PFT Daily: December 29, 2009

Because of a hectic morning at PFT headquarters in West Virginia, I was called off the bench to replace Mike Florio on PFT Daily.

Hopefully it goes better than Curtis Painter’s relief appearance.

The topics today involve all the fallout from Minnesota’s loss on Monday night.  It could prove to be a crushing defeat, but let’s not hand a bye to the Eagles just yet.

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  1. I don’t see any more people handing a bye to the Eagles than handing a win and the NFC East to the Cowboys.

  2. All week long, I’ve heard commentators talking about how the Eagles might sneak in and grab the bye. Just in the past couple of days, they’ve started to mention in passing “Oh yeah, the Cowboys and Cardinals are also in position to get that 2 seed.”
    I don’t necessarily think it’s so much a matter of favoritism as it is not understanding the state of the race. Also, to be sure, of those three teams, the Eagles are the most likely to snag the 2 seed from Minnesota, since their path to that spot is a little easier than what the ‘Boys and Cards would have to do.
    I know it’s weird to see a ‘Boys fan *not* crying that nobody is giving Dallas any respect, but there you have it.

  3. The Best Team Last I Checked Eagles Were 11-4 Dallas Is 10-5 Dadgummit And Company Wont Get It Done As The Eagles Are To Explosive I See Jerry Drippin Botox In This One Eagles 31-21

  4. As much as I’d love to brag about how the Birds are going to repeat their 44-6 thrashing of the Cowboys and glide into the 2nd seed and yet another NFC Championship thereafter, the top 6 NFC teams are simply too closely matched to justify smug overconfidence, either for Week #17 or for the playoffs.
    I agree with FBGeek in spirit, though not with his conclusion: the Eagles have the most straightforward path to the 2nd seed, but the Vikings have the greatest probability of getting the coveted bye. My sense is that if the Eagles & Cowboys played 100 times on a neutral field, each team would win 50. If they played 100 times on one of the team’s home turf, that team would win 55. Anything is possible, but I think that the scales are slightly in Dallas’ direction for Week #17 (especially with Jamaal Jackson out) and, thus, slightly in Minnesota’s favor for the 2nd seed.
    Gotta love the NFL. They couldn’t have scripted it better if they had tried.
    As an odd post-script, it seems that this thread now has both a reasonable post from a Cowboys fan and a reasonable post from an Eagles fan. The odds of that are certainly below 50%. Any more reasonable posts and it may be time to shut down the site…

  5. jfuz,
    I just knew someone would say that; I should have been more clear. I meant that of the three teams trying to overtake the Vikings for the 2 seed (Eagles, ‘Boys, Cards), the Eagles have the best chance. But I do agree that the most likely outcome is probably that the Vikes keep the spot.
    And yeah, I’m a ‘Boys fan, but I’m a *football* fan first, which is why I can be reasonable. And I suspect that you’re also a fan of the sport first, and the Eagles second. It makes for better debate, no question. Hey, you and I should get together and solve this health care mess. 🙂

  6. Dirty, The Eags aren’t capable of hangin 31 on Dallas. Last time I checked, Dallas D held their opponents to

  7. Yea Early In The Season Were A MUCH Different Team This Time Around New Players Settled In Etc. Nobody Thought We’d Hang 30 On The Giants. But We Did Twice Both In The First Half GO GREEN

  8. Andy Reid will come up huge in this game for the Eagles, and D-McNabb will toss 3 TDs. I’m not worried about the flash-in-the-pan guy for Dallas, but Jason Whitten and (gulp) Roy Williams would do the most damage against the Eagles-D this week. In fact, Roy Willliams had a pretty big game in Philly earlier this year, and this is his last regular season game this year to pad his stats …
    Who has proven to be a worse transaction? Roy Williams or Jay Cutler (even with last night’s OT TD … did everyone forget about his 26th Pick earlier in the game? He’s mostly pathetic … and any one tossing the rock 40 times a game can complete passes 15 times).

  9. FBGeek,
    Good point. I should have inferred that from your post.
    Actually, I think that you are more reasonable than me. I got programmed as a kid to be an Eagles fan above all else. I am, however, struggling to dislike Miles Austin, Mike Jenkins, and DeMarcus Ware. The best I can muster is that I dislike them because they are too likeable. I was more successful in senselessly demonizing the Cowboys when they had Pacman, TO, Tank, Deion, and Jimmy Johnson’s hair.
    Enough with the reasonableness; on to the trash-talk: (1) Andy Reid could definitely eat Wade Phillips and (2) Reid could most likely beat Wade in sumo wrestling. (Andy’s large, but he’s got moves.) The NFL should probably use one of those two contests as a tie-breaker in the event of even end-of-season records.

  10. It’s okay. I hate Donovan McNabb because he’s so darned good. And, btw, I’m definitely with you on disliking Pacman, TO, Tank, Deion and The Hair.
    LOL about Andy and Wade. Gotta give you those. I’ve never really hated the Eagles, per se, but I did hate those fans who brought in Michael Irvin dolls hanging from gallows after Michael’s career-ending neck injury there. I don’t dig people celebrating an injury, no matter how it may benefit your team.
    Actually, I like that the Eagles are such a good team because rivalry games are only fun when the outcome is in doubt. 🙂

  11. The Cowboys lead the NFC in points allowed per game, I don’t think the Eagles will hang 30 on them.
    If they had more turnovers, the Cowboys D would have to be considered the best in the NFL.

  12. FBG,
    I’ll never figure out Philly fans. As much as I’d like to deny it, there are a non-trivial # of the Philly fans who are as detestable as the national perception suggests. And no incident is more despicable than cheering Irvin’s injury. There’s no excuse for that. (For the record, Santa did deserve to be pelted by snowballs, though. It’s a longer and more complicated story than the national media suggests.)
    Also, I wouldn’t bring even the cutest, sweetest 5-year old to the Linc in a Cowboys jersey for fear of what might happen in the parking lot or upper deck.
    Even stranger: I’d probably boo Aikman if I saw him, although I’d also tell him in the next breath that I think he is one of the top announcers in the game and that I wished he had played for the Eagles in the 90s.
    On the upside, Philly fans do strangely generous things, like greeting Brian Dawkins with a thunderous standing ovation last Sunday and somehow coalescing on the conclusion that Mitch Williams (who blew the 1993 World Series) is now wonderful and beloved (even after issuing him death threats in the months after he blew the Series). Also, because of the preconceived narrative, any ill-behavior in Philly is magnified even if it might be ignored in another city (e.g., booing the home team when it is playing poorly or throwing snowballs in the stadium — each of which happened in NYC recently, but which passed without mention there, despite receiving significant attention when the same things happened at December Birds’ games).
    The rivalry is a good time, though, especially when the teams are evenly matched. And it sure helps kill hours at work…

  13. That is not really what I look or sound like. It’s a getup I use for videos. Really 64 years old but prefer people think I’m 12.
    (Actually 30. but hoping for puberty soon.)

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