John Fox and Marty Hurney can return to Carolina

After two straight convincing wins, Panthers coach John Fox is off the hot seat for now.

Tom Sorensen of the Charlotte Observer reports that Fox, G.M. Marty Hurney, and Fox’s entire coaching staff will be “offered the opportunity” to return to the Panthers in 2010.  Fox will not be offered a contract extension.

Fox is reportedly due $6 million in 2010, the final year of his current deal.  Sorensen writes that a potential lockout after the 2010 season could be a factor in the decision to keep Fox.

The 7-8 Panthers face many big offseason questions, like at quarterback and what do do with Julius Peppers.  (The most likely Peppers solution: waving goodbye.)

Left unsaid is whether Fox will definitely take the “opportunity” to return as a lame duck coach.  With so much money due and no freedom to entertain job offers, we have to assume he will be back.

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  1. There go the Cowher to Carolina rumors out the door. I heard he may be in the running for TB hc . I find this ludicrous. Why would he go somewhere they don’t believe in spending to get the playaz he needs/wants ?

  2. Peace out Pep. We offered you one of if not the largest contract a defensive player has ever seen and he turned it down. For whatever reason he wants to go and we can’t stop him. Its been a good run. the panthers fan in me still hopes you go to a shitty ass dead end team and the Panthers rebound next year.
    And 4 weeks ago, I would have face palmed hearing this story..Fox has won back our hearts I guess

  3. The 7-8 Panthers face many big offseason questions, like at quarterback and what do do with Julius Peppers.
    you said do do hah

  4. Would love to see Peppers in Green Bay. We need a playmaking linebacker opposite Clay Matthews. Might cost too much though.

  5. Peppers will sign long term here, Panthers are the 2nd best team in the NFC right now-The saints will come into carolina and we’ll hand them their 3rd straight loss

  6. I would look at the Panthers situation a little differently if I was the owner I would be a little PO’d at my head coach for sticking with Delhomme when he had this Moore siting on the bench.
    It is up to the head coach to look at his team and evaluate his players and put the ones on the field that give his team the best opportunity to win. Seeing what the team is doing with Moore behind center should give the owner a big red flag that John Fox has no idea how to evaluate his players. Or that he is just very loyal (to a fault) to veteran players.

  7. “The 7-8 Panthers face many big offseason questions, like at quarterback and what do do with Julius Peppers. (The most likely Peppers solution: waving goodbye.)”
    ha ha, you said do do.
    I could care less what they ‘do do’ as long as they beat the Saints next weekend.

  8. @ emoney
    Peppers is not a LB so look elsewhere
    Why would Hurney get to keep his job after giving Delhomme an extension and recently saying that Delhomme will be their QB in the future? Matt Moore has played lights out and made some very nice throws against the Giants and is their QB for the future.

  9. Adios, Peppers.
    Panthers will roll next season if Matt Moore is the QB. We’ve got around 12 players on IR and we still stomped two playoff-caliber teams.
    The Saints better watch out next week in Charlotte, it’s going to be a lot colder than it is in the Superdome.

  10. The lockout is going to keep a lot of the teams from seeking one of the “hot” coaches out there. Especially when they are owed the huge amounts that they were contracted to receive. So, Lovie, Wade, Fox and maybe even Mangini have a shot at staying put just because the dollars are already sunk into them.
    Poor decision by the Cowboys to try to sneak Matt Moore to the practice squad his rookie season. He is a keeper. Hurney can probably take credit for being the one to get him from the Cowboys waiver wire.
    Finally, the Panthers are not the second best team in the NFC. I think the Cowboys and Eagles and Vikings and Saints would all have a better case for 1 or 2 than Carolina. They are playing ok but lets not get too carried away with the two games of success. Can any one remember the Gints at 5-0 or the Bronc’s at 6-0…each of them were considered top in their conference too. Where are they now?

  11. @packerfanfornot4life – But maybe not a very good LB. He’s a proto 4-3 end…it probably isn’t as easy to change roles as we would like to believe. He would be expected to go into coverage at times…maybe into zone…maybe cover a TE. The best do that like DWare, Harrison, etc… That’s why you hear about a Rod Woodson who could do it and be successful at it…but you don’t hear about many others because it more often than not doesn’t work out. Plus GB has a rep of bringing in good players that have good reps, personally and professionally. One’s that give effort on every snap…why choose a guy who’s taken a year off from playing well and only recently picked it back up? Sounds very similar to Haynesworth…

  12. I think that guy Moore is a decent QB for Carolina. If they keep Delhomme on the bench and make some good draft picks they might have a shot next year. Their line looks good and they have 2 amazing backs.

  13. Ive been impressed with how different/better the Panthers have looked with Moore. They have both tackles out and missing some guys on D line. Need WR help. If they beat the Saints next weekend, they will be the most talked about team this off season…well behind whichever team Favre goes to next year.

  14. The Panthers should have put the 16 million that they are paying him this season into a signing bonus and extended him before this season even started. If they would have done that, they wouldn’t have had to extend Delhomme the way they did.
    But now that 16 million is already paid and they are going to have to put even more money into #90, or let him walk for nothing…

  15. @ E-money:
    I agree.
    Peppers has stated numerous times that he wants to play in a 3-4 ala DeMarcus Ware.And he would be a nice fit in Dom Capers’ 3-4 scheme in GB.
    Make it happen Teddy!!!

  16. Out of all the middle of the road teams in the NFL, I think the Panthers stand the best chance of improving next year. Offensively the only missing cog is a reliable no.2 WR someone who can complement Steve Smith. Peppers can walk, which the Panthers will rebuild the d-line through the draft.
    Who knows, maybe John and Marty might just need to make a QB change and everything will remain competitive

  17. @ Big_McLargeHuge
    I agree. It seemed like Carolina was doing fine until Jake Delhomme went into the tank. They have a talented roster, and they have a dynamic duo at RB in Williams/Stewart. If they can get someone opposite Steve Smith, and if Moore can settle in at QB, they could be right back in playoff contention next year…

  18. Hey, as a Giant fan, The panthers lined up, with
    no TE’s to cover, and just ran the F…..G ball with one back! Then this rookie QB has another great
    game 3TD’s, with one receiver!
    My wish was John Fox would get HIRED on the SPOT, by the Giants. If he had put this kid in earlier, The Panthers {even with the injuries} would be playing after next week. Want trade peppers for osi ?

  19. There is a lot of talk about getting somebody opposite Smitty. When in reality a tight end who can stretch the middle of the field and open up the outside throwing lanes…might actually be the better answer here.

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