their team back in November form, and winnng an actual playoff game.
    Right now the Vikings are following the pattern of every playoff team who gets beat in their first game. And look what happned to the Saints after all of their “16-0” talk, they got pounded weekly and finally got beat and we still don’t know what state their in either.
    It’s best for everyone in the organization to end their statements with “one game at a time” and kindly remove any statements in reference to AFTER that.

  12. So he’s going to fire Chilly and Make Lord Favre HC GM and QB, with OC and Receiver Coach thrown in. And Brett also announced he has played with migraines and once fell out of a pick-up truck after Deanna drove away from the double wide after they had a couple Schlitz malt liquors.

  13. Keep it coming Florio.. I like the spot light on everything Vikings. Makes the one team sport I follow more interesting.Nice to watch sports shows and see the Vikings often. Sure if Favre comes back next year it will be a fun season to watch also. Got to love it!

  14. Nothing like jumping the gun, putting the cart before the horse.
    Why don’t you just wait to see what the rest of the season might bring. If Favre and Kol Klink get into a death cage match on the sidelines as they lose the Bear game Monday night, perhaps Ziggy might reconsider his comments.
    Much like re-signing Klink to a contract extension without proof that he could actually deliver a playoff win, Ziggy is proving he is every bit as dumb as his head coach. The two are custom made for each other and then throw in a guy who thinks he’s God and we have our own running entertainment show.

  15. they vikes knew what they were getting with farve, but it is like a slap in the face against all the other guys. chilly picking him up at airport. meeting him all over to convince him to come to minni. it is like saying you are are good but without him you cant win it all… just my opinion. what happens after next year or this year, will lord farve go throught the old i may retire again fro the 3rd time i may not.

  16. Just because the Vikings owner hung up on Charley Walters regarding the Childress/Favre comments MEANS NOTHING SPORTS FANS. First of all Charley Walters is just a past one season baseball player for the Minnesota Twins some 45 years ago, and since I used to play with him, I can tell you, he is rude, lacks polish, and doesn’t know how to conduct a reasonable interview. He’s just one of the writers for the St Paul paper. Point 2, people want to blow something up from nothing, in hopes it might have some mystical powers or might get Favre and Childress made enough at each other, that they will lose. Bottom feeders try and do this. Two of the Vikings loses have resulted from the Steelers play book being used in Arizona as well as Pittsburg. It beats the Vikings, because they don’t seem to know how to make the adjustments. The monster Julius for Carolina was more than anyone on the Vikings could handle, plain and simple, and Childress may have made a silly decision to pull Farve winning 7 to 6, but to insinuate that Favre runs Childress is just another bottom feeder attempt to disorganize the Vikings, thinking it will give the other team an edge. PROFESSIONALS which sports fans aren’t stay focused and disciplined in their sport, and the reason they are there at that level, is because they let the spew of frustrated jokes who never made it, run off their backs. Thats why they make millions and you guys, the critics will never get it.*smile*

  17. Vikes have had a great year!!! 3 losses is nothing to worry about. Its great to lose now and work out the kinks then lose in the playoffs.
    The Saints have a chance to lose in the playoffs. Their wins in the last 5 weeks have been aweful and teams have them figured out already. Great team which may not make it out of the NFC!!!

  18. Hello idiots!
    To harmeless: shutup!
    to the idiot with the full page post: shutup!
    to any that say klink: shutup!
    none of you sound like you know what you are talking about.
    what qualifies you to determine who is a bad coach or not? huh? shutup!

  19. Do we really expect Wilf to admit that he made two mistakes by (1) bringing in Chilly and (2) allowing Chilly and Bevel to recruit a 40 year old head case as QB? Wilf’s actions will speak louder than his words this off season. If he bows down, kisses Brett’s butt, allows Favre to skip the OTAs and camps that are mandatory for lesser beings – we will see Brett back on the Viking sideline next year. If Wilf refuses to grovel at Brett’s feet in the off season we will see what had become common place in Green Bay before Sybil was sent packing to the Jets. This desperate attempt to avoid playing in L.A. in a few years may not have been successful.

  20. His record for one thing. Four years now, one playoff game and zero playoff wins. The Vikings have been a perrenial playoff team for YEARS, so that’s saying something. He’s faired worse than Green and Tice before him.

  21. Anyone think if Lord Favre comes back it will be after he decides to unretire, after training camp of course?

  22. # rooski443 says: December 25, 2009 11:02 AM
    Wilf is a great owner who is not afraid to open his wallet. Love that Ziggy!
    He’s afraid to open his wallet to pay for his own damn stadium.
    # Why Isn’t Jackson Starting? says: December 25, 2009 11:20 AM
    He also said he didn’t want Favre before he signed Favre.
    Zygi, Chilly, Favre all have less than 0 credibility
    Do you remember all the fans flip floping before he signed? Then when he signed he was the best ever, now that they lost a few he sucks again and shoulda stayed retired.

  23. Addition to my 2:52 post: Wilf actually made three mistakes (3) giving Chilly an extension.
    As united as Viking fans are attempting to appear, many have to secretly regret that extension.

  24. he’ll retire, give an interview to MOOCH about it, then he will UNRETIRE next year, after the Vikings break camp, Farve isn’t walking away from 12 MILLION DOLLARS

  25. Who do think Wilf would keep? Favre has proven himself in GB,and with the Vikings,Chilly is still crawling up the Mountain as a Coach,Being biligerant,and Loud is NOT Coaching,Anyone can Yell,and Scream,and Criticize,And Condemn someone else.

  26. @stetai “Right now the Vikings are following the pattern of every playoff team who gets beat in their first game.”
    Wrong! Arizona went 2-4 to end the season last year (inlcuding a 35-14 beat down by T Jax and the Vikes) and lost on the last play of the Super Bowl.

  27. farve needs coddling, zilf’ll let childress walk i na heartbeat, he adds nada to the team.

  28. Simple analogy……If Favre doesn’t win the Super bowl with a really really good team, on both sides of the ball……Then what’s the difference between him and T-Jack?……..Favre will play the drama game…win or lose……I still don’t undertand how Vikes fans don’t truly despise FavreaDonna……

  29. You dumb asses that bringing up T-JOKE. . .SHUT UP. . .he won’t be on the viking roster next year. Wilf will make sure of that. Wilf made sure he got benched last year when T-JOKE (the Fn loser) was taking the vikes down the tubes last year. Childress isn’t running the show. Wilf and his private senion consultant Jim Fassel is. Wilf just puts up with Chili. Chili makes a good stooge. Like Jerry Jones does with wade philips. Have an owner try bossing around a good coach. . .right. If everyone in worls knows Childress is a dumb ass. . .you think for one minute that Wilf doesn’t know that Childress is a dumb ass? THINK ABOUT IT!

  30. General Wilf just gave Favre a battlefield promotion to Colonel over Captain Klink. Bwhahahahhahahahah!!

  31. Wilf Is one of the best owners in the league. As long as he is running things the Viking’s will be contenders. I think I speak for all Viking’s fan’s when I say that I want Brett Favre to keep playing as long as he wants to because he gives are team the best chance of winning every Sunday.

  32. This Viking/Favre debacle and the beginning of the unraveling is absolutely hilarious to watch. I thank God that Ted Thompson had the guts to stand up to the primadona Brent. You didn’t see McCarthy driving Favre around and that’s exactly why Favre pitched a fit. Favre couldn’t run Ted Thompson and McCarthy so he acted like a small child. Although there is no dispute about what Favre did for the Packers, I have never been so disappointed in a player ever. I thought Favre was different, but in the end, he is just an egomaniac. You tell me what other division would release a player to another division team. Favre’s crying about how the Packers were so mean to him in not letting him play for who he wanted to, the Vikings, in the first place. Well guess what, Favre signed a contract and the Packers could have held his sorry ass to it and made him sit on the bench, but they didn’t did they? In case none of you have noticed, Favre doesn’t seem quite as excited as he was. This was all about revenge. I hope beating the Packers did what he wanted for him. He still looks like a head case who doesn’t have enough sense to realize he is done with. As for this Packer fan, I am VERY happy with Rodgers, and he will be around for MANY years. Ted made the right decision or the Packers would still be going through this media circus. Anything motivated by revenge never ends well, Favre will learn that the hard way. He can go into the Hall of Fame as a Viking for all I care. In case anyone is wondering why the Packer let him go, his actions say it all.

  33. GB hugs & kisses (that’s what all that XXXO is about right? because it can’t be in reference to the Pack and the Super Bowl)
    Explain to me why Favre argued to stay in a game in which he was getting rocked if he only came back to beat the Packers? Also, if he is “done with” why is he having the best year of his career? You make no sense at all!
    Glad you’re happy with Rodgeers, it was the right decision for GB, but everyone assumes he will be around for a long time. That may not be the case if he continues to get hit behind that O-line. At the current rate his body will feel like it’s 40 before Favre’s.

  34. Hey Mr. GB Hugs and Kisses,
    You must be a “Ted” lover. Who else would refer to Ted Thompson as “Ted” but Brett Favre as Favre and Mike McCarthy as McCarthy.
    Brett Favre did more for more putting the Green Bay Packers back in the national spot light than anyone since Vince Lombardi. The one thing that always amazed me when I went to the games each year was No. 4 always being there and around him were a different cast of characters. I still attend Packer games but it’s not the same without him. I also watch the Vikings as much as I can, solely because of Brett Favre being on the team.
    And never forget that Brett Favre signed a “lifetime” contract with the Packers and it was stated at the time that he could play and be a Packer for as long as he wanted to play. As was mentioned by Mr. GB Hugs and Kisses, Favre was still under contract when he said he still wanted to play. So what did Ted Thompson do? He traded Favre to the worst team he could. Go to the Packer’s Pro Shop at Lambeau Field. It’s filled with Favre merchandise.
    How much Ted Thompson merchandise to the Packers sell?

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