Brady, Moss absent from Patriots practice

The guessing game regarding whether the Patriots will play to win or not Sunday continues, with Wednesday not providing any great hints.

Yes, Tom Brady and Randy Moss both were absent from the start of practice.  But that was the case the last three weeks as well.

On a conference call with Houston reporters Wednesday, Belichick was asked if his usual starters would open the game.  He “laughed heartily” according to the Associated Press, then said, “I would expect they’d be there.”

Then he asked if the Patriots stars were on the reporter’s fantasy football team.  (Silly Belichick — most fantasy leagues end last week.)

We don’t know if Brady will play four quarters Sunday, but we do know the Patriots are taking this week’s practice seriously.  Belichick even moved up practice time an hour to mirror local time in Houston.

Belichick was asked if it was difficult to prepare for Houston and an undecided playoff opponent in the same week.

“Only one ball in the air this week,” Belichick said, in a sunny mood this week.  “Just one game. Not playing a doubleheader.”

16 responses to “Brady, Moss absent from Patriots practice

  1. At least RM wasn’t absent DURING anuda game.
    Careful guys. You don’t want to upset the fragile Cheat’s fan. Maybe you do.

  2. @Hap
    loyal Patriots fans such as myself never create a stir on these threads unless some idiot like yourself moves to call us out as a fanbase.
    So tell us hap. While the Patriots broke the rules and were caught doing so, what did they do to cheat?
    tell us how they used film that every team has access to, in order to gain a competitive edge that no other team has?
    And don’t stumble over your own words trying to bring up Matt Walsh because the NFL has already looked into that with no avail.
    Don’t bother to bring up the Broncos fudged cap numbers (’97/’98) or any Redskins/Jets Tampering issues either. The Patriots are the only team to do such things as filming signals.

  3. Belichick is/will be right up there with the other coaching greats whe all is said and done – Halas, Lombardi, Shula, Landry, Noll, Walsh, Parcells, Johnson, etc.

  4. guys like hap cant explain the benefit of taping something in plain view of 70,000 people so they hit and run. coward, just like the gutless team he routes for.
    on a side note, think Brady and Moss were on a date or something? i smell a scandal… “Date-gate”

  5. Communish, pssst, you won’t find the answer(s) to your life’s questions on espn. Perhaps it was under the guise of “misinterpretation of the rules”.
    Take a jab, dude. Everyone else does. Peace to you in the new year, my bruthas.

  6. MURPHYINC. I’d say don’t even bother with the “/will” part. The “is” is all you need.
    But put Gibbs in before etc.

  7. All the people that think Belichick is a grumpy, arrogant douche, do you even pay attention to the press conferences? Sure, Belichick is all business, and sometimes that gets old, but atleast once or twice a week Bill seems to add a little humor to his conferences.
    I imagine those that dont like him dont think the fantasy football question was funny……..

  8. I am still wondering how if recording signals was so benificial, why didn’t Brady throw 50 TD’s every year? Why didn’t the Patriots win the Super Bowl every year since Belichick got there until 07 when it stopped? Why didn’t the Browns win the Super Bowl the years he coached them?
    You guys hate the Pats, we get that. And I can’t blame you, I hated the Cowboys and Bulls in the 90’s because they were so good. But if you actually think recording something from an illegal location (and yes, that is what it was…look up the rules. The fines were for the media’s approval after the firestorm Peter King and ESPN created) won them Super Bowls, please do the human gene pool a favor and kill yourself.

  9. @ Commish:
    FYI, I believe Hap is a Cowboys homer.
    Of course, he obediantly ignores the fact that Jimmy Johnson came out and freely acknowledged that the Cowboys videotaped and stole signals (i.e. “cheated”) in the 1990’s…though I’m SURE that if Norv Turner had tattle-taled on Jimmah then he would be JUST as outraged and calling them the ‘Cheatboys’, or some other maturity deprived moniker.

  10. Stop breaking Hap’s balls because he doesn’t post on any other topics but the Pat’s and because his originality is fresh (and witty). Getting all this interest by pouncing on every Pat’s post on PFT is very important to his self-esteem. They don’t even let him work the drive-thru window, so how else can a 40 year old fry-cook at Bob’s Big Boy get this kind of attention? Leave Hap alone (or he’ll get freaky with himself in your fries).

  11. I dont even care that Hap is ripping the Pats, I just hate the stupid monikers like “cheatriots” and “spygate”…… those nicknames f’n suck lol

  12. I used to try to explain the absurdity of an offense trying to read defensive hand signals taped and decoded during the same game or season.
    I gave up.
    They’re too stupid to realize the same taping is still being done, just from the press box where it’s legal.
    Now I just insult them for some admittedly trivial amusement.
    And the beauty of it all, the year they were penalized they rip off the first undefeated regular season in 35 years.

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