Raiders say they'll kick to Cribbs

Here’s a piece of shocking news: Today’s Raiders-Browns game might actually be interesting.

At least, it will be interesting when Oakland is kicking, because the Raiders say they have no intention of kicking away from Browns return man Josh Cribbs.

Raiders punter Shane Lechler says the team has always kicked to great return men like Devin Hester and Dante Hall, and that Oakland’s special teams philosophy hasn’t changed.

“We’re going to do exactly what we did to Hester, what we did to Dante Hall four years ago when he was at Kansas City,” Lechler said, per Doug Farrar of Shutdown Corner. “When you [kick away from a returner], it goes to show that you don’t trust your guys. I’m willing to put my guys up against anybody. I like my guys. My punt team is outstanding; they play their butt off every Sunday.”

Whether it’s smart of the Raiders to trust their guys to stop Cribbs remains to be seen. But with Cribbs threatening the NFL’s all-time all-purpose yardage record, the fact that the Raiders are willing to put the ball in his hands makes the game worth watching. At least for a few plays.

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  1. Regardless of whether he takes any kicks to the house or not, this will improve the Browns’ average starting field position. Then again, kicking away from him would do the same thing. Oakland has nothing to lose in challenging Cribbs besides becoming a footnote in the record books. If the Raiders were to be successful in limiting Cribbs’ returns it would inject more confidence into an improving team.

  2. Not surprising. The Raiders are in the Ndamukong Suh Sweepstakes, and need as many ping-pong balls as possible lol…

  3. “I’m willing to put my guys up against anybody. I like my guys. My punt team is outstanding; they play their butt off every Sunday.”
    Raiders record: 5-9.

  4. Give us Raider fans some meat, not a three day old blog from JerryMcpimpdaddy.
    You have a lot to learn, grasshopper.

  5. WTF did you just say Slipkid?? Read that back, it makes absolutely no sense. Don’t you have spell check on your computer??
    Anyways, the Raiders never kick away from anyone. I’m starting Cribbs over Sidney Rice Today in my Fantasy. Hope he does good, but not too good. I want my Raiders to pull another one out.

  6. The Raiders are not in the Ndamukong Suh Sweepstakes, and the NFL does not use ping-pong balls.
    The Raiders are gonna kick the bone out of the dog pound and we will have won 6 games this year.
    On the way back to greatness, baby.

  7. The Raiders are the best 5-9 (soon to be 6-9) team on the planet.
    Next year is the year it all jells. From Cable to DHB to DMAC to JaMarcus.
    Shanahan caught a glimpse of the future a year ago we kicked his butt at milelow. He selfdestructed and has not been the same man since.
    The Deadskins should be concerned.

  8. It may be stupid for most leagues. But we get points for players on special teams. 1 point=10 yards. I cant see Favre and Rice hooking up for much Tommorow.
    Hopefully it works out.

  9. Matt K says: “That’s brave. Stupid, but brave”.
    Everyone said the same thing before the Chicago game with Hester. Hester was kicked to and was shut-out in that game. Doubt he got 7 yards in any one return that day if I remember correctly.
    The game will tell, but we’ll see just how stupid it is.

  10. Yeah, Cribbs is better than Hester and Hall without question. At least it’s something fun to watch for today! I bet Cribbs gets at least 1 today, be it kickoff or punt return.

  11. Does anyone recall Devin Hester, coming off a game with a kickoff return for a touchdown, facing the Raiders special teams after the coaching staff came out and said we’re going to kick to him, getting shut down by that same Raiders special team. The same for Dante Hall as well. The Raiders special teams has a history of facing the best return men in the game and shutting them down. With annual pro bowler Shane Lechler and The Polish Wonder SeaBass kicking the ball how can you even question this decision. Go get em RAIDAAAASSS!!!!!! Just Win Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. The only thing Cribbs is gonna get today is a free ambulance ride when he gets jacked up by the Raiders special teams.

  13. Haha – Joe did you watch the game? I was there! They pooched 3 out of 4 kickoffs to the up-men. Most of the punts were high and un-returnable. They also kicked two of them out of bounds! But the kicks to the upmen resulted in Harrison taking one about 30+ yards. Way to go Oakland special teams haha. GO BROWNS!!! I note the Oakland fans haven’t responded to their loss.

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