Kremer: Redskins interviewed Gray to comply with Rooney Rule

If there was any doubt that the Washington Redskins will be firing coach Jim Zorn and quickly hiring Mike Shanahan (or someone else), there should be no doubt now.

Andrea Kremer of NBC reported during Sunday night’s game between Dallas and Washington that Redskins owner Daniel Snyder called NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell “a few weeks ago,” and that Snyder asked Goodell whether interviewing secondary coach Jerry Gray for the head-coaching job and interviewing director of pro personnel Morocco Brown for the G.M. position would comply with the Rooney Rule.

Per Kremer, Goodell called John Wooten, chairman of the Fritz Pollard Alliance, to discuss the situation.  Wooten spoke with Gray and Brown, and Wooten concluded that the interviews were legitimate, and that the interviews complied with the Rooney Rule.

This information from Wooten conflicts with our recent report, based on information from NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, that compliance with the Rooney Rule as to head coaches presumes the existence of a vacancy.

This means that there can’t be compliance with the Rooney Rule before a head-coaching vacancy exists.

Reached via e-mail for reaction to Andrea Kremer’s report, Aiello said that the league “cannot comment on the application of the rule to a head coaching position that is not vacant.”

In subsequent exchanges with Aiello, however, it became apparent that the league has some discomfort regarding attempts to comply with the Rooney Rule with respect to head-coaching jobs that aren’t yet vacant.

Specifically, Aiello pointed out that a team “can’t be non-compliant if there is no vacancy.”  Asked whether this also means that a team can comply if there’s no vacancy, Aiello said, “Not officially.  That is why we are not commenting on it.  Jim Zorn is the head coach.  As you noted, the rule is silent on whether there must be a vacancy before there can be compliance.”

But, again, it’s silent because the rule presumes that a team would be looking for someone to fill a job only once the job is open.

Either way, we continue to be troubled by the Redskins’ attempt to interview minority candidates for positions that are not yet available.  Compliance with the Rooney Rule shouldn’t be regarded as a chore or an annoyance, and that’s exactly how the Redskins, in our opinion, are treating it.

Besides, why would Brown or Gray believe that their interviews were legitimate, and why would Wooten not be able (or willing) to see through the facade?  It’s an open secret that Snyder has been pursuing Mike Shanahan for months, and that Shanahan and Bruce Allen are regarded as a package deal.  Though the Redskins might have created the impression that the interviews of Brown and Gray were legitimate — possibly because the Redskins legitimately were interested in exploring whether either or both men should have roles in the new Shanahan-Allen regime — the interviews necessarily were sham sessions if, as it appears, Shanahan and Allen were the predetermined targets.

Pre-compliance with the Rooney Rule sets a dangerous precedent.  If permitted, it would allow teams to interview in-house minority candidates before a season ends, and then to hire the person that the team already has settled on for employment without delay.

So we’ll renew the suggestion we made after Allen was hired, only 114 minutes after Vinny Cerrato resigned.  No interviews should be deemed to comply with the Rooney Rule before the vacancy has been created and announced.

Also, interviews of minority candidates employed by the team should never satisfy the Rooney Rule.  Folks on the payroll have a strong incentive to be team players, and it is tempting for such candidate-employees to justify looking the other way regarding a possible violation of the Rooney Rule in the name of preserving and/or advancing a career.

We believe there’s a point where the Rooney Rule no longer will be needed, and the league should constantly ask itself whether that time has come.  Until the Rooney Rule is removed from the books, however, teams should be required to respect its terms and its spirit.

The Redskins might be dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, but if the many reports about Snyder’s extended pursuit of Shanahan are true, the Redskins are merely hiring the person they want to hire — and lawyering their way around the requirements of the Rooney Rule.

57 responses to “Kremer: Redskins interviewed Gray to comply with Rooney Rule

  1. The Rooney rule is STUPID. The best person for the job should determine who gets the job, or the interviews for the job. What would happen if no minority candidate applied for a particular coaching job…??
    When will there be a minority rule for players…? I believe the league is 80% African American. When does whitey get a “Rooney rule” for players….. I know, retarded. Because, the best player plays period. Why should it be any different in coaching…..?

  2. Ya of course they are going to lawyer around the rules to go after someone they want. How would anyone ever stop this? And how does this even violate the spirit of the rule, which is to “interview” minorities not to hire them? It doesn’t. It sounds like you would like new and improved rules meant to ensure that a decision making process takes place that ultimately takes the decision making out of the teams hands – because that’s the only way anyone would ever be able to prevent a team from taking the guy they’ve already made their mind up on.

  3. “owner Daniel Snyder called NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell “a few weeks ago,” and that Snyder asked Goodell whether interviewing secondary coach Jerry Gray for the head-coaching job and interviewing director of pro personnel Morocco Brown for the G.M. position would comply with the Rooney Rule.”
    Which is pretty much proof that it’s the ONLY reason they did the interviews. Which is one more reason the rule is a joke ( in your town)

  4. Compliance with the Rooney Rule shouldn’t be regarded as a chore or an annoyance, and that’s exactly how the Redskins, in our opinion, are treating it.
    That is exactly what it is though.

  5. So you are saying the Redskins are circumventing the rule by their methods?
    But would it not be safe to say that teams that promote from within (ala Mora) are also circumventing the rule ??

  6. i think u miss the pt florio..since u now want to be the new len p of espn and hate on skins 24/7 how bout u spread the blame to the league and the fritz pollard alliance who gave synder permission to do this. i mean its not like synder was trying to get away with something. he is asking the right people if he can do what he did and got permission.

  7. The Rooney Rule ITSELF sets a dangerous precendent. So, means of avoidance are just. The fact that the NFL allows this ridculousness to exist just goes to show they promote inverse racism and descrimination. Affirmative action within the govt is bad enough. Whatever happened to hiring the best available (or what one THINKS is the best available) regardless of race?????????

  8. So whats the difference that they interviewed jerry gray now as opposed to 2 weeks from now? Would that make Gray feel like he had more of a legitimate shot? Would Snyder look any better then? The Rooney rule is a joke and needs to go. If owners aren’t hiring based on the color of a coaches skin then they are idiots. Especially after Dungy, Tomlin, and Smith leading there respective teams to the super bowl.

  9. I don’t understand how Shanahan is relevant since he is not even hired yet making the rooney rule moot at this point. They havent even begun interviews for that position. I thought your job was to report rumors not to make them up.

  10. Why is it that a person running a private business can not hire who they feel is the best person for the job? This rule is really a joke and will always be worked around when an owner has it in thier mind who they want to hire. No rule will change an owners mind once made up.

  11. i think shanahan wont get the redskins that far. He did nothing after elway. Bruce Allen was a good hire tho, if anyone is gonna help the redskins its bruce

  12. Is it me, or is Florio coming off as the kid who tells on all the other students in the elementary school class for what they did while the teacher was out of the room?
    The reality is this, Florio is a blatant Skins hater, but to constantly try to throw garbage out there to get them in “trouble” is ridiculous. He got nowhere with the Albert Haynesworth thing, now he is trying the Rooney Rule thing. I cannot wait to see what he does next.

  13. The point of the Rooney rule is to give minority candidates a legitimate shot at staff positions in the NFL. Like it or not, what the Redskins are doing (scummy or not) isn’t a violation of the spirit of that rule
    Jerry Grey won’t be hired for the head coaching position, and it wouldn’t matter if he was white, purple, or zebra-striped. The minority candidates for head coach, in this case, have the same shot as any white candidate who isn’t named Mike Shanahan. And given that, I’m sure Morocco Brown had the same shot at the GM job as did hundreds or thousands of white males with the skillset (or the billion or so without).
    I understand that there’s a lot of mileage to be had out of the “slippery slope” argument here re: the Rooney rule, but (and this is coming from someone who supports or opposes affirmative action on a case-by-case basis and specifically does not oppose it always), the rule’s there to ensure that coaching and front office candidates aren’t discriminated against on the basis of their race. It’s not there to prevent discrimination on the basis of being the chosen one out of 6 billion plus humans alive. There’s no rule the NFL will ever adopt that can stop team owners from being controlling, overbearing pricks.
    Signed, a long-suffering Redskins fan who’s just glad that it’s no stretch to hang desperately from the Ravens bandwagon every year

  14. Tye Skins are not worth hating. Florio is just pointing out the inconsistencies of having a rule if it’s going to be used as a joke.
    Interviewing your own employees. What a joke.

  15. The Rooney Rule is a complete joke. You can’t tell owners how to run this business. Besides, Black candidates who know that there is someone who is really going to get the job shouldn’t bother to interview. It’s a waste of time. I do believe there should be several more Black head coaches in the NFL, but the Rooney rule is not going to change much.

  16. Who cares?? The Redskins want Shanahan. They want him for many reasons. Not one of those reasons is his whiteness.
    I’m all for employing minority coaches, at any and every level, but a team can’t hire a guy they may have had their eyes on for a decade without getting called out?!?!

  17. like it or not, this is typical danny boy. on the day vinny was run out of town, most skins fans jumped for joy. but what has really changed? time will tell, but little danny is still in his own little fantasy world on how to run an nfl franchise.

  18. It would depend on where Zorn is on this. My guess is that behind the scenes he’s told everyone including Goodell, Shanahan and the Fritz Pollard Alliance (FPA) that they should operate as if he will be gone after the season is over since he already knows that is the case and that they should do what is best for the team.
    It’s kind of like having a one night stand with a girl who ordinarily isn’t one night stand material. You both go into like it means something and in the morning you go your separate ways. So long as you don’t put in a situation where she is disrespected she’s ok with it.
    My guess is once this all over the only one needing a shower will be Zorn and it won’t be a long one.
    And the reason FPA isn’t making a stink is that they feel that getting a realistic intervies is good preparation for the time a Black coach gets an interview for a job he has a shot at.

  19. This information from Wooten conflicts with our recent report, based on information from NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, that compliance with the Rooney Rule as to head coaches presumes the existence of a vacancy.
    I respect that. If your going to critisize others mistakes you have to point out your own.
    I think the Rooney rule is unneeded. If owners were going to have bias against minorties(spell check) then they would only have about 10 players on their team. Also in the Redskins case and other teams like theirs isnt the fact that they have minority coaches to interview enough proof that they dont have bias towards them?
    Why force a team to consider other people when they know who they want. Its just dumb and against the entire reason why people play sports. Its to prove whos the best and right now its Shanahan.

  20. If it’s clear the Skins want Shanahan, isn’t it insulting to minority candidates to be called in for a token interview? How many of these patronizing situations has the Rooney Rule created? Good coaches are going to get opportunities regardless of skin color. Shanahan is a two-time Super Bowl winner and one of the most successful coaches of his era, it’s not like the Redskins said, “hey, let’s hire this unqualified white guy here.” Why is it such a big deal?

  21. 1) Superbowl winning coaches are a minority and should get a pass on the Rooney Rule.
    2) If my company was colluding to fire a VP, SVP, CFO, COO, CEO or any such high-profile and expensive position, you can bet they have interviewed or head-hunted a replacement beforehand in most cases.
    3) What ever happened to “Coach Teflon” and the comments old-Florio used to make? All this Rooney Rule finger pointing could be replaced by some interesting commentary if that guy was still around. What will Shanahan bring to the Skins? Will he be relevant again? Is he a good choice? Would he fit better elsewhere? C’mon Mike, dig a bit deeper instead of this tattling.
    4) Yes, Aiello and the NFL are in a bit of a contradictory mess over this, but see #1 above which could solve matters if people actually opened their eyes to reality.

  22. So the facts are that it is okay with Roger Goodell. It’s okay with Daniel Snyder. It’s okay with Jerry Gray. It’s okay with Morocco Brown. It’s even perfectly fine with John Wooten of all people. But By God it is not okay with Mike Florio and therefore something must be done about it.
    Florio, you are more concerned with this than Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. Americans are approximately 12% black. NFL head coaches are about 19% black. Where exactly is the racism? How exactly did Jerry Gray and Morocco Brown get hired in the first place?
    I never see many black people in your video clips, Florio. And while we are at it we simply MUST do something about the 90% white ticket buying fans.

  23. “Compliance with the Rooney Rule shouldn’t be regarded as a chore or an annoyance, and that’s exactly how the Redskins, in our opinion, are treating it. ”
    How can something that you are forced to do not be regarded as a chore or an annoyance? Do you expect teams to be happy at being forced to interview a candidate that they know has no chance of getting the job just to comply with an antiquated reverse discriminatory rule?
    “Besides, why would Brown or Gray believe that their interviews were legitimate”
    Maybe they don’t. Maybe they realise that the Rooney Rule is a complete load of crap in this day and age and want to help the team comply with it.

  24. Mike, thank you for continuing to post on this topic. The rule is vague at best, and showing the fans how the league deals with it is a great benefit for readers here, despite the few whiners who ask why you keep bothering with this. Please keep up the good work.

  25. msgtsgray, I don’t think a Skins hater would pick them to go to the Super Bowl at the beginning of the year.. And you could also make your initial argument for any reporter ever. Nice try.

  26. To Whom It May Concern,
    NBC please cease and desist the airing of Redskins games in a prime time slot. Televised Redskins games do not comply with media principle of “competitive matchups”.

  27. “the Redskins are merely hiring the person they want to hire”
    OMG… a private company hiring who they want to hire… g wiz.. call the PC police

  28. I actually happen to like the Rooney rule, but the facts are the facts, what you want, is simply more smoke and mirrors, not less.
    Synder wants/wanted Shanahan, no rule, nothing, was going to change that. You can’t force him to keep an open mind, no matter what happens.
    Rules create cracks, and just as water flows through cracks, people who have an intent find ways around a rule.
    Lets say you are right, and the NFL and the Alliance make the adjustements. Then what ?
    Dennis Green or someone else is misled into an interview, the image is that its a real open job, that other candidates now waste their valuable time on ?
    Jerry Jones made a farce of this once, and they changed the rules due to it…….the coach that was hired was Bill Parcells, when he wanted Wade Philips, he simple covered his tracks better.
    What your suggesting only adds more deceit to the process, What if Synder did it your way ? Does that change anything other then getting others hopes up and making them waste their time ?
    The only difference is that, at most, its adds time (i.e. delay) to the process and more dishonesty. I like the Rooney rule, but I also like transparency and honesty, this process had neither the spirit of the rule, nor honesty and transparency, what you want, neither maintains that spirit of that rule, which can’t be done since Synder does not wish it, and actually calls for less honesty and transparency.
    In other words what you want, makes things worse, not better. Its not a solution to a problem, its an enlargement of one.

  29. “What [team officials] told me in the early hours of February [27] is that, ‘We’re going to let you play,’ ” Haynesworth said of Washington’s sales pitch on the first day of free agency.
    The Deadskins, are a joke of a franchise. If they only tried to have a bit of dignity and do right, they would translate their newfound luck to the field.
    Dan Snyder is a slimy little scumbag, whose heart is black.
    He is ruining the Deadskin legacy…

  30. I don’t know if your continued pursuit of this particular subject is due to Southern guilt or what. There are 32 NFL head coaching positions in the United States. Blacks make up about 12% of the US population. Do you think ending the rule usage will be acceptable when Black head coaches/GMs amount to 12% of the League? Oh wait, its currently 20%. Yes, the League is made up of a majority of Black players, I understand the argument to have Blacks represented in positions other than solely as players. However, I don’t think anyone can prove there is anything more than coincidence involved with the increase of Black coaches after the rule was implemented. More than anything, I think the increase in the number of qualified Black candidates is the real reason. We could spend weeks researching all the candidates prior to 2003 and see where it takes us but I find it telling that the only Black head coaches hired prior to 2003 were all former NFL/AFL players, except for Dennis Green. It seems that they were the only ones perhaps qualified or experienced enough or with the requisite connections to hold an NFL head coaching gig.
    Of the 6 current Black NFL head coaches, we can exclude Fewell for now as he is an interim coach. Singletary is an ex player, so he fits the mold of coaches hired prior to the Rooney rule. We are left with Caldwell, Smith, Morris and Tomlin, all former pupils of Tony Dungy or the Bucs, but none of them with NFL player experience. My thought here is that these guys received opportunities because of Dungy (former NFL player), not because of the Rooney rule. I have zero issue with that, I think NFL head coaches should be developed by other NFL head coaches. People have a natural tendency to want to be around people similar to themselves. Can’t we allow for a natural growth of Black NFL coaches based on a proven track record of success and tutelage in the NFL ranks? Isn’t it a bigger insult to have an empty rule in place that doesn’t seem to have had any affect whatsoever on NFL hiring practices?
    Don’t even get me started on the fact that these are $800 million + franchises, owners should be able to hire anyone they want to run them. And they should want the best possible candidate. Not the empty facade of the “minority hiring.” That said, I’ll be interested to see how Caldwell does as a head coach. Besides having worked for Dungy, the guy really has zero credentials as a head coach. 26-63 as a college head coach? However, he has the requisite training by a successful NFL head coach, so he gets the benefit of the doubt. Good luck to him, he can enjoy it as long as he has Manning…which I guess is a long enough career for anyone.

  31. “Wooten spoke with Gray and Brown, and Wooten concluded that the interviews were legitimate, and that the interviews complied with the Rooney Rule.”
    So is this Fritz Pollard Alliance a shadow governing body for the NFL or something?
    Is that legal, in the context of employment law?
    That seems to be pretty incredible, don’t you think? Hiring is based solely on accommodating one race, with an outside body with no oversight determining qualifications?
    Is that ethical?

  32. You guys at PFT seem to be obsessed with this “Rooney Rule”. The NFL doesn’t seem to be concerned with this, somewhat misplaced, and PR motivated rule and neither should we; LET IT GO ALREADY. noone cares!

  33. Florio is applying for the Rooney-Rule-Expert job within the NFL. Every other story is about a team not complying with it or trying to satisfy the requirements before hiring the guy they really want (God forbid they be allowed to do that)

  34. florio hates on everyone equally. ask the browns or steeler fans. you deadskin fans are so desperate to win you don’t care that the danny is a scumbag cheating little man. i don’t like the rooney rule. he should be able to hire anyone he wants. but the rooney rule is in place and until they dispense with it it is to be followed, this is just another example of why the redskins and the danny are losers. until he stops believing that owning the team makes him as smart as his GM in football issues you will continue to be languishing in the basement of the NFC North. And if you think that hiring Bruce Allen and Shanahan will make a difference, you will be surprised. In a few years you will be talking about the next great coach that is going to be hired, because Shanahan just retired.
    btw – name the last coach that won a SB with one team, took another to the SB and won.
    Answer: there are NONE. Good track record for hiring Shanahan.

  35. Florio – you are missing the point of the Rooney rule. One of the main reasons the rule was put in place so that even when teams have already targeted a successor, they are required to interview a minority candidate so that minority gets exposure and opportunity in the future, if not for that job, for others. Its not a “sham” if they went through a process evaluating Gray and or Blache to benchmark them against Shanahan even if they are set on old Leatherface. Thats why the rule exists

  36. the rooney rule is designed to get minority candidates interviews, for open positions, and is as much about letting the media/fans/agents/other teams know that x person is viable enough to be considered. thus building the resume of guys who never used to be considered for head coaching, and barely more often coordinator positions…
    with that in mind, the tweek that is needed is to make the hiring process take place after the season…just as it advances a career for the world at large to know x person is a candidate, it assassinates the career of jim zorn, even at a lesser position for all this to be going on while he is still head coach…if you want to walk your coach out of the building mid-season, fine, but you have to make due, for that season, with the manpower you had in august…thus, every candidacy, takes place at the same time, and much of the back room dealing is gone, as competitive as coaching is, its like giving teams extra practice days to allow them an advantage to hiring mid-season. also it violates the spirit of the open search for as broad of a base of qualified candidates as possible.

  37. Its possible that Wooton and Gray think the Rooney rule is an idiotic rule and do not care if their interviews are a sham. They could believe the rule is a sham.
    Also, yes they could have done the the interview as a step towards advancing their careers, knowing full well that they were not true candidates for the head coaching job. But isn’t that the point of interviews, to advance ones career?
    Why in the NFL can you not interview and line up an employees replacement? If management knows its going to can the head of marketing, it would be prudent to have his replacement lined up. People are insane if they think every team considering replacing their head coach has not had some sort of conversation with potemtial replacements. If a team is certain it is going to fire the HC, they absolutely should be interviewing replacements.
    Just because he is a convienient name to use, lets look at Brian Kelly who jumped from Cincy to Notre Dame. Suppose the Redskins were interested in him. Wouldn’t it be wise to interview him before they accepted the job at ND? In order to do so they would need to before Zorn was fired.
    And really what difference does it make? Shannahan is the man they want. If they interview anyone to comply with the Rooney Rule its a sham interview, be it before or after Zorn is fired. Does it really make a difference if Gray and Wooton are interviewed last week or next week? End result, Shannahan gets the job.

  38. Completely consistent behavior by the The Owner, Mr. Snyder. Weasel around anti-tampering “rules”. Find “silence” in the Rooney Rule. The guy cares nothing about rules except in search of a way to be above them. The king of “vanguard” of new turk owners in the NFL … charging for parking to watch training camps. The child has never played football, much less had any connection to the game except as a fat fingered chubby kid who can now afford real like fantasy football. He’s ruining the game. I would lay odds that he is the one who will lead the owners in fighting any of the liability for long-term health effects of retired players in the new CBA … “not our fault, it was the owners who came before us” … football is not their credit either, it was the owners who came before them. Screw Snyder, Wilf, Lerner, and the other new turk turds.

  39. Just not fair! The huge majority of citizens are white yet the huge majority of NFL players hired are black. There must be a Rooney rule for players too that for EACH spot on the 53 man roster at least one white player must tryout for that spot.

  40. Geez, Mike…..complain, complain, complain…that’s all you do. What ever happened to the “spirit” of the law ?? The NFL is satisfied, Gray and Brown are satisfied and so is the FPA ?? What gives…do you want to be interviewed too ?? Is that a term of the ‘Rooney Rule’ now ?? Give us a break and stick to things that you do best…whining and moaning about a non-issue is not one of them, although you love to do it when you get the chance…leave it alone…as you implied, any owner with half a brain doesn’t need the rule anyways…stick to the things you do well, not this…

  41. Gmcd126 and fellas understand what the rooney rule is in place for.
    Its isn’t racist and does serve a purpose, and you can’t compare it to the amount of black players in the league. A lot of the measurables team use to evaluate players are cut and dry, combine stats, not so much with coaching.

  42. Gray is both a tool and and an Uncle Tom. Christ, the guy throws his own boss under the bus all the while realizing that he had absolutely no chance to get the job himself. He did it solely to keep Snyder happy and to hopefully keep his job when the next coach comes in. I’m betting that the next coach will drop his a$$ in the first firing shot.

  43. the rooney rule wont be needed… as soon as all head coaches are black!
    get rid of that immoral rule. the supreme court peed all over affirmative action. and they were right to do so.

  44. Florio — what is up with your crusade about the Rooney rule? The rule is fine when discusssde in the world of theory and utopia, but it is just plain stupid when it bumps up against reality. It does not help the goal of increasing minority hires to require teams to go through sham interviews. In fact, it probably sets back minorities becasue the owners resent the existence of the rule. And do you really think that minorities enjoy being the token interview — it is degrading frankly. NFL teams want to win games, increase their fan base, and draw large crowds. So NFL teams are going to hire the person who will make it possible for them to reach that objective regardless of the skin color or ethnic background of their coach or GM. If a well qualified minority candidate is available that will help them reach that goal, that minority will be hired — period. I do not see the NFL owners as a group of people that are hell bent on kepping the black man in his place. An NFL team will hire a green monster with two heads if it will help them win.

  45. The really scary thing about most of the comment writers in PFT is that they really have no understanding of the rule or why it exists. They just continue to harp on the perceived injustice of affirmative action. The rule does not require an owner to hire anyone black, white or yellow. I just wish the Bucs and Browns had a more extensive hiring process.

  46. Are teams required to sign a certain percentage of white, Asain, or Native American players a year? NO?
    Then why are executive required to interview one minority candidate…especially if they are not even qualified?
    It is a dumb rule – I understand the principle, but nonetheless dumb.

  47. It’s all a big fat charade. They should just dump the Rooney Rule. In this day and age do we actually still need to have race-based laws and policies? How can we ever achieve genuine equality if we continue with race-based policies?

  48. Snyder’s behavior shows that the League’s enforcement of the Rooney Rule is a charade. Do they need the rule? They do until nonwhite coaching retreads have the same chance for jobs as white coaching retreads. So far, only Shell and Dungy have qualified, Shell because of loyalty and Dungy because he’s one of the best. Has Cremel’s name come up in any discussions? If Lewis, Morris, and Smith are fired, does anyone believe that they will ever have a shot at another head coaching job? Mangini got another shot. Norv Turner got another shot.

  49. This is retarded. First they create a stupid rule to perpetuate racism (even though it’s thinly veiled at creating the impression that it’s to “prevent” racism. :rolleyes:). Then the team *complies* with the rule, but now you’re picking it apart as not “legitimate”? You make a rule, if they have to “follow” it, they will. You can’t make them be genuine in their efforts.
    The whole thing is very stupid. There is no other job in the world that I know of where this law exists. If I’m a private business owner, I would not want some other entity telling me who I can and cannot hire. It’s MY organization, I want to hire who I want to hire. The best man for the job will pique my interest and that is who I will pursue. When the public owns a franchise, the public can make decisions like this.
    Right now the Rooney Rule is straight-up racism. I like the poster who recommended we require a similar rule for white football players. See how stupid that is? Same thing. Either go all-out or not at all. Enough of this half-ass crap.

  50. Will one of you buffoons in opposition of the Rooney Rule care to describe steps to ensure that minority candidates have access to equitable selection and hiring processes?
    Or is it, “aren’t they happy that we let them on the field?”

  51. Stet Sports Blog says:
    December 28, 2009 7:00 PM
    Will one of you buffoons in opposition of the Rooney Rule care to describe steps to ensure that minority candidates have access to equitable selection and hiring processes?
    Or is it, “aren’t they happy that we let them on the field?”
    How about someone compiles some data to suggest that the Rooney Rule is needed at all? That’s the first step.

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