Brady, Woodley, Smith named AFC players of the week

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley and New York Jets return man Brad Smith have been named the AFC players of the week.

Brady won the offensive player of the week award for completing 23 of 26 passes for 267 yards and four touchdowns in a win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. He set a Patriots record for the highest completion percentage in a game.

Woodley won the defensive player of the week award after abusing a banged-up Ravens offensive line. Woodley had seven total tackles and two sacks, and he also forced a fumble and knocked down a pass.

Smith won the special teams player of the week award after he had a 106-yard kickoff return for a touchdown against the Colts that kept the Jets’ playoff hopes alive.

16 responses to “Brady, Woodley, Smith named AFC players of the week

  1. I’m surprised that Woodley was named player of the week. Wow, the Steelers never get any pub….then again, it’s easy to shine when the refs are on your side.

  2. Woodley was a good choice. He deserved this. He was awesome on Sunday.
    I also think he should be going to the probowl instead of harrison.

  3. To gforce89:
    You must truly lead a sad life. It is also apparent that what you know about the game of football would fit on the head of a pin. None of your posts reflect any credible knowledge of the game. I assume you don’t care, and post here only for get some attention in your pathetic life?

  4. Brady did set the record in a game for completion percentage, and yes it was against the Jaguars… but it was two years ago. The 2007 regular season came to an end, and Brady faced the Jaguars in the Divisional round. He completed 26 of 28 passes, for 92%. This was also an NFL playoff record, previously held by Phil Simms, who was calling the game.

  5. @ Holeinone09…
    I think you summed it up pretty well. I haven’t seen a post of gforce’s containing anything that even resembles something of worth. Dude obviously has no life, and the fact that the same problems that Ravens have had all year came to bite them in the behind on Sunday totally escapes him. But how else would the Steelers have won right? It HAD to be the refs making up penalties!!! It had nothing to do with the fact that Derrick Mason had a pass bounce off of his hands. It must have been the ref’s helping the Steelers when they called incomplete pass on a blatant fumble right? LOL. There’s good fans and bad fans of every team on this site, but some just let hate get in the way of logic and reason, and end up spewing nothing but dribble. I used to find it funny, but after being here for a little while I find it quite sad.
    We don’t always see eye to eye on things but I think you’re one of the Ravens fans that can actually look at a game and dissect a win or loss with reason and practicality rather than blind hate. I give you credit for not CONSTANTLY talking trash and giving credit where it’s due.

  6. Doesn’t Brady know he sucks this year? I read that countless times here from the insightful readers of this esteemed blog.

  7. If you think the Steelers get all the calls you haven’t been paying attention this year.
    Two of their late-game losses came on questionable pass interference calls which will most likely end up costing them a spot in the playoffs. Questionable calls are part of the game. Sometimes your team benefits, sometimes you get hosed. It all evens out in the end.
    If you think the NFL is fixed, why would you watch?

  8. 3 worthy candidates in this case. I don’t think you could argue against these. How he did this yr is of no consequence, it’s a POW deal.
    SM, good job on the stats if you’re right.

  9. @Vox’s Mommy…thank you! That was nice of you to say.
    You and Holeinone’s (along with a few others)posts are always great to read. I believe that you look at games/other teams the same way that I do. I hate the steelers on Sunday but I also know what a great organization/players/fans they are.
    I know I do talk trash at times, but that is mostly at fans that (as you say) have blind hate. These are fans that love trash talking more than the game. That drives me to talk more trash than usual.
    I love football and the Ravens. As an avid fan you have to repsect other teams/fans especially the one that is a rival like the steelers.
    But you have to admit, it can be fun going back and forth.
    Happy New Year my friend.

  10. @Laxer….I cant believe anyone could think the NFL is fixed. I think the frustration on the Ravens/reasonable fans part is not that the Refs throw bogus flags on the Ravens (because if you watch there was not a flag thrown on Sunday that the Ravens did not deserve!!), to me it is the fact that the Ravens are probably watched closer than most others. Again, this problem is of our own doing. We are known for pass interference calls. Refs know this and watch for it (as they should).
    Ben got exactly what he was looking for on Sunday with that last pass (albeit not a wise throw). He knew he had holmes singled up with none other then Frank “I will mug you” Walker and threw the ball to that side. Frank took it from there. The Ravens earned that reputation.
    This is a self inflicted reputation that cannot be changed over night but we have to start changing it now. IF we make the playoffs this could kill us.
    You are right about the questionable PI calls. Sometimes they benefit your team ans sometimes not. We got a favorable call with the Mason fumble across the middle. That was obviously a fumble but was “blown dead” due to a stupid non-review rule.

  11. Woodley had a nice game against the Ravens, but Aaron Schobel of the Bills could have easily been the choice for defensive player of the week. As an OLB in a 3/4, Woodley had 7 tackles, two sacks, a forced fumble and a defensed pass. As a DE in a 4/3, Schobel had 4 tackles, three sacks and two forced fumbles against Atlanta.

  12. Dear Holeinone09,
    Sorry my “pathetic life” and “sad” posts are hampering your enjoyment of this site. I find it humerous that you enjoy my posts so much and thus will continue to leave them for your pleasure. My football knowledge has nothing to do with my jabs at the Steelers, Colts, and Patriots….the three teams that get all the calls in the NFL. Go Ravens!

  13. gforce89 until you come to terms with the fact that the Ravens are very undisciplined on defense and deserve every call they got (and should have gotten more) your life as a Raven fan will be very miserable.

  14. To Ravenmaniac and Vox’s Mommy:
    Thanks for your comments. I am a huge Steeler fan of course, but try to be fair and not unduly bash other teams, since that would put me in a category with morons like gforce. I will bash people like him. There are a number of posters that I take the time to read their posts as I scan the responses because I am busy, and I always read your posts as well. Credibility is something that is hard to earn but easy to lose.
    As football fans, we are all victims of our geography, which I understand and respect! I grew up in Pittsburgh. I truly enjoy the rivalry in our division, between all the teams. I remember the games against the old Browns and the Oilers also. I love going to those games at Heinz field. I have also witnessed the generally good behavior of Steeler fans towards other team’s fans, which I applaud. There was a recent column here with some saying if you wear your team colors in another team’s stadium you deserve to get pummeled. That is insane. This is entertainment after all. The best entertainment in the world but only entertainment. You guys have a great New Year.

  15. @Holeinone09…
    Have a good New Year as well! I know I will. I’ll be in Miami for the weekend doing some deep sea fishing on Saturday and heading to the Steeler game on Sunday! Go Steelers!
    It is fun now and then LOL, don’t get me wrong!! I had some fun with PervyHarvin (Vike’s fan) the week the Steelers played them, had some with a few Bengals fans when we played them. You can certainly tell who’s just talking some trash for sh*ts and giggles before the game and who is truly just an idiot LOL. You are the former (because after the game you’re able to hold an intelligent conversation about it, win or lose)… fools like RydenDonkeys, gforce, and quite a few others whose names are escaping me are the latter.

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