Ginn's getting grief wherever he goes

Josh Alper mentioned it in our Christmas one-liners, and I couldn’t resist shining a light on it tonight.

Dolphins receiver Ted Ginn recently told Edgar Thompson of the Palm Beach Post that 2009 has been Ginn’s “worst season playing football.”

Given that Ginn was named the AFC special teams player of the month for November after pushing the team to a win over the Jets with two kickoff returns for touchdowns in the same game, plenty of guys would love to have such a bad season.  But Ginn has been hearing it not for his success catching and running with kicked balls, but because of his inability to consistently getting and keeping his hands on thrown balls.

“Every time you see somebody [they say], ‘You got to catch the ball,'” Ginn told Thompson.  “I still get it to this day, from little kids to
grown people.”

Ginn also has been criticized for running out of bounds, prompting former Miami guard Bob Kuechenberg to call Ginn “an embarrassment and a coward.”

While Ginn says he wants to stay in Miami, he realizes that his inability to live up to his top-ten draft status could cause the team to not want the former Buckeye to stick around.

“I understand the business,” Ginn said.  “I understand being a
high draft pick you only have so much [time] to show what you can do.

“I don’t think they’re fed up with me . . . but you never know.”

We think the Dolphins realize Ginn still has a role to play, but that he might have to reduce his compensation in order to remain with the team, especially if his best value to the franchise comes from returning kicks — and from not catching passes.

24 responses to “Ginn's getting grief wherever he goes

  1. What a baby.
    Not only can he not catch balls in his hands, but he’s having a problem taking it on the chin as well.

  2. Ginn is not even a good return man. His average (taking away the two long returns versus the Jets) is 22.8 – not great, not bad… In the Tennessee game he actually slid when it was apparent he’d be hit. He may have speed but three years of coaching hasn’t given him the courage. He has had about three games in his career that have been very good and he has looked like a first round pick. That’s it. In three years. Trade him for whatever they can get. Sign Lee Evans (4.44/40) as a consistent, deep threat receiver.

  3. Hey Ginn, you were a top 10 pick, I think 7th overall. That means you got a lot of money. So far you’ve been a waste of money. For being that high of a pick, you should be putting up 1000 yard receiving seasons and running a kickoff and a punt return back. Maybe you should start working out harder. Train with Jerry Rice. Go to Arizona in the offseason and catch balls from the likes of Donovan Mcnabb. Don’t sit back and cry like a little B****. Do something about it, get better next year.

  4. Chalk this one up to Randy Meuller and Cam Cameron for making this guy a top-10 pick when he should have gone toward the end of round 1 or ealry round 2. At best, he projected as a #2 receiver, not a #1 by any means.

  5. “Chalk this one up to Randy Meuller and Cam Cameron for making this guy a top-10 pick when he should have gone toward the end of round 1 or ealry round 2.”
    Had Miami passed, the Texans and Rams would have taken him at 10 and 13 respectively. The only reason the Rams traded for Dante Hall in the lead-up to the draft was because they believed Ginn would not be available at their draft spot. In addition, Houston only had the 10th overall slot because of the Matt Schaub trade with Atlanta that involved those two teams switching 1st round picks; Ginn could have been the 8th overall pick to Houston rather than the 9th overall to Miami if not for the Schaub trade.

  6. could be worse dolphin fans, he could be troy willamson. talk about no a fast guy with no coordination or ball skills

  7. Smart man not to show up for the race, him and chris Johnson . Chris would have put him out of his misery.

  8. Agree with the guy who blames Cam Cameron. It’s like Darius Heyward-Bey, you can’t blame a kid that’s a third round talent for not playing like a first rounder just because some moron drafted him there.
    The best example is Reggie Bush, he’s not a bust, he’s just not a second round pick.

  9. Vince,
    “His average (taking away the two long returns versus the Jets) is 22.8 – not great, not bad…”
    When you take away someones great stats they will always be not great.

  10. I’m sure if Jason Allen & Teddy Ginn would reduce their salary, we’ll see both of them back in Miami next season, but only as special teams guys.

  11. Ted Ginn is a total joke.
    “”I understand the business,” Ginn said. “I understand being a high draft pick you only have so much [time] to show what you can do.”
    And you’ve had one game this season against the Colts that could be considered “showing what you could do”. In that game, you DROPPED THE GAME WINNING PASS you joke.
    I understand that CaMORON drafted him way too high and brought unnecessary expectations upon him, but that quote shows you that this joke thinks he SHOULD have gone at the position he did.

  12. It’s funny that everyone is blaming Ginn for being such a high draft pick as if that’s his fault. Miami drafted him, he didn’t draft Miami. So if they were willing to pay him the money… Any one of you would take 1/4 of that money even if you knew you weren’t worth. The reality is, Ginn played on a team with a QB (Pennington) who couldn’t through a deep ball if his life depended on it. Now that they have a QB with some arm strength, give it some time. It’s quite possible Ginn has lost his confidence; an offseason of catching deep balls from Henne could cure that. Sitting on the bench certainly isn’t going to change anything. It’s also strange that I hear announcers, former players say how some of the past greats like Emmitt Smith were good and prolonged their careers because they sometimes ran out of bounds. So which is it?

  13. Ted reminds me of Roberto Duran–hands of stone. One consistent thing about Ted is his inability to catch the ball consistently. That’s what you are getting paid for. Adios amigo!!! Hope you can learn to catch elsewhere.

  14. Offseason (Miami) targets:
    Vincent Jackson or Anquan Boldin
    Vince Wilfork or Richard Seymour
    Both Jackson and Wilfork are also big addition by subtraction (AFC) guys…these moves and another good draft makes us a Super Bowl contender in 2010.
    Whether Ted Ginn progresses into a quality starting NFL WR or not here is a non issue…

  15. “Vincent Jackson or Anquan BoldinVincent Jackson or Anquan BoldinVincent Jackson or Anquan Boldin”
    This trifecta print is brought to you by PFT and NBC…I only need to say it once.

  16. More than the lack of ability to catch the ball, is the “FEAR” of being hit. Maybe Ginn should play baseball, oh wait, you have to “CATCH” the ball in that sport too.

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