Browns say Raiders played dirty

After the Cleveland Browns beat the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, a few Browns players accused the Raiders of playing dirty.

Specifically, quarterback Derek Anderson said the Raiders were taking cheap shots at running back Jerome Harrison on the ground.

“They were beating on [Harrison] when he was on the ground and our guys aren’t going to let that happen,” Anderson said, per Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “There were some unnecessary things going on.”

The officials seemed to agree with the Browns, and the Raiders were flagged several times. But Raiders defensive lineman Richard Seymour, who picked up two personal foul penalties, said he thinks the officials may have been predisposed to thinking the Raiders were playing dirty.

“The referee was behind him and didn’t see what happened,” Seymour said. “The film will show it all. He’s human and mistakes happen. I think everyone just jumped in. A little spark started the whole thing. It seemed that everything was directed toward us. That’s the Raider mystique.”

35 responses to “Browns say Raiders played dirty

  1. Raiders always play dirty, I’d like to see the all-time stats on personal fouls cause I bet the Raiders are up there.

  2. In other breaking news, the sky is blue and water is wet.
    Then again, Jeff Tripplett and his crew did the game, and they are pretty much the worst officials I’ve ever seen.

  3. “Thats the Raider mystique.”
    Ya, the refs hate the Raiders. I mean its not like your own coach was accused of choking a member of his own staff or something right…oh wait…

  4. Well maybe the Raiders shouldn’t have worked so hard to build up that reputation all those years. They loved that dirty, tough-guy image when it suited them. Now they’re stuck with it. Deal…

  5. Wow, that’s a wonderful headline. Thank you for inviting out all the Raider haters PFT! It’s bad enough my team lost, but do you really have to print such blanket statements? In BOLD lettering too! Every play of every game since the beginning of football has had dirty plays in it. Stop feeding the Raiders hate machine please! For christ sake, do you really need to pour salt in the wounds?

  6. In other news, Florio did not write this or he would be calling for Mangini’s head because the browns players said what they thought.

  7. The Raiders have gotten the screws MAJORLY in recent weeks. The Redskins game the refs had the fix on in the first half. This Cleveland game it was the same thing only in the 2nd half.
    Its not hard to figure out. The league holds resentment against Al Davis for the many times he has sued them. In turn, the league has the refs make it a little more difficult for Davis’ team. That’s the truth and anyone who says different is an idiot.

  8. “They were playing dirty”.
    Call the freakin wambulance, you bunch of pansies.
    Ya, Seymour was giving the gears to the bastard, I saw that, no big deal. Kelly had it goin on too, so what?
    This is football, deal with it.

  9. You know you are having a bad season when:
    1) Your 40 something million dollar, fanchise QB flames out and doesn’t care about putting in the time and effort to get better.
    2) You play great games against playoff caliber type teams and then lose to teams like the Redskins and Browns.
    AND THEN the Browns can’t just enjoy the fact they beat the crap out of another team (too bad it took until Week 16) FINALLY and instead have to whine and complain to the press about the Raiders being “dirty”?
    It is football for goodness sake, you have a problem with someone then go settle it on the field then, don’t run off to the press afterwards and cry.
    Whatever happen NFL that I grew up with in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s?

  10. i’ve been saying for years, YOU LEAVE THE PATS…….YOU SUFFER(except for Asante Samuel.)
    ex: Branch, Seymour, Cassell, Vrabel, Gaffney, heck, even McDaniels.

  11. “It seemed that everything was directed toward us. That’s the Raider mystique.”
    That was the opposing offense directed at you, Mr. Seymour, just like last week.

  12. This doesn’t surprise me that Seymore was playing dirty either, I think the Pat’s defense has some of the dirtiest players and thats where he learned it from. He just isn’t used to being called on it since the Pats always get away with it because of their reputation.

  13. The Raiturd organization continues to exhibit what a ‘classy’ group of men they employ. Is there a more irrelevant NFL team than the Raiturds!?! Not this decade….

  14. The Raiders mystique may be playing dirty in the trenches, but how does Seymore explain the head-butt from the DB who got ejected. I think Al Davis gives bonuses for personal fouls.

  15. Seymore’s comments are classic. He doesn’t say they didn’t do it – just that the official wasn’t looking and that ‘mistakes happen’. Film shows him dropping an elbow on Harrison starting the whole episode.
    Officials were horrible for that game (way to make a game 3 1/2 hours long!) but the ejections were spot on.

  16. So just because they beat a guy when he’s down, they get flagged and tossed?
    That’s called bias my friends.
    “That’s the Raider mystique.”
    You said it Big Sey.
    You stupid jackass. Good riddance.

  17. Jeff Triplette or “EyeSlayer” as I refer to him after the game when he threw a flag into Orlando Brown’s eye putting him out of football for two years. His crews always suck. That was around ten years ago and he is still in there.

  18. “Thats the Raider mystique.”
    The true Raider mystique is drafting useless players in the first round, paying them a ton of money and then watching them go bust.
    They do that with free agents also (Javon Walker) so its not like they have to depend on the draft to screw it up.
    What a bunch of clowns and low lifes, is it any wonder they suck every year?

  19. The Raiders organization and entire fanbase is a joke top-to-bottom. Hey middle-aged douchebag, save the makeup and sequin tights for your daughter. Raider Nation looks like a short bus just picked up a bunch of 1980’s wannabe WWF “wrestlers” from some godforsaken trailer park, sprayed them with Gary Glitter’s piss and dropped them off in that sewage pit they call a stadium. You know, the only one in the NFL that STILL has baseball dirt for half of the goddamned season?
    And just to clarify, Anderson and Harrison weren’t “whining” — they were simply answering questions that pertained to TWO ejected players on top of a number of personal fouls against the Raiders. Read the article.
    Way to maintain composure when the game is on the line, Oakland. Losers.

  20. To the bozos here who claim that the Raiders have been playing dirty forever, I beg to differ.
    They’re playing dirty THIS year for the first time in many, many years. But you wouldn’t know that unless you actually watched the games.
    Personally, I love it. I think this is exactly what the team needs to get it’s edge back.
    When we were great, we were dirty.
    I say get dirty.

  21. Played dirty or played like men?…My Brownies are soft(just like their coach’s stomach) but then again so is most of the No Fun League anymore

  22. I think what is really missing is the fact that in the brawl the browns started push around seymour and of course the ref only saw when Seymour jumped on that MF and let him know what was up. Plus there is know way even a Chief’s fan could think the call on Miller was fair or the fake ass PI call in the ends zone on us which should have been a Def PI. Put this is something you just get used to as a Raider fan we have to beat two teams every week. The team we are playing and the ref’s!

  23. First, to say someone is “whining to the media” is just as ignorant as the media. The media asks questions, the player answers. Pretty simple, right?
    Your Raiders played the game like thugs. Hitting someone hard and playing to the whistle is one thing, kicking and punching while someone is on the ground and hitting people blindsided after the whistle is a whole other story. Not to mention, touching the officials. And don’t play the woe is us card Raiders fans…. Denver WR Brandon Stokley was ejected for making contact with an official yesterday too. Keep hitting, punching, and kicking after the whistle and you will continue to get the same “unfair and predetermined” treatment…….. MORONS

  24. I think it’s funny how raider fans are complaining about the other teams that are calling the raiders dirty. Saying things like we were great when we were dirty, and that’s football deal with it. Your team is kinda like that mid forty something wannabe badass who was the bully in high school. Everyone else has realized what a joke you really are, but you still live in the day when you mattered. It’s time you realize nobody is afraid of you. Nobody likes you, Nobody thinks your tough. The raiders are a patsy, just like the browns, the lions, the bills, the rams, you get the picture.

  25. Harrrison and company walked off with a win on thier own legs…..obviously the Raiders didn’t play dirty enough.


  27. BOW2RAIDERS You are a moron. A typical lowlife that probably sleeps with your sister. Davis is close to being sent to a nursing home and his team should be disbanded.

  28. Browns fan’s are the whiners? Your the one complaining about refs and using the cap lock? Go crawl into your Raider Nation hole and send your complaints to Darius Heyward-Bey.

  29. You damn right our raider mystique has been around forever. We get cheap shotted, the referee is nowhere to be found. Oh! but when we retaliate, we got the entire swat team ready to take us out. Like the sports announcers always say, nobody sees the first punch, but they’ll catch the second. You know how your little brother throws his toy at you and he runs for his life to mom while your chasing him. You hit’em infront of mom and who does mom yell at? That’s right. Mom yells at the one that got hit with the f****n tonka truck on the side of the head. That’s just how it goes.

  30. I love this site. It’s friggen hilarious to me how every single post about the Raiders generates the most comments, yet it’s everyone saying that were the worst in the league……
    I can name 5 teams off top that have been worse than the Raiders the last 5 years. One in paticular, the St.Louis Rams. Does anyone else wonder why every week Florio and his goons are posting negative articles on the Raiders, yet you barely see anything about the Rams???
    And on top of that why all you dumbass Haters out there are constantly posting on the Raider posts??
    Let me ask you another question, since were on the topic of Refs. Out of every NFL team can you tell me who has ever been screwed over more by the refs than the Raiders?? Here are some well known examples:
    1.THE TUCK RULE(we all know this one!!!)
    2.THE IMMACULATE RECEPTION(the rule has since been switched like most bad officiating calls that go against the Raiders that draw attention. But this one still goes in the History books! The pass was tipped first)
    3.THE SPIN JOB(Vincent Jackson completes a pass and goes to the ground untouched. He gets up and spins the ball in celebration. FUMBLE RIGHT??? Wrong, it was ruled an illegal forward pass)
    4.78 AFC CHAMPIONSHIP(Denver’s Rob Lytle scores the go ahead TD, the only problem was he left the ball on the goal-line. After discussion and a “phone-call” they rule TD! Although the replay clearly showed him losing the ball well before the plane)
    5.THE MURPHY TD(This one held up as one of PFTS top commented items most of this season, 90% of us on here were in agreement. It was a Touchdown!! Expect a rule change on this at the end of the year)
    I can go on for days but for you people that dont watch the Raiders and just want to jump on the Bandwagon and hate on them, whats the point?
    As for this week, Tony Stewart being ejected. As Jeremy Newberry said “Absolutely Ridiculous, he was talking to the ref and they bumped into each other.”
    Zack Miller’s Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty. He didnt even have control of the ball when he was getting up, it fell out of his hands. He didn’t throw it at anyone or spike it.
    Stanford Routt did headbutt the Browns player, but it was after a punch to the facemask first.
    And i’m sorry that whole scuffle started when Cleveland’s Alex Mack took the first swing. Cry me a river Browns fans/players. I think the game got a little emotional on both ends.
    Anyways typical day in Raiders Land. Us against everyone! Just the way I like it!

  31. Damn right. The raiders might as well start playing with handcuffs on because that’s how the NFL portrays us. We got one more game to go and another season we have to put behind us. See you in April for draft day. Go Raiders!!!

  32. If any of you are truely diluted enough to believe that The Raiders were the only dirty players on that field Sunday, I pity your ignorance. I’d bet my left nut that Cleveland was doing the same underhanded B.S. at the bottom of the pile. I watched the game – am I the only one who saw Browns players jumping into the fighting fray on several different occasions? I saw Cleveland got personal foul penalties too. Don’t act like they were the victims here.
    And there is no such thing as a “clean” team. Everyone plays dirty. If they didn’t, there would never be a hold call, there would never be a late flag due to a quarterback crying to the official for getting touched (yeah, that was a Brady reference) there would never be horsecollar tackles, or chop blocks, or helmet to helmet contact, or roughing the kicker penalties. It’s the NFL. If you wanna play flag football, go back to grade school.
    And I agree, Triplett is one of the WORST officials in the NFL, hands down. The man is a favoritist, dilusional, and I suspect partially blind. I have never seen the man call a game that he didn’t stick it to the Raiders for the whole 60 minutes, while blatantly overlooking penalties on the other side of the ball. I’m not one to cry about bad officiating, I know my team is sad, but that man is crooked as a politician.

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