PFT Daily: December 30, 2009

Like Curtis Painter, my relief performance on PFT Daily will have a follow up, regardless of production.

While Florio tries to stay healthy for the playoffs, I discuss how the Colts’ unfortunate decision (and equally poor defense) to rest starters shouldn’t overshadow Jim Caldwell’s excellent first season as coach.  Florio disagrees with me on this point, so hopefully this post isn’t erased.

After the Colts talk, Pro Bowl problems are on the agenda, including Alan Faneca’s insane lifetime achievement nod.

6 responses to “PFT Daily: December 30, 2009

  1. Sorry, I didn’t make it past the commercial.
    Also, MSNBC’s video player is about as useful as Jamarcus Russell.

  2. Revis, Hall, Joseph should of been the corners.
    Sure Asomugha didn’t get thrown to much, but he also didn’t make the plays when he was.
    Oh well, it makes hall & joseph easier to resign. (mike brown cough cough)
    Who Dey!

  3. I wouldn’t say that “THE decision” overshadows what Caldwell has done but it’s a little more than a minor blemish. I’d be highly pissed if I were a Colts fan or playa. He and Polian are hearing about it and rightly so.

  4. Blaming Alan Faneca for Mark Sanchez’s struggles is pretty stupid. I’m pretty sure most of Mark Sanchez’s struggles comes from the fact that he’s a rookie and he wasn’t very good at all (to say the least).
    But the Jets had 62 more carries than any other team in the NFL and still managed to finish 5th in YPC. Not sure how much that has to do with Faneca, but he obviously played in a role in actually helping the Jets put points on the board even with some of the worst QB play of all time.

  5. The colts probably only planned to have their starters play the first half, but they also didnt plan on the opening kick-off in the second half to be ran back. The only reason they probably played at all in the third quarter was to regain the lead. The starters will only be playing a half this week vs. buffalo as well.

  6. You’re right about the Bengals corners and Big Ben. But if the Steelers had a better season, he probably would have made it. Didn’t pay as much attention to Faneca, but at his age, it’s hard to believe he’s still playing at top level.
    However, Caldwell just tossed away a chance to run the table. Don’t expect applause. Coach of the year? No. No. No. Not after Sunday. NO.
    Didn’t anyone ever tell you that winners never quit and quitters never win?

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