Mankins wants a new deal

Patriots guard Logan Mankins is one of the 212 NFL players that will be a restricted free agent this offseason barring a new collective bargaining agreement.

But he would like the security of a long-term contract.

You see other guys signing extensions and wish you were one. It is what it is,” Mankins said Wednesday, according to Tom Curran of Comcast Sports New England.  “You have to ask the powers that be around here if I’ll get one or not.”

Mankins is likely referring to his offensive line teammates Nick Kaczur and Dan Connolly, who recently signed extensions with the Patriots.

The difference between Mankins and his buddies is that he now has two Pro Bowl nods on his resume. A player of his market value is trickier to sign, especially with the uncertainty regarding next year’s potential uncapped season.

And the reality in New England is that Vince Wilfork may take priority when it comes to spending Robert Kraft’s money — especially since Mankins will have no room to leave barring a new CBA.

8 responses to “Mankins wants a new deal

  1. When the Patriots selected Logan Mankins with the 32nd pick in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft, Mel Kiper and others said they reached. Mankins turned out to be an excellent draft pick.

  2. The Patriots will offer him a very good contract, but not top dollar. If Mankins says no, he’ll get traded for a 2nd rounder, possibly a low 1st rounder if there’s a team desperate for OL help. That’s the way it’s done with Belichick. Mankins has been great, but they have a great OL coach in Scarnecchia and can be replaced without too much of a drop-off.
    If next year stays uncapped, maybe they pay the extra to keep him. If there’s a new deal though he’s as good as gone if he wants to be the highest paid guard in the league.

  3. Not all of the Patriots trades have worked out but their first round picks have been consistent for how late in the round they pick.
    2001 Richard Seymour
    2002 Daniel Graham
    2003 Ty Warren
    2004 Vince Wilfork
    2004 Ben Watson
    2005 Logan Mankins
    2006 Lawrence Maroney
    2007 Brandon Meriweather
    2008 Jerod Mayo
    Since 2001, only Maroney has been a real disapointment. Let’s not forget there best use of a first round pick for Belichick in 2000.

  4. He’s a good player and ideally I’d like to keep him, but if it’s between Mankins and Wilfork I’ll take Wilfork. That’s nothing against Mankins.

  5. As usual, the cheapskate New Englanders will expect him to take less than he is worth for the falsely perceived “privilege” of playing for the Pats. What a joke…Logan, take the money and run. They won’t care about you once you are gone, because that is the New England/Boston way. Just ask any former Pats/Red Sox/Celtics player who got kicked to the curb for not taking less than the cheapskate organizations in the Northeast wanted to pay.
    NE/Boston fans GFY.

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