Kerry Collins wants to stay in Tennessee

This year hasn’t gone as Kerry Collins planned, to put it mildly.

He re-signed with Tennessee as the team’s starter, but lost his job after the Titans lost their first six games.  Due $5.5 million next season, Collins would like to return to the Titans, even if its in a different role.

“It is obviously at this point a backup role. So the question goes to:
Do they want to pay me as much as they owe me to be a backup? And that
is only a question they can answer,” Collins told Jim Wyatt of the Nashville Tennessean.

Collins answered the question on his own later, after making it clear how much he loves Tennessee and playing for Jeff Fisher.

“I am supposed to make a pretty good chunk of change next year, so I
can’t imagine they are going to pay me that kind of money to be a
backup. I have no plans to retire.”

The question then becomes: Will Collins take substantially less to return as a backup to Tennessee?  He is a good fit for Mike Heimerdinger’s system, and it seems unlikely there will be a bidding war for his services.

Collins could also be signed as leverage in case the Titans plan to adjust Vince Young’s contract.  Young is due $11.75 million next year, including a $4.25 million bonus in March.

9 responses to “Kerry Collins wants to stay in Tennessee

  1. We still don’t know how much of the turnaround was Young and how much of it was Fisher. They have a talented roster that came out sloppy and possibly overconfident for their last playoff game.

  2. How can you not want this guy? (collins) Mature, willing to fill another role, still has a great arm, and is experienced. A great back up.

  3. I hope he gets cut so the Skins could sign him. He is better than whats on the Skins roster now and if the Skins take a QB in the draft he could be a nice bridge to that QB.

  4. Vince Young didn’t really have a big turn around on the field. He had his personal issues, but he performed well since his rookie year and lost his job due to injury.

  5. From what I’m reading, Kerry Collins is begging for a low-ball offer to stay in Tennessee. Collins is an aspiring songwriter and Music City is the perfect fit for him. Like many other players that play for the Titans, Nashville will be home to him when his playing days are over.
    The Titans would be foolish not to keep him around at a bargain rate…I bet they draft another quarterback in the first half of the draft though, just in case “Ugly Vince” reappears.

  6. Collins had his run and its time to be the 2nd stringer for much less. I think he’ll take a pay cut, put in some incentives should he start. He’s a decent guy, not complaining durning Young’s return to 1st string.

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