Shanahan's options are narrowing

During an appearance on ESPN’s Sunday morning SportsCenter, Adam Schefter explained that former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan believes that it’ important to “always keep your options open.”

Meanwhile, Shanahan’s options at the NFL level are shrinking. 

He has told the Bills “no thanks,” and Schefter previously has reported that Shanahan isn’t interested in the Cowboys job.  (The report came a day after the FOX’s Jay Glazer reported that the Cowboys aren’t interested in Shanahan.)

On Sunday, Schefter reported that Shanahan isn’t interested in the Bears’ head-coaching job, only three days after reported that Shanahan would be “extremely interested” in the position, if Shanahan would have “final say” over the roster. 

Schefter also reported on Sunday that Shanahan wouldn’t be interested in the Texans job, since getting it would mean that the Texans would have fired Shanahan’s former lieutenant, Gary Kubiak.

Still, Schefter didn’t close the door on Shanahan going to Florida, even though Schefter pointed out that Shanahan prefers a return to the NFL.

Indeed, we’re told that Shanahan “basically has his contract done” with the Redskins and that Shanahan has most of his staff ready to roll in D.C.

So Shanahan seems to be locking in on the Redskins job, and barring something unexpected that appears to be where Shanahan will land.

19 responses to “Shanahan's options are narrowing

  1. Let’s face it… he was something special ten years ago. Now, his offensive philosophy is outdated.
    He should grab any job he can get.

  2. You know violating the Rooney Rule might be a smart move by the Redskins. It will most likely cost them draft picks. Which they screw up anyway. So, they don’t get a bust they over paid for. Now, if they could jus be limited in free agency, they might actually have a real chance at creating a good team.

  3. Congratulations Redskin fans. Now just get rid of that fat overrated DT of yours and you’re ready for greatness again.

  4. Are you f*ing kidding with this headline?
    The off season coach carousel hasn’t even started yet… and – he’s guaranteed $7 million in 2010 and $7 million in 2011 from the Broncos.
    There’s likely to be 8 coaches fired in January…
    He doesn’t need a job.
    He has a lot of options. Jerry Jones will be getting a loan from him soon to pay for the new Jones Mahal.

  5. It would certainly cause problems in the Shanahan “Coaching Family” if he changed gears from Washington to Florida. I don’t think this would be a problem if it was another nfl team he jumped to but a lot of those potential assistants might not want a college gig. I think the fact you have to recruit high school kids might be the big dealbreaker for an assistant coach.

  6. It’s not all that surprising. Even if Bruce Allen has final say written into his contract, everyone knows Shanahan will get the final call, as Bruce let Chucky do for the most part. The Bears ownership likely isn’t ready to part with Jerry Angelo (though many Bears fans likely would want to part with him), so he wouldn’t have final say there, and I don’t believe Angelo/Shanahan have a history. In Dan Snyder, Shanahan likely could have a Bowlen-type owner that supports him. I can’t imagine the Florida talk is all that serious – would Jeremy Foley actually try for a guy that might want to bolt in a 1 year or two back to the NFL (I imagine Dan Mullen gets the call there if Urban is helping make the call).

  7. @toonster
    did you say that dan snyder would be a bowlen type owner? really?!?! oh yeah except maybe for the fact that bowlen has this thing called class that prevents him from interviewing Head Coaching canidates while he still has a head coach. Comparing Bowlen to Snyder is like comparing apples to oranges.

  8. Would Snyder want Shanahan if no one else wanted him? Snyder loves to outbid everyone and emerge as the winner in some cosmic competition. It makes for good theater, and a lousy football team.

  9. If Kubiak gets fired, it will be interesting to see who ends up as the OC in Washington: Kubiak or Bates? Maybe Kubiak as OC and Bates as QB coach? Shanahan’s offenses in Denver were never the same after Kubiak left. Kubiak had Brian Griese as the #1 QB as far as QB rating goes one season, and he got the most out of Jake Plummer as well.

  10. Forgot his final option of collecting $7 million for doing nothing at all for the next 2 years.

  11. 2 weeks till the season ends so art least 50 more posts of shanny speculation…
    at this time last year who would of thunk there would be coaching changes in Tampa or Denver?
    Dallas isnt interested in him…? he isnt interested in Dallas? & we should believe the media clowns I guess
    wish my options were narrowing like his are…they probably will expand after the divisonal playoffs
    it is the NFL mating season & the dance is just beginning

  12. Well I guess I better get ready to have Shanahan. Im not overly thrilled about it but its better than the current staff. At least he can command some respect with idiots like Haynesworth.

  13. VonClausewitz says: December 27, 2009 12:49 PM
    Too bad for Chicago that would have been a good fit.
    I disagree my friend. If their next HC has to be one of these prior superbowl coaches, then Chin is who should be in there. 2nd choice? Chucky. Chicago desperately needs personality. Unfortunately just Angelo’s presence, in addition to his decisions, could undermine everything.
    So if Angelo is still in charge, what about Rivera? Also Frazier is a HC in waiting but he seems Lovie like on the sidelines, unless I am mistaken. Heimerdinger is interesting, but that was just a Sun-Times article by Neil Hayes. Very thought provoking stuff.
    Hey Florio why did you not write a post about that article?,bears-coach-heimerdinger-122509.article

  14. Dinger to Chicago? I hope not. That would be 2 awesome coords lost by Tennessee in 2 years. To paraphrase Chris Crocker (and I can’t believe I’m doing this) – Leave the Titans Alone!!!!!

  15. That’s because Pretzel Boy is going to pay him the most money. Its a no brainer, Shanny wanted Bruce Allen…the skins got him! January 3rd Zorn will be shown the door(hopefully with Blache, Portis, Randle El, and Rogers) and January 4th Shanny will be hired.

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