Chargers tie NFL mark for consecutive wins in the same month

With last night’s 42-17 win over the Titans, the San Diego Chargers have matched a feat that has been accomplished by only one other NFL franchise since 1970.

The Chargers have now won 18 games in a row in a single month.

Only the Dolphins have previously achieved such a mark, winning 18 straight from 1970 through 1974.

But since next weekend’s game against the Seahawks will be played in January, they’ll have to wait until December 2010 for a chance to break the record.

We wonder whether Mercury Morris will have anything to say about it come Thanksgiving.  Given the Colts’ success this year, it might be the only record the Dolphins of the early 1970s still own by then.

17 responses to “Chargers tie NFL mark for consecutive wins in the same month

  1. They play the Redskins next weekend, not the Seahawks. Get it right or pay the price, Camp Anawana style, Florio bitch wigga!!

  2. Tim
    I understand your point entirely but the Dolphins played a 12 game season, the Colts a 16 game season. The Dolphins record will, if the Colts actually go undefeated this season, from hence forth be marked with an *

  3. they’ve won in indy in the playoffs before
    with Rivers injured.
    and they are a more complete team than they were that day
    They arent afraid of the colts, so get a clue einstein.

  4. Ross’sSweetMinus-Did you bump your head? All they DO is go into Indy and win in the playoffs. Don’t be a schmuck.

  5. Actually the Dolphins played a 14 game schedule. The NFL went to 16 games in 1978.
    And if you want to talk about impressive records, try the 49’ers 18 consecutive road wins on for size.

  6. Yeah, we haven’t heard much of Mercury’s coke fueled rants this year, what is he an Indianapolis Chokes fan?

  7. Mercury and the 72′ Dolphins will still own the undefeated record too. If Peyton and the colts happen to do it to it will just be a joint ownership. No one can ever take away that fact either. He is a bitter old man but its really all he has left and its pretty unique this day in age to see a record hold up for such a long period of time.

  8. If the Colts go 19-0 they will have bettered the ’72 Dolphins 17-0.
    And if the NFL goes to an 18 game schedule, anyone going 21-0 would then have the best season.
    So while the ’72 Dolphins will forever remain undefeated [congratulations], they may at some point relinquish the title “Greatest Season Ever.”

  9. why is Mercury Moris’ data not hosted in Rotoworld? I tried to hover my mouse over “Mercury Moris”. To my dismay his named text is not hyperlinkable.

  10. “Greatest” is an opinion while “undefeated” is fact my friend a 1.000 winning percentage for the season. Its like throwing a perfect game, multiple pitchers can achieve it but who can say one perfect game is more perfect then another? You cannot fault the 72′ team because they only were presented with a 14 game regular season schedule. They played and won every game that they were asked to play in a single season culminating in a super bowl victory. You can climb to the top of the mountain Colts fans but the top is the top, there is no “Greatest” top.

  11. No that wouldnt be considered the same but if back in 72′ baseball games were 6 innings then would you tell those pitchers that their perfect games of 6 innings no longer meant “perfect” because we changed the rules?? I think not. You can’t fault a team for not playing more games then were on their schedule.

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