Keith Null sees similarities between himself and Kurt Warner

Given injuries to Marc Bulger and Kyle Boller, Keith Null (who? . . . precisely) has inherited the starting quarterback job in St. Louis.

And Null will get the nod for the third time on Sunday when the Rams face the Cardinals, who are quarterbacked by a man who became a star in a blue helmet with gold/yellow then gold/gold horns.

Null sees similarities between himself and Warner, given that they entered the league as unknowns.

“Yeah, our stories are really similar in that fact,” Null said earlier this week.  “He didn’t get drafted.  We both bagged groceries for a time — mine was only two weeks though.  There are so many things that are very similar so that is cool.”  (Of course, Null bagged groceries for only two weeks because he “couldn’t stand it.”)

For now, however, the similarities end with the superficialities.  In his first two NFL starts, Null hasn’t won a game — and his passer rating is a JaMarcusesque 50.1.

But at least the whole undrafted/grocery store thing gives Null an icebreaker for when he sees on the field a player he has idolized.  When they meet, Null shouldn’t expect Warner’s face to project recognition or admiration.

“I don’t know a lot about him,” Warner said this week in a conference call with St. Louis reporters.  “I can’t say that I’ve really seen him play much.  I guess I’m kind of at a loss.  I don’t know a lot about him at this point in time.”

Told that Null also bagged groceries, Warner said, “He’s going to have a bright career I’m sure, if he was part of that.”

If Warner was being sarcastic, then that was a really good response.

12 responses to “Keith Null sees similarities between himself and Kurt Warner

  1. And I see some similarities between my wife and Scarlet Johansen – and those are what I focus on.

  2. With a name like Favre4Ever… at least we know you are objective.
    Back to the subject at hand:
    Just because Null entered the league as an unknown doesn’t mean he can be compared to Kurt Warner.
    Hell, I think he has more in common with Bruce Gradkowski.
    After all, they are both unknown. And neither has ever won anything significant.

  3. It’s pretty clear that not many of you guys have actually WATCHED the past two games.
    Keith Null has a lot of promise. He’s smart, he’s got a great arm, a quick release, and he is big. He put up huge numbers at one of the top D2 schools in the nation.
    In the first half against Tennesee, he was very sharp. They went into the lockerroom down 23-0 at the half, and Tennessee knew what was coming in the 2nd half. He was pressured, threw some bad balls, and also had some receivers run the wrong routes. Not all 5 picks were on him.
    This past week, he was much better. He made one bad throw with pressure in his face. Otherwise, he took care of the football, made some huge throws on 3rd down, and had his team in a position to win late in the game. He also made a throw on a corner route and on a quick out from the far hash that only a handful of NFL qb’s would even dare try, much less complete.
    Considering he has no weapons at receiver other than Danny Amendola (who couldn’t make it in Dallas or Philly), I think he’s doing great.
    Consider what he’s working with, and actually watch this rookie play before you come out with the Null and Void comments. That didn’t take much thought.

  4. Keith Null is correct when he draws similarities between himself and Kurt Warner.
    They’ll both be out of the league within 2 years.

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