Clausen chooses Wichard

Multiple league sources tell us that former Notre Dame Jimmy Clausen has selected Gary Wichard to represent him at the next level.

Wichard, who has a longstanding relationship with the Clausen family, secured the assignment over a pool of other candidates that included, we’re told, “usual suspects” like Athletes First and CAA.

As an underclassmen, Clausen was permitted to sign with an agent upon the completion of his eligibility.  Previously, the “junior rule” prevented agents from contacting underclassmen before they received certification to enter the NFL draft.

Clausen is regarded as one of the top quarterbacks in the 2010 draft pool, and he could be the first quarterback taken, especially if concerns regarding Sam Bradford’s shoulder scare off potential suitors.  He arguably is the most prepared to play right away, given that he ran a pro-style offense for three years at Notre Dame.

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  1. If Weis goes to Buffalo, any chance of Clausen heading there to? Perhaps Buffalo trade up? Tampa and Detroit are both in position to trade down, given they have QB’s in place. I suppose KC fit that same criteria.

  2. Again – Hey percy harvin,
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  3. Yes Mike. Clausen is the most prepared QB to play right away. Just like Brady Quinn was. And 3 years leading that powerhouse Notre Dame to the BCS Bowls shows his supreme leadership qualities too.
    Am I awake or is this a dream?

  4. “He arguably is the most prepared to play right away, given that he ran a pro-style offense for three years at Notre Dame.”
    But did he run it well? All signs say no, given that Charlie Weis is out on his ass.

  5. Pro style offense he ran led them to consecutive 6-6 records. Maybe 7-6 last year. Not the best qb in draft. I’d take Tony Pike over him easy. And I don’t just say that because I’m from Cincy. Pike will be a better NFL qb.

  6. Hope he likes wearing a ball cap and holding a clipboard. It’s all he’s going to do at the NFL level. The money’s nice though.

  7. Amazing that all the ND haters have ESP. They can see Claussen’s future before it happens. Nobody that actually saw him play this year should doubt that he has all the tools to succeed at the next level. According to Weiss, he did not miss A SINGLE read all year. It’s just a shame he couldn’t play defense, too.

  8. Clausen certainly has bust written on him, but I would take a chance on him over Noodle Arm McCoy or Mr. Hiesman aka. No Chance in the NFL Tebow. Still think Bradford is the best QB in this class.

  9. “He arguably is the most prepared to play right away, given that he ran a pro-style offense for three years at Notre Dame.”
    Doesn’t say a lot about the QB’s coming out.

  10. Desides:
    You must not have watched any of Notre Dames games. The offense was one of the best in college football. It is just that ND was outscored every game because of no D.
    Clausen has as good a chance of being a good or great NFL QB as anyone else coming out this year.

  11. It will be very interesting how it goes for Claussen in the NFL, he won’t have either of his dad’s (Jim Sr. or Charlie W.) their to protect him, he was a poison on the ND team, 16-18 as a starting QB, this year his stats looked good, but ND played against 6 of the worst pass defenses in the NCAA and still were 6 and 6.

  12. Regardless of wheather you like him as a player picking Gary Wichard was a smart move. This guy should be an excample to Drew Rosenhaus and others, on how to handle young athletes.

  13. i love the haters that point to nd .500 record as the reason clausen wont make it in the pros. how stupid can u be??? he didnt play defense simpletons!

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