Childress says Favre is free to change plays

Despite reports that he and Brett Favre are not seeing eye to eye about Favre’s tendency to audible from running plays to passing plays, Vikings coach Brad Childress said at his press conference today that he’s fine with Favre making changes at the line of scrimmage.

“He has pretty good license to be able to go back and forth, and he did from time to time in that game,” Childress said of the Vikings’ loss to the Bears on Monday night. “From run to pass and from pass to pass and look to look when we feel like we’re going to get blitzed.”

Still, Childress sounded like he generally believes quarterbacks should run the play that’s called. When a reporter told Childress that the Bears’ game-winning touchdown pass was originally called as a run play only to have Bears quarterback Jay Cutler check to a pass, Childress sounded skeptical.

“Are you sure about that?” Childress asked. When told that the reporter was sure, Childress said, “Sounds like in a court of law it’d probably be hearsay.”

At his own press conference, Favre said he knows the team needs a dramatic turnaround if it’s going to get anywhere in the playoffs.

“We’re in,” Favre said. “We need to play better or we’ll be out rather quickly.”

14 responses to “Childress says Favre is free to change plays

  1. Most QB’s haven’t earned the right to be able to change plays. Favre has. I’d have to give him all the room he wants. It doesn’t sound like Childress has.

  2. Cue the schism talk.
    If the Vikings have any shot in the playoffs and beyond, Childress needs to give Favre the keys and stand back and watch.

  3. Favre has total freedom to call any play he wants.
    Childress is only covering himself so in case the season implodes, he can hang the leper bell around Favre’s neck instead of his own.

  4. Manbearpig:
    “If the Vikings have any shot in the playoffs and beyond, Childress needs to give Favre the keys and stand back and watch.”
    I understand what you’re saying but Favre has never had the open chance to change plays before this, with one exception. The end of last year. And whether or not his arm was hurt, he did actually blow it both with his decisions and play calling.
    What is happening right now is understandable. Childress needs to be in control because next year, without Favre, he needs the team to believe in him. Right now he doesn’t have that.
    The main problem on the field is two-fold. A power struggle on offense and a RB that really needs to stop fumbling. A beat up corner and missing MLB on defense. Especially the defense is a big deal. Without the QB of your defense the pressure drops, receivers are open and the run is harder to spot. This has already shown and against juggernaut passers such as Brees, Romo, Warner, McNabb and Rodgers it could be really bad considering they’ve had trouble with Cutler and Moore recently. Better fix this quickly or season is over on wild-card weekend.

  5. Changing plays at the line in response to the presented defense is part of being a quarterback. This is really a story about nothing. Very few, if any, quarterbacks lack this freedom.
    Even though I think he’s a tool, Favre is a great quarterback who is more capable than most quarterbacks in making these last second changeups.
    This is really a story about nothing.

  6. I can’t believe Florio hasn’t posted a story about how Dilfer told the Pioneer Press that when he played, he was one of the BEST there was! That would seem like a RIPE profootballtalk story!

  7. It’s not just letting Favre change plays, it’s the whole offensive philosophy. The Vikings offense looks better when they open up the field and pass to set up the run. That’s the way of the NFL these days. Childress is an idiot if he can’t see that. I’ve also heard reports of Childress not asking Favre for input into the game plan. If that is true Childress should not be coaching in the NFL period.

  8. QBs should have that power anyway. You cant just walk up to the line and run a play because you were told to run a play. You have to adjust and Brett clearly adjusts to the correct play.

  9. Brinkley has trouble in pass coverage. . .so (partly because he is very physical and quick). . .I would go into MLB blitz package with him 2/3 of the time and that package would be in the mode of picking up his pass coverage. MLB pass coverage problem solved. Double team on RodeoBoy solved. Lazy Ass Kevin Williams getting easier pass rush assignment. . .solved. . .DO IT

  10. The Vikings suck… just ask the Steelers, Cards, Panthers and Bears. The 49ers and Ravens would add that they suck but are lucky. They won’t make noise in the playoffs, with the exception of some inspired boos. Happy New Year Minnesota.

  11. When a coach has a quarterback he respects he must set him free to change plays.
    If the quarterback respects the coach he will not change plays.
    And if he changes plays he never really respected the coach to begin with.

  12. I played a little QB myself and while you need to make adjustments at the line, it is important to let the OC run his gameplan as well. As mush as Favre has earned the right to change plays, he has a tendency to take on the weight of the entire game. He feels like he needs to make something happen too often and it leads to a lot of interceptions and bad calls. The OC is running certain plays to give the defense a look they want to exploit later in the game. You might keep running a run play that nets 1-2 yards all day just so you can burn them later on. So, there is a balance there. Most of his adjustments should be changing WR routes.

  13. This is the best Christmas present ever. Take a Viking team that was 10-1, throw in a little schism and sit back and watch the fireworks.
    First of all, don’t believe a single word coming out of their mouths, both Childress and Favre are in full blown damage control and would say anything and do anything to get out of the mess they created.
    Second, everyone except the Viking fans themselves knew this wasn’t going to end well. The only disappointment is that when they exit from the playoffs, everyone will point back to this feud as the turning point. I would have much rather had the Vikings going strong before they crash and burn so the disappointment is near suicidal in the fan base, it can only serve to raise the average intelligence in the state of MN if a few of them actually followed thru.
    Lastly, it just goes to show you that a NFL season is a marathon of sorts; it’s not what your record is after 11 games, it’s how you finish and in the typical Viking tradition, another playoff loss looms large on the horizon. And then all the Viking fans who kept saying “All we do is win” can go back to the same old slogan, “We choked again”

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