Raheem Morris isn't fazed by report of Cowher interest

The Buccaneers reportedly have reached out to free-agent coach Bill Cowher, to gauge his interest about joining the team.

The guy who’s job Cowher would be taking isn’t worried about it.

Coach Raheem Morris, following the biggest win of his 15-game career, brushed off talk that the Glazers would dump him after only one season.

“I have a great relationship with my owners,” Morris said in a post-game press conference, via PewterReport.com.  “The thing I know about those guys is they
didn’t hire me last year in a meeting.  The thing I know about these
guys is I’ve had a seven-year relationship with them. They interviewed
me for seven years, and I’ve been around these guys.  So, I’m pretty
sure if I was getting popped, fired or whatever you want to call it, my
owners would come tell me like men
because that’s who they are and
that’s what they want to be.”

But that’s where Morris’ logic falls apart.  Did the Glazers tell Jon Gruden last year that they’d lined up Morris to take the job after Gruden was dumped on a Friday and Morris was hired on a Saturday?

So, basically, firing Morris after lining up Cowher would be no different than what the Bucs did to Gruden 11 months ago.

“I’m sure Bill Cowher [wants this job],” Morris said.  “Everybody wants this job — it’s the best in football.  I want it, too.”

The best job in football?  Either Morris is delusional, or he has kicked his butt-kissing routine into high gear in the hopes of not getting fired.

28 responses to “Raheem Morris isn't fazed by report of Cowher interest

  1. First!!!!
    This article knows not what it says….
    Morris in this comment “I’m sure Bill Cowher [wants this job],” Morris said. “Everybody wants this job — it’s the best in football. I want it, too.” was talking about coaching in the NFL period. He was not singling out the Bucs coaching job.
    I love it when a reporter makes a comment just to spew at the mouth.
    LOL@ you
    A True Bucs Fan

  2. “I have a great relationship with my owners”
    Tony Dungy will not be pleased with this remark.

  3. You tell’em Rah Rah. Great win against the most overrated team this year.The Cowboys exposed them and now EVERYONE knows they have no heart. They were up by 17, playing for home field throughout and couldn’t close the deal. I’m laughing at those inbred fans. GEAUX BUCS!!!

  4. “…if I was getting popped, fired or whatever you want to call it…”
    Actually, Raheem, I want to call it “getting fired”. You’re a highly-paid professional– speak normal English. Nobody thinks you’re hard just because you integrate phrases like “getting popped” into interviews with PewterReport.com. Seriously.

  5. You jackasses report on anything…I just heard that Paul Brown, George Allen and John Madden were at a Waffel House in Tampa waiting for the owners to interview them

  6. Tampa has one of the best stadiums, one of the best training facility in the league, excellent weather, the media doesn’t put a lot of presion, the owners know what their position is and doesn’t interfere with your job and pay really well as Gruden can tell you.
    I definitely think this is one of the best jobs in the league.

  7. After today’s win why would the Bucs hire a new coac! The team continues to show improvement.
    This was the Saints this time, not the Seahawks. Stick with this coach and keep improving this team.
    For those who did not watch the game:
    This was the first time in NFL history a 12 loss team beat a 13 win team. The Bucs are showing improvement and credit is due to Morris after all the bashing we have given him this year. If you fault the coach for losing you have to give the coach credit when he wims.
    Hiring a new coach means a new playbook and new coordinaters. Not what the Bucs need right now when they are showing improvement. If the Bucs get a new coach at this point it will be another losing season. It takes about 2-3 seasons for a team to actually get where a coach wants them. Morris has them right on track.
    This was the Saints this time, not the Seahawks. Stick with this coach and keep improving this team.
    Again, I never left the Bucs “Bandwagon”. I was just smart enough not to have rose colored glasses on before the season started like the other so called “fans”.
    A True Bucs Fan
    GO BUCS!

  8. I stand corrected about my comment below…
    “This was the first time in NFL history a 12 loss team beat a 13 win team. The Bucs are showing improvement and credit is due to Morris after all the bashing we have given him this year. If you fault the coach for losing you have to give the coach credit when he wims.”
    I just read this was done once before…
    At least I’m not a reporter like someone I know!
    GO BUCS!
    A True Buc Fan

  9. lol my moneys on the butt kissing . . . he should resign then show up for work and claim that he was joking

  10. “WellDisciplinedVC says: December 27, 2009 7:16 PM
    You tell’em Rah Rah. Great win against the most overrated team this year.The Cowboys exposed them …”
    I beg to differ on that one. It was the Redskins who exposed them and paved the way for other teams on how to play the Saints.
    I think it was the first OT game for the Saints this year, and we would’ve beat ’em fair and square if it wasn’t for former kickder/moron current Dallas kicker.

  11. Raheem Morris sucks. He is a deer in headlights. The Glazers thought they were getting another Mike Tomlin and instead got a horrible head coach. Bring on Cowher

  12. I don’t get all the hate by everyone regarding the posts by PFT. Understand it for what it is. It’s a website that puts out there all the rumors they hear. It gives us football die-hards another avenue for getting our fix. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else. You should be grateful to have somewhere to go to read up on the NFL. Since network TV sucks, this is a pretty good alternative.

  13. I’d think the Bucs job would be considered one of the top jobs in the league. They’ve got a nice stadium, new training facility and owners that aren’t known for meddling, like J said. Don’t forget that Florida has no state income tax either.

  14. coachjb4….
    I agree on one thing. We ar elucky that PFT is here, but…
    If PFT wants to hit players and coaches hard for screwing up then we should be able to hit PFT hard for screwing up.
    Besides as long as we are all civilized about or comments PFT seems to have no problem with us posting them. After all PFT is the ones monitoring these posts before they approve them.
    By the way.. Were you a hall monitor in high school that ised to get beat up a lot?!?
    A True Bucs Fan
    GO BUCS!

  15. “The best job in football? Either Morris is delusional, or he has kicked his butt-kissing routine into high gear in the hopes of not getting fired.”
    Let me guess, Florio. You believe the best job in football is currently held by Mike Tomlin.

  16. @frenchw
    talking about spewing at the mouth. go back and read your own posts. what coachbj4 is trying to say because you obviously dont get it, is that PFT is a rumor site and is just here to post articles. you have a choice to come here and read it for FREE. so why do you feel it is ok to criticize a service that is free? if you were paying for it, then maybe so. but douchebags that come here not appreciating the fact that there is a free site that reports football annoy people like myself and coachbj4 because we actually understand and appreciate the people that run this sitefor FREE. if you have the need to criticize something or someone like you obviously do, go pay for a site and then complain to people that are actually getting paid by you to take your bullshit. the hall monitor comment proves the douche you are! never login into this site again and I am sure that this site and most of the good folks that read it, won’t miss you!

  17. I am just amazed at the people who see Morris as worth keeping after this season. His ability to lead a team or to coach a team is ATROCIOUS!!!
    So many people putting so much emphasis on Morris’ coaching that won this game which If the Saints last field goal was good it would just be another lose. Special teams and Cadillac Williams got it done but it wasn’t by some outstanding coaching!!!!
    Keep this guy another season and if the schedule is not as bad the Bucs may win about the same but I HIGHLY doubt they will even get close to being a playoff contender. Not with his horrific coaching… Bring in Cowher or any EXPERIENCED coach who is a proven WINNER and those empty seats will most likely be filled again.

  18. No owner with more than 2 brain cells (except tightwads with a big debt owed overseas) would pass on Bill Cowher to give this inarticulate, incompetent idiot another year to make a mockery of this franchise.

  19. I don’t think the Glazers are looking to replace Raheem yet. It was their idea to release most of their veterans. It was their idea to hire an unproven coach. It was their idea to draft a first-round quarterback. People in Tampa talked crap about Gruden because he wouldn’t ever rebuild. The team was just good enough to make the playoffs most years, but not good enough to advance. Now, they have the exact opposite. They’re rebuilding people! You can’t win AND rebuild, so give it time. Today was a huge win for a young team looking for confidence.

  20. Give him a lot of credit for answering the way he did after a terrific win, but inside he has to know that if Bill Cowher wants this job the Glazers will do what’s best for their business and hire the proven winner.

  21. @BeastoftheEast
    You know Florio gets paid for this, right? And as much as I like the site and appreciate that it has a lot of great content, sometimes I find it very sensationalistic. Often if you read the actual article that each post links to, you can find many discrepancies between how PFT is spinning the same story. That being said, I agree with you, that people who want to bitch and moan, should go reaffirm their ignorance on ESPN.

  22. Its a good thing the Bucs are sucking the big one this year. Where is this joker Raheem Morris coming off thinking he is some kind of a prize head coach with teams lining up to give him a contract? Wake up buddy. The Tony Dungy Bucs won their superbowl already. Here is to another 20 years of loosing in Tampa.

  23. I doubt Bill Cowher would leave the booth to join the Bucs. I think that if he was to go anywhere, it would be the Panthers.
    Why? The Panthers have more going for them in terms of talent than the Bucs. He also have more ties to the Panthers than the Bucs. And all the Panthers need is a new QB.
    I mean, look at the Panthers. They have a strong running game. They have tip-top receivers. They have a good defense that just needs some tweaking. And they have ownership that will smile and write checks.
    Now look at the Bucs. The only thing you can really rest upon is their up-and-coming defense, their up-and-coming QB, and their up-and-coming backs. You put that with an up-and-coming coach and there’s consistency. Plus, Raheem is getting better and better. And they will leave with some good building blocks for the future.
    But the Panthers can win next season. And John Fox, albeit a good coach, is in jeopardy. I mean, Bill Cowher can effectively fire John Fox just by picking up the phone and saying one word: yes.

  24. “The best job in football? Either Morris is delusional, or he has kicked his butt-kissing routine into high gear in the hopes of not getting fired.”
    Because we all know Florio has the best job in football. He gets paid to spew his often totally unsupported by facts opinion.
    And to those that take exception to those calling out PFT…There has to be some quality control, some way to point out the multiple PFT errors, juvenile editing, steong bias and hyperbole. Florio loves all the web hits he gets, even negative ones. Its money in his pocket. Yea, lucky to have PFT…the only reason PFT is here is because of its web traffic, bad or good.

  25. I am really becoming annoyed with fans, critics, and wannabe NFL anaylst posting the shoulda, coulda, and woulda’s of each team. To “Okey”, you stated if the saints had of made their field goal, the bucs would have lost. There are no “IF’S” in football. In football there are things called “Stats”. Also in order for Carnell Williams to “get it done” as you put it, the coaches had to trust that he was the right man for the ball. Oh and siging Spurlock, that was the coaches idea…..
    To everyone else, if you are a fan of the Tampa Bay buccaneers like myself, than have some pride in our team. Everyone is so quick to jump off of losing “wagons” and jump on to winning “wagons”. If our team has any chance of succeeding in the future we must go through this rebuilding phase. We need to stick with Raheem, Tampa Defense, Freeman, and Williams, everything else should build around those up coming individuals and schemes.

  26. I created this account so that I could put my first posting……
    Frenchw…. I have read a lot of your postings, and I agree with MOST of them. I grew up watching the Bucs, and have never stopped…. I spend almost $500.00 a year to get the NFL Sunday Ticket on Direc TV just to watch them since I no longer live in Tampa, however, where you and many others think Raheem should stay put in Tampa, I would have to completely DISAGREE.
    Raheem is a horrible coach, from some of his comments that he states to the press, to what plays he calls on Sunday.
    All year long I have seen play after play be a pass play. He does not mix up enough run plays in the scheme. The game against the Saints was the first time that I have seen him commit to the run… I was rather amazed. Back in week 5 against Philly, was the worst coaching that I have ever seen. You have a young QB that is starting his 2nd career game, Josh Johnson, and you have him throwing 50 times????? What the hell?
    With the Bucs RB line up, we should be running the ball 65% of the time. The Buccaneers have 4 very well qualified RB’s that could wear a defense out, and instead we take a young QB and make him throw the ball over and over and over again. He just ruined Josh Johnson’s career.
    And then, yes, the Bucs beat the Saints last week, thanks to a player they cut for some stupid reason, the first player to return a kick off for a TD for the team. A few days after they bring Spurlock back, due to team injuries, he scores on a punt return. And then lets thank the kicker for the Saints, thank you for choking.
    Here we are in overtime….. shooting from a scared stick, he does nothing but hand the ball off to Caddy and praying that he gets enough yards to kick a field goal. No passing what so ever. Yeah, that’s great coaching.
    Raheem should not get any credit for that win, Spurlock, Caddy, and the Saints kicker should, oh, and Barth, who is the Bucs 89th kicker this year.

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