Seahawks implosion could be costly

We knew the Seahawks were bad, but not his bad. 

After a 48-10 loss to Green Bay Sunday, Seattle has lost the last three weeks by a combined score of 106-24.  The other two losses were to the Texans and Bucs — hardly Super Bowl contenders.

The scope of Seattle’s meltdown is alarming for anyone in the organization.  Matt Hasselbeck says he’s healthy, but his future as the team’s starting quarterback is in doubt after back-to-back four interception games.  His arm strength looks lacking.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel wrote T.J. Houshmandzadeh “played like a street free agent. He looked slow and hardly more than a possession receiver.” 

We noticed some weak efforts by Housh going after passes against the Texans, but his contract should guarantee he’s sticking around.

Only one of Seattle’s ten losses this season was by fewer than ten points. It’s very easy to argue this 5-10 squad is actually worse than Mike Holmgren’s last team.

When you look closely at the roster, nearly every area needs a major overhaul.  The secondary, pass rush, running game, offensive line, and wide receivers are among the league’s worst.

With a new personnel man on the way, coach Jim Mora can’t feel comfortable.  His future boss will look closely at the 2009 wreckage and should be tempted to blow up what’s left in Seattle.

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  1. You mean everything everyone said about Housh, that being that he’s nothing more than a posession receiver that benefitted from having a top 10 wideout in Ocho Cinco and another solid #3 in Chris Henry along side of him, was TRUE?! zOMG HOW COULD IT BE!?

  2. It’s a shock they won even five games. Hasselbeck wouldn’t even be a starting quaterback for 90 percent of the teams the league. And the sheer stupidity of the team to have not had a young QB to groom in the meantime show they be firing any and everyone they can fire. Even if you make a bad pick there should have at least been some attempt to have an heir apparent. If Seneca Wallace was even ever close to being the next franchise QB he would have had the job by now.

  3. Pretty clear that Houshmandzadeh is not in the Randy Moss or T.O. category… cuase nobody cares that he quit on his team

  4. although I agree they are not a talented team Jim Mora Jr is certainly not a good head coach either
    didnt the last 3 games of horrible play follow the comments by Mora that the team is soft and teams know if they jump on them they will quit and that he even thought that when he was with the Falcons?
    Mora Jr is just another retread head coach that simply isnt that good

  5. The Seahawks are a waste. They have one of the richest owners in all of sports. He has more money than Steinbrenner and doesn’t spend a lick of it. Pathetic. They should have all the high priced talent in there. Fire everybody and start all over.

  6. “but his contact should guaranteed he’s sticking around.” I guess Florio didn’t get that editor for Christmas!

  7. More isn’t the problem…yet. He hasn’t had a chance to coach any talent. Their personnel decisions under Ruskell are starting to look horrible. They’ve gotten rid of him and now have to start over building this team.
    Hasselbeck has hit a wall from being beat up so much. He just doesn’t have it anymore. They lost Alexander, Walter Jones, Steve Hutchinson, and went from a decent receiver corp to a bad one. They have replaced all these great players with average at best players.

  8. rosenthal,
    pretend like you’ve written something before. have florio proofread before it goes to print.

  9. The good news is, the Titans goal next Sunday will be to give CJ the rock… winning will be a byproduct of that if it happens. Even if the ‘Hawks get up by three scores in the first quarter, I still don’t see Vince Young playing catch with Gage and Washington. Run, run, run.

  10. Boy did this team get old and fast. With their offensive line departing for free agency in years past, this teams running game went to crap, and the offense followed suit. Housh is not as bad as he seems, but he is uninspired a la Randy Moss in Oakland. He will be second guessing picking Seattle over Cincy for years to come. 5 wins, and 2 against St Louis mind you. I agree with some of you that can you really tell if Mora can coach considering all the bad personal decisions this team made recently. We shall see if they can return to the glory years, but i doubt it.

  11. Play well, play lousy, the stands are still full. Hey, Seattle, stay home next week & show the mgment what an empty stadium they’ll have next season if they don’t get with the program.

  12. Even though it may be a combo of both, I feel that the players don’t believe in the system that the coaches implemented.
    Both systems are outdated and have players that are out of position. The front office has no clue on how important an OLine is. The OLine is full of players playing out of position. The DLine is full of underachievers.
    Anybody with football knowledge should know that a good OLine is what makes the offense work. A good DLine can hide a marginal secondary. This game is won along the trenches.
    So whoever our GM will be, has a lot of work to do.

  13. The Falcons quit on Mora and never finished a season with any effort when they were out of the running for a playoff spot. His QB admits he didn’t work hard under him, last to arrive, first to leave.
    So it is no surprise to see the Seahawks also quit on him when the season became a lost cause.
    Did not understand why Mora, & Mangini were hired after being complete failures or why KC had a hard on for Herm Edwards before the Jets even dumped him.
    Seattle was soft all year. They will remain soft until Mora is shown the door.
    Hasselbeck and Delhoume(sp) and I guess Bulger too. QB’s who had their run, but its now (and has been) over and the organization is killing itself by not accepting that.
    Its time for all three of them to morph into Mark Brunell.

  14. Mora is a large part of the problem. The other is poor GM work and team/player management.
    It started with the Hutchinson fiasco & letting him go. It continued with the Alexander contract, the lack of getting a QB to groom under Hasselbeck, the overpayment for Branch (and later Houshmanzadeh), the hiring of Mora (really? That was even a bad hire at the time).
    That organization needs to be blown up, starting with the GM. Start over.

  15. @scrapdog…ever heard of the “salary cap”??
    I was at the texans/seahawks game…the hawks just mailed it in big time

  16. @jecates
    You’re dumb. Titans will blow out the Seahawks no problem. Since VY has taken over we only lost “barely” to the Colts and then a bad day against the surging Chargers.
    You must be an idiot if you think the Seahawks will beat the Titans.

  17. I still disagree that Mora is anymore than a small part of the problem. It would not have mattered who the coach was this year because the team was BAD. Looking at their schedule I don’t believe they have underachieved very much. All the teams that beat them were better than them, except for maybe the Bucs but that’s a toss up.

  18. Seems like Holmgren knew what he was doing when he announced his “retirement” in advance of last season.

  19. “ParkerFly says:
    December 28, 2009 1:14 PM
    I still disagree that Mora is anymore than a small part of the problem.”
    For the record, the only track record of success that Jim Mora Jr. has as a head coach is when he had Michael Vick as his QB. Take Vick out, and he wasn’t much of a coach, at least not according to his win-loss record.
    Before you start asking for the ‘Hawks to go after Vick too, realize Vick isn’t nearly as good as he once was and is less effective than even Seneca Wallace at the moment.

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