Team-by-team AFC playoff scenarios

‘Tis the season complicated playoff scenarios.  Especially this season.

With one week to go, seven AFC teams remain alive for the final two wild card spots.  PFT broke down each scenario to show what your favorite team (or least favorite) needs to happen.

The Jets and Ravens control their playoff fate: Win and they are in.

Denver is in the third best position for a spot, although a Steelers win could make it difficult.

The Texans need two of three teams above them to lose, and a win over the Pats.

Pittsburgh remains a long shot, but perhaps not as long as you’d think.

So, you’re saying the Jaguars have a chance?

The Dolphins look like the longest of shots of the teams still alive.

6 responses to “Team-by-team AFC playoff scenarios

  1. Who cares, Deion said it best on gameday review, it doesent matter cuz neither of these teams in the hunt are going to get past SD or Indie

  2. For Deion to say no one can get by SD or IND is rediculous, for I believe there is no great team currently in the NFL.

  3. Deion made two comments last season –
    1) After the Colts beat Jags to clinch the wild card spot, he told Reggie Wayne on his face that you guys will be one and done.
    2) Next week after the Chargers beat the Broncos to clinch the AFC West, he says why worry. Peyton Manning is coming to town. Chargers will be one and done!
    And we all know what Darren Sproles & Mike Scifres did to the Colts….

  4. I’m rooting for the Chargers all the way baby! I am a life-long Browns fan, and was rooting for the Colts to win it all, (’cause my Brownies are dead) but after that shit yesterday (the abortion) I hope the Chargers blast the Colts and their “rest our starters” B.S.

  5. wow deions an idiot ravens beat the chargers and against the colts it came down to a last minute interception both of these teams are beatable.

  6. As much as I dislike Rivers that pompus ass should be holding up the Lombardi trophy whilst McNabb watches on. If they play for the SB, what a game it’ll be. I will be rooting for Chicagoan Donavan though.

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