Report: Bucs reach out to Cowher

When former Steelers coach Bill Cowher made it known that he’d interview for no jobs with teams that currently have head coaches, Cowher surely was trying to create the impression that he was being respectful to the men who hold those jobs.

In reality, that position could get guys fired, since any team that might be interested in Cowher now knows that, in order to have a crack at him, the guy who presently has the job must be thrown overboard.

One guy who could be walking the plank merely to allow a struggling team to get a shot at Cowher is Bucs coach Raheem Morris. 

According to Jason La Canfora of NFL Network, the Buccaneers have reached out to Cowher

In turn, La Canfora reports that the Bucs are willing to make a change if they can lure an A-list candidate, and that the Bucs are willing to pay the money to make it happen.  La Canfora also points out that, if they can’t make if happen, they’ll possibly stick with Morris.

Of course, that’s not how it’s supposed to work in this Rooney Rule environment.  But with the Redskins by all appearances selecting their next head coach before firing their current one, why shouldn’t other teams do the same?

(Heck, maybe the Bucs could even pre-comply with the Rooney Rule by interviewing Morris for the job he now holds.)

The bigger question, in our view, is whether the Bucs are truly willing to pay big money for a coach — or whether they simply hope to knock down rumors that they’re cheap before deciding to stand pat with Raheem.

On one hand, the fact that they’ve paid nearly $10 million for one season of football to receiver Antonio Bryant tells us that the Bucs shouldn’t flinch about paying a guy like Cowher $10 million per year, too.  But the Bucs were forced by the labor agreement to spend nearly $110 million on players in 2009; using the franchise tag on Bryant helped to get them there.

So it remains to be seen whether the Bucs would cough up big money without an obligation to do so.  If they’re truly interested, they could make the ultimate big splash by bringing Cowher to Tampa.

Though La Canfora’s source isn’t named, we think that Cowher’s people could be floating this one in order to get the Panthers, who share a division with Tampa, interested in hiring him.  As legend has it, the Panthers refrained from firing coach John Fox after the 2007 season due to fears that Fox would then be hired by the Falcons.

So with reports emerging that the Panthers might not want Cowher, it makes sense for Cowher to let owner Jerry Richardson know that, if he doesn’t hire Cowher, he might have to contend with him twice per year.

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  1. Cowher will be in Green Bay as HC in 2011. This is old news and I’m not sure why the mainstream NFL media isn’t talking about this? Mike McCarthy will be sliding into the OC role in the 2011 season.

  2. This is FANTASTIC, get this guy out of here.
    With this story flying around today, take the bucs with the points, all the players love their “buddy” Raheem, a good game against NFC leading Saints could go a long way to saving his job.

  3. Boy, could that Rooney Rule be more outdated? Why is it just ONE minority? From the way it looks here, only white and black hetero men are being hired as head coaches. Where are the Latino, Asian, gay, and women being represented in the NFL coaching and management ranks?
    Please, NFL, just knock it off with this farce. It’s more insulting for a black guy to be brought in, while reading and hearing all day that a team wants someone like Shannahan or Cowher, and have to pitch himself for a job he knows the team doesn’t really want him to have.

  4. If the Bucs are indeed as cheap as everybody says, they don’t seem like a lock to hire Cowher.
    They already have to continue paying out the contract they had recently signed for Gruden, and now they have another contract for Raheem Morris. So if they hired Cowher, they would essentially be paying 3 coaches for the next few seasons… and with a possible lockout looming that doesn’t seem a very wise business decision.
    Another hangup might be with Tampa’s personnel. The Bucs have the makings of a very good 1-gap defense, bringing in Cowher would force them to completely revamp their defense around a 2-gap 3-4 which would require totally different personnel, years of good drafting, and tons of money paid out to free agents to make the switch.

  5. Bucs aren’t spending that kind of cash. The whole reason Gruden & Allen are gone is because they were going to spend money. Dominick & Morris were hired because the Glazers can control the spending now. Notice the bucs didn’t give signing bonuses last year. Nothing is going to change. They’ll pretend to be interested in big time coaches just like they pretended to be going after Haynesworth last year.

  6. (Heck, maybe the Bucs could even pre-comply with the Rooney Rule by interviewing Morris for the job he now holds.)
    Too early on the west coast to tell if this is sarcasm or if they actually can do this.
    Curious if they actually could, Redskins did interviews without a current vacancy, why can’t the Bucs?
    Would be hilarious if the did.

  7. This would be the smartest move the Glazers could make. If they keep Radio the home stands will be empty next year and no top FAs will take Tampa seriously.

  8. It’d be nice to get coach Cowher. But what would that be then, Cowher, Morris, and Gruden on the payroll next year? I thought these guys were supposed to be good businessmen…

  9. Florio, you are in love with the ridiculous Rooney rule. I wish the Glazers would interview a female and a homosexual and tell Roger to F*** himself.

  10. This is a move that would prove the Glazers are serious about putting a winning team on the field in Tampa. The growing opinion here in Tampa is that the Glazers aren’t committed to spending the money.
    Bring Cowher to Tampa and some pride back to this organization!

  11. ESPN and Mike Florio say that Urban Meyer, Mike Shannahan, Charlie Weis, Sam Wyche, Steve Marriucci, Marty Morningweg, Marty Schottenheimer and Rich Kotite could be considered also.

  12. Hey, I just wanted to let all you Brian Brohm fans out there know that there’s a sweet link to his personal profile on by clicking on the word himself. Himself?….C’mon Florio. You need to contact your administrator. What the hell does himself have to do with Brian Brohm or this story? Nothing.

  13. Yes, the glazers are business men, but you gotta spend money to make money, and the Raheem investment isn’t paying dividends through ticket sales, and barring a win today and next week, and some big FA signings, ticket sales are only going to get worse next year.
    A big name head coach, such as Cowher, and paying 3 coaches, will ultimately be more profitable than sitting on crappy Raheem and having 35k in the stands next year.

  14. The Bucs had $40 mil in unused cap money this year, and they have an extremely fickle fanbase who doesn’t show up when the chips are down. Couple it with the fact that the Glazer’s couldn’t really give a damn about the team, and now people think Cowher is coming into that kind of pitiful situation?!
    When reality calls, don’t put it on hold and ignore it

  15. Giving anybody the franchise tag is not worth it. Draft a replacement, get some depth. 10 million bucks for one spot takes away depth at 1 or 2 more spots. Just look at the Panthers, they are so bad because Peppers has them by the balls. 17 million for one season is worth 3 position players. You can’t win giving people money like that.

  16. If the rumors were true and as exciting as it might be, remember this….NO COACH, WHO HAS WON A SUPER BOWL, HAS EVER WON ONE WITH ANOTHER TEAM. So don’t get too excited.

  17. Did they simply hire Raheem because he’s black?
    if so, is that what the Rooney Rule is supposed to do?
    Maybe they hired him because he’s black, and because they are morons.
    Where are all the Vietnamese head coaches?
    I bet a Chinese woman could do well at the position, as well as Raheem.

  18. Tony Dungy assembled and trained the team that won the 2003 Superbowl (Bucs). Jon Gruden didn’t do that….Tony Dungy did…and we all know it.
    Tony Dungy then went on to Indianapolis…and won a Superbowl.
    Glazers need to stop the fiscal hemmorage…why in the hell are we still paying Jon Gruden? Isn’t ABC making him rich now? Raheem doesn’t suck…he’s NEW!

  19. It’s ridiculous to say that because Cowher isn’t lobbying for a job he’s putting other coaches at risk. Other coaches are at risk because their teams aren’t performing. Cowher is doing the honorable thing. Let’s put it another way. Let’s say you’re single and you meet the woman of your dreams. But she’s married. Do you go and try to break up her marriage or leave it up to her to make up her own mind, independent of you, about how she wants to live the rest of her life? The honorable thing to do is stay out of the picture. And that’s what Cowher is doing.

  20. How about Nick Saban to Tampa. He’s been at ‘Bama for quite a long time (for him), and I am sure he’s ready to go somewhere else, again.

  21. After today’s win why would the Bucs hire a new coac! The team continues to show improvement.
    This was the Saints this time, not the Seahawks. Stick with this coach and keep improving this team.
    For those who did not watch the game:
    This was the first time in NFL history a 12 loss team beat a 13 win team. The Bucs are showing improvement and credit is due to Morris after all the bashing we have given him this year. If you fault the coach for losing you have to give the coach credit when he wims.
    Hiring a new coach means a new playbook and new coordinaters. Not what the Bucs need right now when they are showing improvement. If the Bucs get a new coach at this point it will be another losing season. It takes about 2-3 seasons for a team to actually get where a coach wants them. Morris has them right on track.
    This was the Saints this time, not the Seahawks. Stick with this coach and keep improving this team.
    Again, I never left the Bucs “Bandwagon”. I was just smart enough not to have rose colored glasses on before the season started like the other so called “fans”.
    A True Bucs Fan
    GO BUCS!

  22. he actually went 2-6 in afc champ. games.
    i really prefer to see my team have a chance and be competitive with Cowher than hope that Radio actually do something.

  23. Its the same song with you and the Bucs. They are too cheap. Blah Blah Blah. Let me recall some stories you posted. While not verbatim they should ring a bell 1. Albert Haynesworth could have made more money in Tampa but chose to sign with Washington. Hows that working out for you Big Al? 2. Bucs restructure Winslows contract to everyones surprise. He has been the one constant performer on our offense. He is having his best year as a pro. 3. Bucs sign Derrick Ward. 4. Bucs franchise Bryant.
    They are also paying Gruden for the remainder of his contract. They were paying Bruce Allen until they were let off the hook after he signed with Washington. The Bucs spent some money in the offseason and didnt see any other moves that could benefit the team at the time. Its getting old Florio. Its time to replace that broken record.

  24. Morris will never win a Superbowl. That’s why.
    FrenchWiener you don’t get it. So please continue with your ‘rose colored glasses’ ‘true fans’ ‘real fans’ ‘bandwagon’ nonsense that you continually repeat on a daily basis. We all care.

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