Week 16 Morning Aftermath: Giants won't cave to Osi

Defensive end Osi Umenyiora punctuated Sunday’s Giants Stadium-finale with a locker-room rant indicating that he won’t be playing for the Giants in 2010.

That’s news to the Giants.

We’re told that the team has no desire to move Umenyiora, and that the franchise believes his remarks represent the latest effort to get the new contract that he has coveted since not long after he signed a long-term deal in late 2005 and then later hired agent Tony Agnone, who also represented Michael Strahan.

But what has Umenyiora done since racking up 14.5 sacks in 2005?  Setting aside the night that Umenyiora treated Winston Justice like his own personal turnstile, Osi is a single-digit guy — hardly the dominant presence that he thinks he is.

In late August, Umenyiora inexplicably walked out of the building, and we thought at the time that it traced to his desire to get paid even bigger money.  Some think that the ensuing dip in his performance, resulting in a demotion and only a handful of snaps on Sunday, arose from a conscious or otherwise decision by Umenyiora to dial it back until he gets paid.

So now he thinks he’ll get paid by declaring that the team doesn’t want him.  With an uncapped year looming, it’s an interesting approach.

But with Umenyiora slated to earn a base salary of only $3.1 million in 2010, the Giants have no reason to let him walk — and his performance has given them no reason to rip up the last three years of his deal.

Bottom line?  If the Giants didn’t cave to Strahan in 2007, they definitely won’t be caving to Umenyiora.  So his best approach would be to take a few weeks off and then come to grips with the reality that he has two options in the coming year — play for the Giants, or play for no one.

16 responses to “Week 16 Morning Aftermath: Giants won't cave to Osi

  1. Osi signed a 6 year deal in 2005 worth $41 million. Just shy of $7 million a year. Players like to forget the instant bonus part (in this case $15 million) when they complain about their salary. He’s over-paid and under-achieving… and needs to shut up. He’s well known for his greed… and everyone knew all his theatrics were about the cash. Trade him… if he was any good we’d be in the playoffs.

  2. No, but they will cave to the Panthers. Didn’t hear any smack from that turd, Jacobs, in the papers today. Wonder why?

  3. Great new layout for Morning After, much better.
    2010 will be a contract year for him, if he is still with the Giants he should perform well and if he doesn’t it is not a major salary hit to sit him. Either way it doesn’t work well for Osi unless he performs well. Won’t get a great contract in 2011(if there is football) unless he performs.

  4. Oh no, poor Osi has contracted the “Albert Syndrome” Too bad there is no cure for this, but a strong dose of reality.

  5. Krow says: Trade him… if he was any good we’d be in the playoffs.
    I highly doubt that Osi is the reason the Giants missed the playoffs.

  6. Well no… of course not. But if… after the season he’s had… he now wants even more money… then he should be the guy to rally the troops… and not pulling a disappearing act.
    Frankly I think $7,000,000 for 27 tackles and 7 sacks is quite a fair amount.

  7. Uh, yeah floor-boy his comments were about playing time and not money or contract. Quite frankly if Osi went to McDonalds you’d say it had to do with getting a new contract. His previous walk out didn’t even last an entire day, but to your great intellect it was “surely” about his contract. Because those 5 hour holdouts are so effective?
    Though its interesting to note in your Sept 2nd cry fest (aka stop picking on me its always about his contract dammit) of a post you said Osi was UNDERpaid.

  8. Osi is not the leader the Giants thought he would be after Strahan left. This defense lacks an emotional leader that can withstand adversity, and bounce back from a bad play, drive, half or game. Pierce had a little bit of that in him, but he just wasn’t good enough. It’s tough to lead when your a big part of the problem. This defense needs a leader, (maybe Kenny Philips?) and without one, we’ll see this same script next year.

  9. Right, Formula. Pierce was a cheerleader, not a playmaker. How they have missed Michael. The defense needs a complete makeover. They can’t tackle. They can’t cover. They make themselves completely available for blocks. It is going to be several lean years for Giants. They need new players at at least nine of the starting defensive positions. The current group is a spiritless bunch of uneducated thugs. They only move quickly when they reach for their paychecks. It may go without saying, but the coaches have lost the team and are way behind in understanding how the game is being played in 2009.

  10. I absolutely hate the Giants. Everything about them.
    I have taken absolute pleasure this season seeing the sad faces every Monday morning on the sleezeball Giants fans in our office. What’s their comeback? The Yankees. Give me a break. New York football fans are pathetic. You deserve every bit of this you sleezebags.
    The only team with more sacks of garbage than you have is Dallas.

  11. “I absolutely hate the Giants. Everything about them. I have taken absolute pleasure this season seeing the sad faces every Monday morning on the sleezeball Giants fans in our office. What’s their comeback? The Yankees. Give me a break. New York football fans are pathetic.”
    Agree with the sentiment, although the phrase “sleezeball Giants fans ” sounds a bit redundant.
    Rating: 5/5

  12. I could care less how you feel about the Giants. But if it makes you feel better, you can post about it again from your mother’s basement.

  13. You idiots can call us sleezebag’s and whatever else you want but the fact of the matter is what has your team done lately? Unless your a Pats, Colts or Steelers fan the answer is nothing. The fact of the matter is the Giants won a superbowl 2 seasons ago and there is nothing you can do to change that.
    So hate on the Giants all you want. The fact is Osi can’t play without Strahan getting all the attention on the other side. A healthy Justin Tuck can handle the otherside fine but an injured Tuck can’t do anything double teamed when Osi can’t even beat single blockers…
    Rocky Bernard is a bumb, Canty is too tall and doesn’t get low enough to get any penetration and we only have 1 playmaker at linebacker.
    Phillips, Webster, Thomas, Ross, Boley, Tuck, Kiwanuka, and Cofield are the only Defensive players/starters worth starting next year. Everything else, including our coordinator needs to be severly upgraded.
    Above all, the Giants need a pass rushing LB that can be on the field every down…

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