Zimmer's name surfaces as potential defensive coordinator in D.C.

Despite doing a great job over the past two seasons with the Cincinnati defense, Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer has yet to generate significant buzz as a potential head-coaching candidate for the upcoming carousel of vacancies.

But with his contract in Cincinnati set to expire after the current season, Zimmer could be in line for a lateral move — and also a healthy raise.

We’re told that Mike Shanahan has targeted Zimmer as the first choice to run the defense, if/when Shanahan resurfaces as head coach of the Redskins.

On Friday night, NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora indicated that one of Mike Shanahan’s first items of business will be to hire former Broncos defensive coordinator Bob Slowik.  As La Canfora explained it, Slowik has been working with Shanahan at Denver-area office space.  And we’re hearing that Slowik will be a member of the Shanahan’s staff even if Shanahan lands Zimmer.

If shouldn’t be hard for the Redskins to succeed, given that owner Daniel Snyder previously has paid big money to defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.  In early 2006, Williams inked a three-year, $8 million extension to remain with the Redskins.

So it might be a good idea for the Bengals to redouble their efforts to get Zimmer signed for 2010 and beyond.  In November, Zimmer told Geoff Hobson of Bengals.com that the team has approached Zimmer regarding a contract extension, but that “nothing came to fruition.”

Possible translation?  “I got lowballed.”

That’s a term that doesn’t exist in the Redskins’ official dictionary.  And one thing of which we’re certain is that, if Mike Shanahan is the head coach of the Redskins, he’ll have a virtually unlimited budget to hire the lieutenants he desires.

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  1. Although I’m not a “Snyder guy,” I have to admit at least the man isn’t afraid to open his wallet unlike a lot of other owners. Does it come back to bite him and the franchise? Sometimes, but you can’t fault the guy for being cheap. And nothing wrong with paying great coaches BIG money, it’s the bum overrated Free Agents which cause problems down the line.

  2. except shanarat isnt the best judge of talent on the hoof…
    that appears to be a common flaw between holmgren, shanarat, gruden, cowher…
    parcells is the better choice, if available. of the 4 above, perhaps holmgren…

  3. “And nothing wrong with paying great coaches BIG money”
    There is when you micromanage the team. How many head coaches has DC had over the last 10 years?

  4. Given the gravity of his loss and the assumed desire to keep his family stable and to try to keep change to minimum after such a loss I would venture to say that he may stay in Cincy for another year or two. On the other hand if Zimmer does pull a BK I wouldnt be at all surprised and I would wish him the best. That is the burden of being a Bengal fan.

  5. shanny it is!!!!!!!!!!!!! too bad he is saddled with the likes of fat albert and deangelo “I’ll fight you right Now!!” Hall. Hopefully Allen will make the right moves as far as who to keep and who to bid adieu, and the team can begin to rebuild in earnest. Note to Snyder-Keep the same coaching staff for 5 full seasons, and see what happens…..for once.
    Otherwise, in 2 years bring back Marty. He really was your best shot……………………………..

  6. last time anyone checked, except for the Giant debacle, the Skins defense has been pretty solid this year. and now that the Haynseworth rebellion has come to light, it’s not a stretch to imagine all of that game was a mutiny. And no coach is going to fix a mutiny.

  7. While it may not happen after this season, Zimmer will be a head coach within a few years. Shanahan would be better off hiring a defensive coordinator who is likely to stick around. Romeo Crennel comes to mind, as does Dick Jauron. An even better fit, should he become available, is Wade Phillips.

  8. I don’t mind loosing Zimmer to a head coach job, the guy has earned it. But if he leaves to DC another team because of a couple of bucks I would be pissed. Not at him but cheap ass Mike Clown.

  9. shanny is a dope to come to this joke of an org if true…my god…there are so many other org that are well run with talent that he could go to and there is talk he would come to the midget weasel of the east….too many unmotivated thugs on this team that nobody can motivate. a team of losers…lmfao….

  10. Shanahan is getting a nice check from Pat Bowlen this year. He needs to be real selective before jumping into the mess that is Dan Snyder’s Redskins.
    He needs to have guarantees that lil Napolean won’t meddle or bring that convicted felons (Cerrato) nearby the complex around FA and talent scouting time.
    That teams lacks leadership, discipline, talent and pride. Good luck to rat-Shanahan. I feel bad for the guy and any coordinator that joins that circus.
    He’ll get rid of those overpaid scrub OL and produce 265lb linemen who are acrobatic with the leg-whips and screen passes.
    Jason Campbell needs to be traded for a bag of skittles. He has physical talent but no pocket awareness.
    Chris Cooley apparently retired 4 seasons ago when he peaked. By peaking I mean that Madden 2005 gave him a (premature) 84 rating and he was content from walking away at his top. There are roughly 64 better tight ends in the league than him now.
    Rock Cartwright, Sellers, and Randal El are guys who are just special teamers on any other team.
    Not even good ones.
    That high pick Landry has been on more posters than anyone in league history. He should pay the Fat Head people a monthly payment for gratitude that Fat Heads by nature can never show a defender being victimized.
    I could go on about the pathetic state of your salary cap and old veteran FA signings that probably have balloon years coming up in 2010 but what’s the point.
    BTW, Dallas probably wins this Sunday by whatever score they choose.
    Bless your little hearts Redskin fan. You try so hard.

  11. Shanahan’s unwillingness to part ways with Bob Slowik was part of the reason he got canned in Denver in my humbe opinion. Slowik is shockingly incompetent as a D-Coordinator, and having heard him speak publicly in several interviews with Denver media, I would guess a number of other areas as well.
    I guess he can’t screw things up too bad if Shanny let him coach D-backs or something, but if he gets the keys to the defense–watch out. Some team is going to end up with a defense ranked in the bottom 5.

  12. After some thought I have a hard time naming more than a few players on the Bengals de3fense. Remember last year it was the defense that kept them in games and the offense blew opportunities.

  13. You must be kidding me. Three weeks ago, you little girls were popping your midol, because tanya romo was back. The cowgirls beat the saints and now your super bowl bound again? Keep dreaming you has beens. How can you say anything about snyder when your owner is sherry jones? Don’t forget he is the CEO/GM/HC/DC/OC, wade and jason are puppets. Please cowgirl fans shut your mouths until your team wins a playoff game. December 28, 1996…WOW it has been a long time, how bout them cowboys??? The Skins last won a playoff game 4 years ago. Oh wait, but you guys have five super bowls. Come on, in january it will be 14 years since your last super bowl win, let it go you can’t brag about it anymore. The cowgirls are a mediocre team they not going anywhere, they lack the leadership and ownership to. Instead of spending 1.8 billion on a giant boxing arena, sherry should have hired some descent coaches. You have a average QB, a old and aging O-line, a waste of $/draft picks in roy williams, and a defensive coordinator as your head coach but your right things are a mess in DC.
    Tony Romo = can’t win a big game, folds under pressure.
    Roy Williams = gave up a lot, got very little. (#2 receiver on his best day)
    Wade Phillips = sherry jones a** clown
    As a Skins fan I will be the first to admit we suck, we need a complete overhaul and trust it’s coming very soon. So quit talking crap about a team that is horrible, you guys should be worried about the egirls and the gwomen. You also should be worried that your gonna be stuck with coaches who just bend over for jerry. He will never hire a real coach because then he can’t have full control. Keep building your team up, because I can’t wait to see the sad and pathetic looks on your loser faces when your team gets bounced out of the playoffs for the 14th consecutive year. Don’t worry I will keep the couch warm. Keep dreaming losers… HAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I think Snyder has come to the realization that you can’t run a football team like a business. Football is business, but it’s not run like a business. It’s backward thinking, but it’s true.
    Rich men buy football teams and then try to mold them into a business the way the made their money to begin with. It never works.
    No question Snyder wants to win. If he has finally realized that a football person needs to run the team and he just needs to stop meddling, the Skins are going to be the best.
    Snyder will spend the money unlike other franchises. He pays the money for quality coaches and staff. If you have a GM with a bottomless checkbook that uses free agents (FA) and draft picks in a skilled manner, look out. Every year the Skins sign someone else and we all wonder if they even have a salary cap. If they spend the way they do on QUALITY FA’s then they will be the team to beat.
    Snyder’s desire to win is unquestionable. The way he went about it was. I can’t see Bruce Allen in DC as a puppet.

  15. Coming from a loser skins fan.. I gotta laugh.. tony this, playoff win that… Your wanna be team will never rival my Dallas team… 14 years since and your team is still our pooper scooper hahahahhaa

  16. Has Dallas won a playoff game in the last decade (+)?
    Don’t answer that Dallas fan, we all know the answer.

  17. Man, I should NOT have eaten those tacos.
    I had to take a HUGE “Hail!!!!!!” this morning.
    And after I got through wiping my “Washington” I could not get out of there fast enough.

  18. boysroll,
    I thought we settled this discussion. You are to learn how to use punctuation before you start posting again. I thought we agreed that you would stop making a fool of yourself and using multiple periods after every line.

  19. Doesn’t matter about playoff wins.. Your crappy ass Redskins will always be second or third fiddle to my cowboys and you know it hahahha

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