Cutler's big night might have included a middle finger

A reader raised an interesting question last night as the Vikings-Bears game headed into overtime.

After the Vikings tied the game at 30 and kicked off to the Bears, Chicago took at knee with nine seconds to play.

The crowd didn’t like the decision.  And they made it known.  Loudly.

After quarterback Jay Cutler flipped the ball to the official, he gestured quickly toward the end zone, possibly with his middle finger.

We fired up the DVR, and he definitely makes a quick motion with his hand.  But it was unclear whether only one finger was being displayed.  So we put the matter out to Twitter, and here’s the photo someone posted in response.

It’s not conclusive, but we’re not sure what else it would be.

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40 responses to “Cutler's big night might have included a middle finger

  1. I guess Cutler just gave back what he received all year from all Bear fans. Cutler should wear a blouse intsead of a football jersey when he plays. What a tool.

  2. Based on the Bears dominance over the league so far this year he is obviously just signaling to all his fans that he is # 1

  3. Mike Florio you are really reaching here buddy. I believe Jay was pointing at the clock to the coaching staff because enough time was left (and a timeout) to run one more play before kicking the field goal.

  4. What the picture taken with the same HighDef camera that shot the Zapruder film? The clarity is amazing!

  5. People see what they want to see here. Pretty clearly he’s flipping them off.
    To give him any ‘benefit of the doubt’… you have to go back and wonder if he’s done anything like this in the past…
    For my money, he’s not the team leader you need.
    Hated the post game interview when he told us that HE beat Brett last year… that Brett beat HIM late in the game before as well… and that they have a good rivalry.
    PLEASE. You are not Brett Favre.

  6. How are these players so freakin’ stupid. Do that really forget that they have 70k people watching and multiple cameras on them at ALL times. It really makes me question his intelligence…that and all the INT’s. He should have had multiple more INT’s last night if the Viking defenders could catch.

  7. So who still thinks the Eagles-Cowboys game should be at 4 and not 8!
    I guess the NFL is anticipating another barn burner between the Jets-Bengals……wait

  8. I don’t believe its the middle finger. It looks kinda like the pointer finger to me. You can kind of see that there are more than 1 finger and a thumb before the extended finger. But thats just my opinion.

  9. Cutler just plain doesn’t get it. His natural face screams “Fk you!” I really don’t think that anyone could tell Jay Cutler that anything that happens to Jay Cutler is most likely Jay Cutler’s fault and have Jat Cutler believe it.

  10. If he was flipping anyone off it was Ron Turner in the booth for making him take a knee. The crowd was booing Turner’s decision not Cutler so why would he flip them off. Don’t be such a lazy Yinzer Florio. Do some work and scoop somebody this week.

  11. I’ve thought of Cutler as a crude, self-absorbed, no talent jack-ass, and I’m right on all counts.
    But this piece of crap beat Brett Favre and those overrated Vikings last night and shut uo their douche bag fans who thought Brett Favre made them bada$$.
    So for this week, though it makes me puke, I’ll join the Jay Cutler Fan Club……..
    for this week.
    I gave Todd Haley a pass on the bird last week, I’ll do it for Cutler this week. But only because he didn’t find another way to lose …. this week.

  12. Finger or not, Cutler is a complete tool. Anyone that’s laughing and joking around on the bench right after throwing a pick is an idiot. A self-centered, egotistical, me-first crybaby – Bears fans deserve better than this clown IMO (and no, I’m not a Bears fan, but I respect that franchise and fanbase).
    Cutler = great arm + garbage brain

  13. bucco bruce says:
    December 29, 2009 7:38 AM
    Jeeez. Is this PFT or TMZ?
    What a great comment, i laughed for about 15 minutes after reading it, haha. It’s funny cause it’s true!

  14. Wait, first he seems not to care. Now he does care and he is wrong. I don’t blame him one bit.

  15. This just in….Florio Jr.’s Christmas Morning May Have Included a Middles Finger???
    After all of the gifts were opened Christmas morning at the Florio household, family pictures of the event show a digruntled Florio Jr. sitting in front of what appears to be a “new to him” used drum set. While it is not clear, it appears that the son of Mike Florio is showing that he thinks his Dad is number one for this crappy gift….
    We fired up the magnifying glass and it sure appears to be a middle finger salute for the old man….
    It is not conclusive, but we are not sure what else it could be…
    Stay tuned for an update from a the story we posted last week, Should Offensive Lineman be Penalized for Halitosis?

  16. that finger was for Jerry Angelo. Tell him to take his College level receivers and get out of town. DA could not get on the field all season yet he shows up with a 150 1TD game against the Vikings. The Bears front office deserves the bird. The Bears need draft picks and their veteran players are going to be moved to get them. If there is an uncapped year no one is safe….

  17. He did clearly give them the finger. Cutler’s a douche. However, are Bear fans really that stupid to boo? 9 seconds left in a tie game and you are on your own 30 yard line. What other logical play is there other than to take a knee? I know it’s tough in Chicago, but try to show at least a hint of football IQ.

  18. Calling Cutler out for laughing off a INT? Its funny that Cutler haters will blow anything out of proportion–and Broncos fans have yet to realize he still has a higher career passer rating than John Elway (another guy who demanded a trade).
    Get a grip douchebags. I saw McNabb in the 2001 Divisional playoff game vs the bears laugh off a Pick-6. It was the playoffs!!! If anything, it goes to show confidence to move on from the mistake. And it did, when he threw the game winning TD. I’ve seen Montana, Marino, and Young all laugh after throwing a terrible INT. You simply move on & dont sulk in it. It aint a big deal people. I mean, Come on.
    Their arent any bigger douchebags than the likes of Mike D, We Miss you Dan, and people like them that have selective memories.

  19. Maybe he thought he was still in Baltimore and was flipping off Ravens fans?!? ‘Da Bears’ were destroyed by them last week so maybe he had a flashback moment…

  20. It’s really hard to tell. That’s probably because we’re looking at a picture that was taken from space.

  21. It could be his hand at a weird angle or a middle finger. A lot of people are going to think it’s a middle finger now after they read it might be then seeing the picture.

  22. its pretty clear he was giving them the finger. The fans were probably booing because they bears looked like they were going to let a sure win slip away…not because they were kneeling on it.
    Though Vikings fans can relate to kneeling down…maybe Cunningham should have flicked off the Vikings fans in ’98 vs the Falcons…

  23. Chicago fans are so fickle it is ridiculous! They still talk about Ditka like being a great coach and there are pictures all over Ebay with Da Coach flipping off the fans. Ditka even has auto’d a ton of them! Can’t have it both way guys, if it is ok for one guy to flip off the fans it should be ok for the other.

  24. Like it or not Bear Fans, Cutler just isn’t a top tier NFL QB. He simply throws too many completions to LB’s & DB’s to be considered anything but a middle of the road QB.
    Better luck next year.

  25. New York Post Headline: “Bloomberg MIGHT Have Flipped the bird”. A headline including the word “might”, sounds a bit tabloidish 😉

  26. When Cutler’s frustrated (usually with Pep Hamilton) he gives a dismissive wave that looks somewhat effeminate.
    That is what you saw last night.

  27. So a grown man gave a group of other grown men the finger. Get over it, you pussies.
    I’m a Bear fan and a big Cutler fan. He’s a tough S.O.B., both physically and mentally, and in the coming years he’s going to do tons of good things in Chicago (as soon as they get him some coaches who actually have a clue), and maybe then all you fat slovenly idiots chiming in from your Cheetos bag and your La-Z-Boys will finally realize just how little you really know about football.

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