McCray responds to DUI arrest

When a guy is arrested, he’s told that whatever he says can be used against him.

Maybe they need to expand the Miranda warning to include the phrase “or tweet.”

Saints defensive end Bobby McCray, who reportedly was involved in a “normal” DUI arrest with no resistance on Tuesday morning, is offering up some resistance via his Twitter page.

He says he’s “[t]rying to deal with this Bogus charge of DWP .. driving with Pizza.”  Specifically, McCray says that his fiancee was “feeding him pizza” while he drove.

“I had cuffs on me with in 3 minutes,” McCray says.  “This was a short guy with Napolean complex. . . .  He got upset because I asked him why did I need to get out the car on a routine traffic stop. . . .  He starving ranting and raving saying I think I know it all and threw me in cuffs.”

McCray claims that he was pulled over for driving 80 miles per hour in a 60-mph zone, and that he was sober.

“Lawyers mount up,” he wrote, “we got some work to do!!!!!”

Hopefully, he’s referring for now to the work he has to do on the football field.

19 responses to “McCray responds to DUI arrest

  1. Somebody’s actually monitoring HIS tweets ?
    What a worthless “social networking site” Twitter is. Please.

  2. Too many athletes think that rules (read: “laws”) don’t apply to them. When a cop asks you to get out of a vehicle, you get out of the vehicle. You’re not Captain Special because you’re a defensive end for a formerly undefeated football team.
    I don’t think driving 80 in a 60 – while eating pizza! – is too smart either.
    There are roughly 1700 football players in the NFL; about twelve of them have a freaking brain.

  3. There should be video from the cop’s dashboard cam. That should answer the questions raised by McCray’s accusations about the cop’s behavior.

  4. 20 mph over the speed limit is breaking the law, they can keep you there for an hour before they have to issue a citation/arrest. Don’t remember that being changed any since I last read it.

  5. It doesnt matter. He plays for the saints and will only get a slap on the wrist. He will get off free just like the rest of his peers on the defensive line.

  6. Being a Saints fan, after these last two games I would love to see Bobby run 80 miles an hour trying to sack a damn QB. As far as I’m concerned the only pizza you should eating is during a pizza break at practice.

  7. He’s driving 80 MPH in a 60 MPH zone, while being fed pizza by a passenger. What’s the problem ? It’s obviously profilin’, and profilin’ is wrong.

  8. Florio – This is one of the better, funnier posts you’ve made in a while. What was on the pizza and why was the girlfriend feeding it to him? lol
    For the guys who speed in a school zone – Note to you — you are only getting what you deserve. if hope they put a knee in your neck too. And 20 miles over the speed limit is bad. A ticket is acceptable and if you smart off, you are probably getting cuffed.

  9. Ya know, all these idiots have to do to avoid putting themselves in situations where they feel they’re being wronged by the police is to OBEY THE LAW.
    Good Lord, you talk about idiots?!?!? It’s one thing to get screwed over and another where you carelessly put yourself into a bad situation because you aren’t very bright.
    Utterly mind-boggling to guys like me.

  10. What ya’ll are saying makes sense in most other parts of the US. However, in New Orleans, they don’t.
    For starters, with all the drive thru daquiri shops around here and the ease of access to alcohol, DWI or any other variant of public intoxication is the easiest charge to slap on someone. 1 problem is that people can be pissy drunk walking in front of on-duty cops, who are holding their own daquiri’s, and no one says anything.
    Ultimately, iambruce is right – many police officers here will make up charges in a heartbeat. If you are local, you’re might be in good shape. Visitors w/no ties to the city are usually up the creek w/o a paddle. The cop probably had no idea who McCray was and only saw a big black dude who was asking “too many questions” and decided to “restrain” him before mini-me got squashed.
    If you’re not from/frequently visited New Orleans you don’t know what it’s like. We’re telling you. So while McCray may have been drunk, chances are he wasn’t.

  11. He’d have been better off doing an Isiah Thomas and stay seated in his car & ignoring the officer completely like a lil’ egotistical self-absorbed bytch. A Detroit Bad Boy and an ‘Aints Bad Boy, only difference is those Nawlins’ crew won’t be winning a championship. WHO DAT!?!?

  12. Why is it that people continue to ignore the request of a police officer and then are shocked that they are put in cuffs?
    Hey dummy, if a cop asks you to get out of the car, GET OUT OF THE CAR!
    Some people are just plain dumb! And don’t give me the “you don’t understand what it’s like in some areas” blah, blah, blah…. What’s it matter? He went to jail anyhow.

  13. Bearsrule, you were kiddin’, right ?
    I think you can ask if they are citing a violation and I am not sure you actually do have to get out of the car unless they cite you.

  14. Indyeagle:
    It’s because half the people in this country no longer have any idea how to raise kids. Responsibility? Accountability? Not. Everything is everybody else’s fault – not mine. It couldn’t be any more obvious and it will get worse until the majority understand this.
    Kinda ironic how people in this country have access to far more wealth than ever before, but they’re becoming increasingly low-grade citizens. Kinda makes a guy wonder whether all this crap the government wants to give people actually hurts people and the country in the long run.

  15. God I hate the NOPD, they are the worst PD in the country. They’ll be taking pictures with a chick showing her tits one minute then the next they’ll be beating the shit out of someone for looking at them wrong, if they were a football team they would easily be the Lions, always shitty no matter what changes are ever made…

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