Shanahan officially tells Bills no

We recently pointed out that the Bills have a pending offer on the table for coach Mike Shanahan.

On Saturday night, Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News reported that Shanahan finally has officially told the Bills, “no thanks.”

So Shanahan joins the likes of Mike Holmgren, Bill Cowher, and Jon Gruden to spurn advances from the Bills.

Maybe, then, the Bills will have an old-fashioned coaching search, where they enter the process without already having picked their next coach.  And we still think that former Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis will get an interview for the gig.

22 responses to “Shanahan officially tells Bills no

  1. Hmmm, sounds like the soul searching should be within the Bills organization and ownership. What is going on to make the Bills so unattractive to key coaches. I am sure the fans have a beat on the issues, but (ala Raiders) ownership cannot see beyond their egos.

  2. Aside from Cowher who had more or less 15 years of success – although only one Super Bowl win – and maybe Holmgren – although I think he was wearing out his coaching welcome with the Seahawks ….. I do not get the fascination with failed/fired coaches like Shanahan and Gruden. It’s not like they rode into the sunset on a wave of glory. They were fired for not doing a good job for SEVERAL years in a row.

  3. What the Bills should do is wait. Cowher, Shanahan, and the rest are decent coaches. What they should have done was brought in Holmgren like the Browns did. The Bills should call Bill Parcells and ask him to come in. I think he’s allowed to get out of his contract now that the Dolphins were sold. They are not far from winning but they need a QB first. Then some young players on D.

  4. Mangini will be looking for a job in a couple of weeks…he can tear apart your team with his “vision” of what players should be…what a JOKE

  5. Not to be a dick but it seems to me that Buffalo is the least desireable city in the league from the perspective of a place to work. Not because the owner is bad. But simply because it’s Buffalo. When you look at the other small market teams or those with bad owners – GB, Oakland, Nashville, Charlotte, etc., they always have something going for them. With GB for instance, while it may be east podunk, the fan culture and the history is amongst the best in the league. With Buffalo, not so much. It seems to me there are top tier cities, mid tier cities, small market cities and then Buffalo.

  6. Great.. Charlie Weis….
    I predict another firing and “rebuild” in 2012..
    Please, end the suffering and hire a real GM first..

  7. um, correct me if i’m wrong but, didn’t charlie weis fail miserably at notre dame? and that somehow qualifies him to be a head coach in the nfl? are the bills really that stupid?
    man, white guys fail upward an awful lot.

  8. VonClausewitz: I don’t think you’re being a dick, you’re just not aware of what a nice region Western New York is. You’ve heard the adage “It’s a nice place to visit, bit I wouldn’t want to live there”? In Buffalo’s case it’s “I wouldn’t vacation there, but it’s a nice place to live. There is history and a passionate fan base there.
    I understand that Buffalo is an easy mark for most people to poke at (especially here), but there are so many former players who end up making Western New York their home. If I could move my job to another place, I’d love to be back there. My girlfriend is a Patriots fan and she loves the area and the atomsphere at Bills games, even when her team isn’t there to kick the crap out of mine.
    The Bills suffer from more issues than geography. It wasn’t a problem for players to come here when we were winning.
    Let the hammering begin now…

  9. It’s really about the owner. I’ll make no bones about the fact that Ralph Wilson is the sole reason that any Buffalo vacancy falls near the bottom of the “desirable” list.
    These tales about a failing/undesirable city are baseless and out of line. Really has nothing to do with the city itself, whatsoever. Buffalo’s fans are loyal, passionate, and forgiving. Get your facts straight. Negative sentiments are largely media-driven (same regarding other cities, both positive and negative).

  10. I don’t understand how everyone can sit there and shit on Buffalo like that. It’s not the most appealing job, but it’s really not that bad. You have decent recievers, a possible top QB from the draft, and a defense that probably wouldn’t be that bad if the offense didn’t go 3 and out 60% of the time. Again not the worst situation to get yourself in. As a Bills fan the only reason I would want any of the big name coaches is because I want to atleast make the playoffs, but do I think they can win a Super Bowl? No. There has not been a coach in NFL history to win the Super Bowl with two different teams.
    As for VonClausewitz to question the history and the fan culture of Buffalo? Really? If it wasn’t for our owner the AFL would’ve never been. They have been a team for 50 years. They had the first player ever to rush for over 2,000 yards. Four Super Bowls in a ROW (I know you don’t have to say it) not to mention the greatest comeback in NFL history. I’d say we have a little bit of history here in Buffalo. As for our fans, selling out our games and setting season ticket records I think speaks for itself, with the product that has been on the field for the last 10 years.

  11. If we get rid of Mangini, like it looks like we might…I think the Bills should pick him up. He has very strange ways of doing things, to a point where he is left with the consensus national boob award. Despite what you hear (every single freaking day) on this site and others about what an asshole he is, alot of astute and passionate Browns fans (myself included) would be very disappointed if Holmgren let him go. The man wants to run the ball for 350 yards a game (like we did last week) and have the other team run for 0. From what I’ve seen the second half of this season, and his years with the Jets, he is able to get that done. He just needs a chance for crying out loud. Favre spelled his doom in NY (See Brad Childress going nuts lately over there?) and Holmgren (may have) here.

  12. Ok just so I put this on record. I’m from Toronto and I have friends in Buffalo. They live great lives and they’re some of the friendliest people I’ve met. Their city is passionate about football and it’s one of the best places in the country to watch a game. But there is a sense from people there that it’s a city in decline. Why? Is this a self-fulfilling prophecy? What makes Buffalo so unattractive to coaches? I was just stating what I think is how Buffalo is perceived rightly or wrongly. It seems to me that people have given up on this city.

  13. Shanahan hasn’t won a playoff game since Elway, good coach, I don’t think I’d go overboard to sign him, same goes for Cowher

  14. It’s not the city that makes the team look bad, it’s the team that makes the city look bad. Once they start winning again, people will remember all that was good. The problem is when you have members of the media who know the only way to make a buck is to side with winning fans and make fun of the teams who don’t win, because theoretically the people who read are the people who’s teams are winning. The Bills should not get Shanahan. Just because a guy like Cowher, Gruden or Shanahan doesn’t want to coach in Buffalo, doesn’t mean its not a good place to be. It just shows that these guys aren’t that great. If they were so great they would succeed anywhere. I don’t want a coach who can’t believe in himself and if he needs to go to a place that’s already set up the way he likes, it means he wants to do less work. NOT INTERESTED in that type of thought process. I am very happy we are not over paying for him. I would like to see Russ Grimm or Dick LeBeau come in. For now I am pleased with Fewell.

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