Ochocinco hypes his battle with Revis

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco went on Twitter Monday to call out New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis in anticipation of their upcoming battle on Sunday night.

Ochocinco started out by saying he expects to have a big game on Sunday: “I’m coming to the Big Apple to give NY what they’ve never seen, an escape inmate gone wild on Revis Island,” Ochocinco wrote in a tweet that, like all the tweets in this post, we’ve lightly edited for legibility.

Six hours later, Ochocinco was back on Twitter with a new-found respect for Revis.

Just left the stadium watching film on Revis,” Ochocinco tweeted, followed by an obscenity and then, “Excuse my French but I can’t wait till Sunday.”
Ochocinco then offered up a detailed breakdown of what he saw when watching film of Revis, or at least as detailed a breakdown as you can get on Twitter.

Great hips, feet and transition on film,” Ochocinco tweeted. “Technique is awesome — good patience at the line — bump and run, stab and stay high on the receivers allows easy pass breakups.”

Ochocinco then addressed Revis directly, noting that the game has been flexed into prime time and telling Revis, “There’s a reason they changed the game to 8 o’clock at night — they should put our match up on pay-per-view.”

On Tuesday morning, Revis offered a fairly tame reply to Ochocinco’s trash talk. Perhaps Revis will save his talk for the field.

21 responses to “Ochocinco hypes his battle with Revis

  1. Really ? Is Chad finally over his over the top grieving for Chris Henry, or does he still have some milking to do ? I guess it’s time to move on to his next attention getting scheme.

  2. I bet Revis wishes he played for the Steelers this week because the refs would never throw an interference or illegal hands flag on him then….

  3. Hahahahha, I think Revis might be worried about Ochocinco….. Why would he refrain from trash talking with 85, but initiate trash talking to Moss????
    The answer is simple, he know he can shut down Moss, but he doesnt “know” he can shut down 85……..

  4. Reggie Wayne had the best opportunity to light up Revis due to the Colts precision passing game.
    Over a full game, Wayne is the only guy in the NFL who can ring up 100 yards and a touchdown against this shutdown corner.
    Chad will be lucky to put up the same numbers (3 for 33) in a full game against Revis as Wayne did last week in a little over two quarters…

  5. @bearsrule, glad to see you guys are still around. I figured all the Bears fans packed it in for the year after they got embarassed in Cincinnati.
    I didn’t see much trash talking going on there. I saw a guy saying he was excited about the matchup. Revis is the best Chad will face all year, but it seems that when big defenses come on Sundays, Chad brings a little more.

  6. Cheers to Revis for being the classier of the two. Yes, save it for the field, and prove the Jets are more than just a pawn to keep “this team” or “that team” out of the playoffs. Bring it like you mean it, Revis!!

  7. Chad’s a good WR but not a great one. He has no incredible ability like Moss and doesn’t make amazing catches like Wayne. Doesn’t dominate like Fitz/AJ. I watch a lot of football and I couldn’t tell you a single play of his that stands out to me. I just don’t understand why he’s so in love with himself and why people care about what he has to say?

  8. bearsrule is a scumbag, and I hate being associated with fans like that. The man lost his friend and he was trying to get attention? He had the most humble TD celebration of his career the game after Henry died.
    Revis’ first response was saying how Chad was gonna get lost on Revis Island. It’s gonna be a fun matchup. I’m a huge fan of Ochocinco. The man has fun, and plays his heart out.

  9. Trash talk, really? When you write “followed by an obscenity”, I write “This guy is good as heck”. I don’t know when trash talking became saying your opponent is a fantastic player, and that you can’t wait to face him.

  10. Chad you are a good WR. But Revis is too good for you and he would not trash talk/tweet like you but e will show where it matters as who is better (ie) on the field on the game day

  11. danfinocchio, I didn’t realize you had to make “spectacular” catches to be a great receiver. That isn’t the type of receiver that Chad is. Chad has been one of the most sucessful/consistant receivers of this past decade. I guess having the 2nd most receiving yards this decade and leading the AFC ,where Reggie Wayne is from, 5 straight seasons in yards doesn’t make him a great receiver. Sure he slipped last year but look at his stats again this year, 72 receptions, 1047 yards, and 9 TD’s. That doesn’t even begin to amount to what this “passing offense” would be without him. He has surpassed 1000 yards when many times this season has been double and tripled covered. Chad is a top 5 receiver in this league when it comes to his value to the team and his stats. They don’t lie.

  12. There’s no story here except in the minds of the rag sheet reporters. These 2 guys are friends and have been busting each others chops all year. Check it out. This is a friendly rivalry, nothing more.

  13. guess bearsrule came out of hibernation when the bears pulled one out of their asses last night.
    real classy br- I really think the way to read this is Ocho trying to get things back to normal after a very trying couple weeks.

  14. hey bearsrule dipsh**, it’s been 5 days since he buried his friend of several years…yeah, he is milking it. you are not a smart man.

  15. danfinocchio,
    That because your head is up my arse. Why dont you go to you tube and search it. How about last game when he caught the TD. Its on NFL .com in the “cant miss plays of the week” Douche.

  16. Sure does look like a lot of trash-talking??????? He states hes excited about the matchup and then goes on to praise revis’ technique and play. Wow, just ridiculous trash talking. This is a complete non-story. You should really limit your twitter posts to things of real substance. Chad probably won’t even play more than a half.

  17. Is there really anyone else in the NFL that is a bigger attention whore then him. Hey look at me I’m grieving for my friend.
    He’s an idiot and should stick to what he get paid to do.
    He will finish his career a very average receiver that was more of a me,me person then anyone else in the NFL.
    Book it!

  18. He’s complimented Revis a few times, also on his facebook page for those who are interested.
    You know what, I thought Chad had blown it last year when he acted like a primadonna for no reason. I have been following him on twitter, and more recently facebook, and whether you like or dislike his ‘antics’, the guy is a genuinely good thing for the game. He is incredibly honest, works as hard as anyone in the league, and connects with his fans better than any other player I have seen.
    Sure you can be cynical and say his ‘taking people for breakfast’ idea is just to bolster his image, but who is losing? He is a very good player – perhaps one day ‘great’ if he can get a ring on his finger – but I don’t think anyone who has seen his ramblings about playing COD or FIFA against his fans, or seen him randomly taking pictures whilst standing in the queue to buy household items from Target, can argue that he is anything other than an incredibly engaging personality, and someone that a lot of people actually… you know… like?.
    More power to him I say. I wish more players would be attention-whores if this is what it constitutes.

  19. Chad and Jared Allen are a breath of fresh air in a league full of so few personalties,Revis wont respond because he lets his play do the talking for him

  20. Priceless. The post is about the Bungles and the Jets, yet some clowns still have to make comments about the Steelers. I guess the Steelers have gotten into some peoples heads…
    (Where’s whodey1982? Must not be recess yet…)

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