PFTV looks at whether Shanahan-to-'Skins is really a done deal

As all signs continue to point to Mike Shanahan becoming the next head coach of the Redskins as soon as Monday, let’s take a look at whether it really is a done deal.

We’ll do it with a special, high-tech, satellite-aided version of PFTV, with Joe Brocato patched in from Jacksonville, where he might or might not be jacked upside the head with a sock full of pennies by a local resident who takes exception to my constantly-articulated belief that the local NFL team should move to L.A. or London because not enough of the local residents buy tickets for the games.

And that could be one of the reasons why I’ve decided not to attend this year’s Gator Bowl between West Virginia University and Florida State.


14 responses to “PFTV looks at whether Shanahan-to-'Skins is really a done deal

  1. Let’s stick to relevant topics affecting the remainder of the active NFL………… not the crappy teams looking for coaches with coaches and interviewing coaches on the staff that the coach still coaches for….talk about disrespect….Fire Zorn already!!
    C’mon PFT!!!!

  2. Unless the Redskins win and the Browns lose on Sunday, it looks like the Redskins will have the 5th overall selection in the NFL Draft, and that puts them in great position to do several things, whether it’s drafting Okung or even trying to trade down and select Sam Bradford, Jimmy Clausen, or even Eric Berry or Taylor Mays. It’s definitely going to be a very interesting offseason in DC.

  3. cowher to the bills. Schefter reports bills have remained in contact with cowher and have contacted him many times

  4. If Shanahan has second thoughts about the Skins, who could blame him?
    The way Snyder treats his coaches must remind Mike a lot of his debacle with Al Davis and the Raiders… It certainly does me!

  5. Why all the fuss about Shanahan? After Elway finished up, Shanny couldn’t get it done with Cutler. Today, Cultler is a punchline. Shanny took Reeves’ team and got them over the hump to the Supe just like Gruden did in Tampa. (BTW, Gruden couldn’t get it done after he won with Dungy’s players. Why does anyone care about where he lands? He’s never been an elite HC, but a great OC). Gibbs couldn’t get it done in Wash. Marty Schot couldn’t get it done in DC either. Marty is one of the those middling coaches who builds great teams but can’t coach them. (I question why Schottenheimer hasn’t gotten a chance to build a team in a Parcells role). Wash. missed the boat by not hiring a Parcells-type to lead the rebuilding effort through his well-honed talent evaluation skills, O and D systems that maximize talents of the people you have, by adding smart veterans with something in the tank, in key roster spots and by getting rid of players who could vocally oppose what you are trying to do. For example, make a change with Albert Haynesworth right away. And by hiring hard-assed, tough guy assistant coaches who will end the laid back culture Zorn tried to create and make those slackers work for their money.

  6. Can anyone tell me why Cower is constantly being overlooked by the Skins or has he already turned them down? I agree that Shanahan didn’t do much after Elway but Cower has nothing but winning seasons under his belt and he brings the kind of discipline that the Skins have lacked for years.

  7. tom- I’d imagine guys like Schott have gotten the chance, but their egos get in the way. They need both the GM and coaching duties to prove their worth.

  8. Flo’s runnin scared. How about considering going “incognito”, Florio ? You could be the Injun that rides the horse for The ‘Noles.

  9. If Shanahan signs with Washington it will merely be the latest hi-profile coach signing for the REdskins that will not pan out.
    HE’s shown nothing to indicate he can build a franchise.
    Jon Gruden on the other hand, and even Bill Cowher will be the only big names that will actually turn whatever new teams they end up on, into solid franchises.

  10. I always thought Cowhers type of coaching would work in Washington, but the point that Cowher has yet to say anything about possibly coaching next year shows why people are not sold on him. Plus i don’t doubt he said no to Washington politely before they even asked. Shanahan loves the challenge, and believes he can win anywhere, as part of his arrogance. Thats the key reason he is coming to Washington guys. That and money of course…

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