Seahawks wideouts tee off on radio show

The Seattle Seahawks haven’t done many memorable things on the field this year.

On Tuesday, a trio of receivers made some memories during a joint appearance on KJR radio in Seattle.

And receivers Nate Burleson, Deion Branch, and T.J. Houshmandzadeh went off.

The audio is right here; Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times wrote up some of the details.

“Are we winning?  No,” Branch said, raw emotion in his voice.  “Do we have a good team?  Yes. . . .  Are we talented?  Yes.  Are we playing good?  No.”

They focused specifically on KJR host Hugh Millen, a former NFL player who has criticized the team for its pathetic performance in 2009.  (To his credit, Millen eventually called in to defend his position on the team.  And at one point Houshmandzadeh harassed him relentlessly.)

Attention, Deion, T.J., and Nate — your team currently stinks, and you’ve been outscored 106-24 in three games.  The fact that you’re supposedly “good” makes it even worse.

They claim that the problem is execution, and they seemed to disagree with the suggestion that quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is immune from the criticism.

Houshmandzadeh, after talking about how he took less money to play for a supposed winner in Seattle, talked vaguely about a lack of trust, and he said that the level of effort isn’t always what it should be.

And then Houshmandzadeh threw in the perfunctory, “You go ask any [defensive back] in this league . . . will I bust his ass if he play me man-to-man, they’re gonna tell you, ‘Yeah.'”
All in all, it’s an entertaining segment; it’s far more entertaining than most Seahawks games this year. 

Or last year.

53 responses to “Seahawks wideouts tee off on radio show

  1. …douchebags. all three of them are good receivers, but when you play like crap and show little-to-no effort, it doesn’t really matter too much.
    mike, you’re up at 2 am just to post this? go to bed.

  2. Is anyone but Houshmandzadeh surprised that he’s nothing without another receiver pulling coverage off of him? I would say his biggest mistake was leaving Cinci, but it’s getting apparent that it’s actually him opening his mouth. Enjoy mediocrity at best for the rest of your career, TJ.

  3. Branch sounds like a complete tool.
    And Houshwhatever, you’re nowhere close to being a remembered or thought about receiver in this league.

  4. Sad. Just sad. And I thought TJ was the stand up wide reciver in Cincinnati… good job making Chad “Thats not how you say 85 in Spanish” Ochocinco look like a normal, in control and modest dude Hous.

  5. TJ, Nate, and Deion I love you guys, Hugh Millen is an idiot anyways he’s nothing more but a “backup” QB his whole life and nothing more and he’s bitter because he knows he nothing more.
    Even on his show both radio and TV because he knows he’s been nothing more than a “backup” QB and he’s lucky to even be that since he was always hurt or backing up a “real” QB.

  6. Douchemandzadeh is one of the most self centered losers in the league.I didn’t hear this much trash from him when he was a Bengal. First all he lies about taking less money to play for a “winner.” Right, because everyone figured Seattle would be Super Bowl contender… Every other team knew he was too old to warrant the payday that he wanted except Seattle, and nobody thought he would make a good #1 receiver. And he’s been trash talking every team that didn’t offer him a contract, like the Bears, Vikings, etc. And now he’s delusional. No defensive back in the NFL is scared of an aging, slow #2 receiver who needs someone like Ocho Cinco to take coverage away from him. What a jerk. Let him rot in Seattle. It’s only a matter of time until they cut him to save money

  7. If you can bust their ass TJ stop talking and start showing… He’s an excellent #2 receiver but clearly a terrible #1

  8. Deion Branch and Nate Burelson are middle of the road wide receivers. In 8 seasons, Branch has 4900 yards and 28 touchdowns in 8 seasons. An average year for him should be 600 yards with 3 touchdowns.
    In 7 seasons, you have Burelson whose gained 3547 yards with 27 touchdowns.
    An average year for him should be 506 yards with 3 or 4 touchdowns.
    TJ, while not a touchdown machine scoring 40 tds over 8 seasons (should be 9 but for hamstring) my point is for these guys to be ripping on Millen’s playing career is a joke. I dont think the normal sports fan remembers Deion since that one super bowl game with the pats nor knows burelson of anything more then a former viking. How can you critisize a former QBs credentials when your average NFL players. Millen was merely addressing the fact that full backs usually have a route in the flats on a naked boot leg, which is correct. Houshmanzadeh I will say though has some qualifications as he has racked yards but repeated his rant about two deep being double coverage on the WRs, because corners know they have help over the top, so you cant consider it man because their trailing with them in between the Quarterback.
    Why dont Matt, Tj, Deion, Nate, get an audibling system down so when you see coverage, audible out of the 2 yard run to jones and pick up a first down. If its two difficult for your team to read presnap then mix in some choice routes so you and matt can read while dropping back and come out of your break expecting ball.
    Get it together

  9. Houshmandzadeh…who offered this turd more $$ than Seattle?
    If you really want to play for a winner you don’t choose Seattle, a 4-12 team last year.
    I think he may be fibbing.

  10. Like Housh busted Peanut Tillman’s ass when he went for a whopping 4 catches for 35 yards against the Bears and their weak secondary. I seem to remember him talking crap about how he would dominate Tillman, and Tillman basically owned him.

  11. Isn’t TJ such a great guy for giving the Seahawks such a killer deal?!!??!
    Seriously, there was not one team that was willing to pay him $1 dollar more than Seattle.

  12. “after talking about how he took less money to play for a supposed winner in Seattle”
    Once a moron, always a moron.

  13. If these guys really want to help they should give back some of the money they stole, with the exception of Nate. Branch has never lived up to the contract he held out for coming from NE. Hell, he has barely been on the field in three years. TJ is just a parasite, plain and simple. He signed a big contract of the backs of Henry and Ocho. I am sure the team could use the several million these guys did not earn in the past couple years to bring in some line help to keep Hassel-suck upright long enough to get them the ball. What a joke. Talk about not getting it. I have lots of friends who are Seahawks fans and I can say they are a great group of fans. They would be so proud and supportive of their team if they could just get their act together. It’s a shame. These three stooges are not helping.

  14. TJ did not take less money, no one was offering him more money. What a joke. No one wanted his slow feet. OVERRATED FREE AGENT.

  15. Man I’m glad that bitch is gone from the Bengals. We now all know who the REAL locker room cancer was here. Chad is doing just fine w/o TJ here. Hmmmm. Good riddance TJ. Stay warm at home while we’re playing in the playoffs!!!

  16. Does your QB throw insanely stupid passes to linebackers who looked shell shocked when he decides to actually throw it because it is so idiodic he would not just throw it away?
    Worst pass I’ve ever seen. EVER!

  17. Gregg Knapp strikes again! He is a terrible offensive coordinator. He comes to Seattle and they suck. Before that, we went to Oakland, and they sucked. Before that, he was offensive coordinator with Atlanta and he was so bad that Mike Vick, Joe Horn, and other players on the team on separate occasions stated that the defense used to call out the plays to them. And Vick could only change the DIRECTION of the play, not the play itself! Per Gregg Knapp’s instructions.
    And you know why he won playoff games in Atlanta? Because Vick could run away from the wrath incurred due to the busted plays that Gregg Knapp called. Vick actually made him look better than what he is. He’s terrible!
    Oh, and before that? The 49ers. The perennial playoff team had played it’s last playoff game with Knapp as offensive coordinator. After that, the offense couldn’t get out of it’s own way. And now, look at them…
    See? Knapp shouldn’t be in the NFL, period. Everywhere he goes, he leaves it worse than where he found it.

  18. That’s hilarious, I thought the Bengals kicked his ass out of Cincinnati, so they could be a winner. Turns out, he was one of the major problems here. How are the Bengals without him? I guess the Madden game was indeed wrong…… had him rated way, way too high. Have fun sitting home for the playoffs while the Bengals are playing in a few weeks.

  19. The Bears have won 6 lousy games and Houshmandzadeh was actually one of their best players when they beat the Seahawks. He was short arming and dropping passes all day. One fumble led to the winning score. Thanks TJ. The Bears would only be a 5 win team without you.

  20. I noticed during the game Sunday in Green Bay that T.J. Housldjsfsdmf.s.dfmsd.dkdiaa was giving Mora a bunch of crap on the sideline.
    A wide receiver with a big ego…what a shock in the NFL. I wonder if Seattle has an equipment manager job for T.J. since being a professional in his job clearly doesn’t interest him.

  21. Shouldn’t the Seahawks be investigated? Branch and Housh both admitted to playing with broken ribs. Were they listed on an injury report? Correct me if I’m wrong.
    Other than that, all I can say is that all three are idiots. “You’re either with us or against us!” What is that? Now fans aren’t allowed to voice an opinion when a team plays like garbage? Instead of complaining about the media coverage, how about studying some game tape?

  22. This is almost funny…these are three guys trying to convince everyone the Seahawks are good. Isn’t there really only one way to do that?

  23. No one else offered T.J the kind of money that Seattle did. No one. The Vikings didnt even make an offer. The Bengals didnt care that he would leave. I remmeber him on the NFL Network talking trash about how him and Hasselbeck would finish in the top 5 at their positions.
    He loses credibility instantly when he says he chose Seattle becaue theyre a winner. They finished 4-12 the year before. Everyone knew Minnesota would be a playoff team even before Favre. They probably didnt make an offer because his salary demands were ridiculous for a #2 WR. Both Cincinnati and Minnesota are in the playoffs and hes going home. Loser

  24. Seattle release TJ he will get a reality check he will call Mike Brown to sign him back and the only way he comes back to Cincy is if he keeps a quieter mouth….I doubt it would happen tho….I just love when players leave and the team gets better……

  25. tian you just struck out. Knapp isn’t the problem (and I’m not defending him). That problem is that all three of these receivers were overpaid, overrated free agents when they came to Seattle and the Seahawk’s personnel department couldn’t see that. That’s where the problem starts, they don’t know how to sign or draft guys.

  26. So yeah, Chad was obiously the distraction in cincy. TJ went away and we haven’t heard one bad thing about the locker room since. Everybody’s saying they are having the time of their life, playing for the Bengals this season. TJ? Not so much. I’m glad he left.

  27. “You go ask any [defensive back] in this league . . . will I bust his ass if he play me man-to-man, they’re gonna tell you, ‘Yeah.'”
    -Yeah because they are just going to admit a middle of the road wide receiver can dust them. That is why he has burnt all the coverage this year… oh wait…

  28. Shotzie says:
    December 30, 2009 3:29 AM
    TJ, Nate, and Deion I love you guys, Hugh Millen is an idiot anyways he’s nothing more but a “backup” QB his whole life and nothing more and he’s bitter because he knows he nothing more.
    Even on his show both radio and TV because he knows he’s been nothing more than a “backup” QB and he’s lucky to even be that since he was always hurt or backing up a “real” QB.
    Yeah I’m sure he is so bitter that he was good enough to make it to the NFL. And he is probably pissed that people pay him to give his opinion on football rather than him posting it for free on football internet sites like we do. The chunk of change he made while playing in the league probably makes him hate himself.
    Like you said he is an idiot for pointing out the seahawks suck when clearly they are one of the rare teams that is really good even though they have only won 5 games and none against a team with a winning record.

  29. Here’s an original thought, guys. Instead of getting together to trash your QB and trash an ex-NFL QB who’s job is to offer a qualified opinion, how about YOU NOT SUCK AT CATCHING FOOTBALLS THIS SEASON?!!!!!!
    Hasselbeck’s best days may be behind him, but he is far from the worst QB in the league, and ganging up on him publicly while defending their own obviously poor performances is not going to do this team any good. Where the hell was this team’s PR guy when these three idiots were booked for that show together???
    TJ is showing that he wasn’t really “the man” in Cincy (thanks for drawing the coverage, 85) and Branch has consistantly showed that he owes part of that fat FA contract to a Mr. Tom Brady.
    And the three of them need to realize that Millen is a qualified person to look at a player and tell you if they suck or not, and that it’s his JOB to do that. Hugh Millen to the “Three Amigo’s”: Hey guys, how about you NOT SUCK if you don’t want me to call you all out?”
    By the way shotzie, Millen may not have been a HOF QB, but he was a starting QB for a few seasons, not always a back-up. How many NFL teams did YOU play QB for?

  30. The only thing Houshmandzadeh will be remembered for is the fantasy football tv comercial. Championship.

  31. If I was Deion, I would be happy some team was stupid enough to pay me huge bucks when I am middle of the road. At the same time, he should realize a team that dumb does not have a high chance of success.

  32. What a bunch of ridiculous jokers here. If you have to spend all your time telling me how great you are, something tells me you are not nearly as good as you think you are. How about playing better versus spending your time telling me I’m against you if I call out your flaws T.J.

  33. TJ, come on man no one believes you took less money to go there. They paid you the most and you took it. Now as bad as our team was last yr with crazy legs fitz, seattle finished the same and you thought that was a good sign. Who cares anyways he’s gone and bitchin just like he did here. I do miss him, because with Carson healthy I think we win 1 maybe 2 more games with him, but I’m so glad hes gone so we dont have to listen this dbag. Keep wishin for the 92 y/o qb to get good again and not need a walker to help throw the ball.

  34. what has burleson and branch reall accomplished since the superbowl when pitt destroyed them…and t.j is trash all he did was make ochocinco look better then he did before….hell i think next year i will take deon butler in my fantasy draft before any of the 3 of these bums listed in this article….

  35. It’s sad the level of self importance these three have. Your team sucks. “You go ask any [defensive back] in this league . . . will I bust his ass if he play me man-to-man, they’re gonna tell you, ‘Yeah.'” If he play me man to man? What a joker. I am sure DB’s are laughing at your ass.

  36. Funny how the bengals started winning once TJ left.
    Aparently he was the cancer in the lockeroom, not Chad.

  37. TJ is the only good wr of the 3. The seahawks basically suck. TJ made a mistake going to the lowly Seahawks. Poor guy(bad career move)

  38. As a Viking fan, I’m glad we lost this dude. Rice is an Pro-Bowler and TJ is a whinner. Can you imagine what he would be saying about his organization after losing 3 of 4?

  39. Hugh Millen was a pretty good #2 QB….
    these guys are pretty good back up WR’s but make a pretty bad group of starters

  40. Those of you who think this all has something to do with Hugh Millen’s abilities, or lack thereof, to play football, are idiots. I’m sure he was a much better player than any of you. Does that mean his assessment of the Seahawks is more accurate than your’s? No, it doesn’t. And his playing skill level has nothing to do with whether his comments are accurate or not.

  41. First off, it wasn’t the three of the Nate Burleson just sat there and the few times he was going to say something the other two would cut him off. Nate was in no way part of the issue.
    As for Housh and Branch those two need to shut up and play. Housh thinks he is in the same category as Fitz, Moss and Andre Johnson, which cracks me up because when he was signed alot of us thought he was a younger version of Bobby Engram who would be a great slot receiver. All we got was a guy who quits on plays, whines to the refs during plays and a loud mouth who can’t beat a double team. Branch made his money based on his Super Bowl MVP and the only thing he does well is yap. He can take his two Super Bowl rings and pack them up with the rest of his stuff and get out of town. If any of you fans of other teams want him you know where to find him, on the fee agency list.

  42. The saddest thing about their mouthing off is that I bet you every single one of them would be happy to go to Seattle knowing now what they didn’t then because what they all wanted then (well I don’t know about Burleson) was the most $$ possible for their services. Usually playing for a year in and year out contender requires some compromise in the idea of getting paid top dollar for your services. If someone like me who never played a down in the NFL gets that, why don’t more players?
    And for EFF’S SAKE…don’t whine when you got what you wanted…the big money. Period. Branch especially since he WAS on a year in year out contender and decided to hold out instead of playing out his deal and just leaving as a FA. I have no problem with guys leaving for the money in FA. That is their 100% right. Just be honest and don’t blather on and on about playing for a contender etc.
    As a Pats fan I say….Thanks for Brandon Meriweather, Deion. 😉

  43. It’s a lose lose scenario.
    Lose the Super Bowl and everyone curses Polian for letting the team give up its edge.
    Win the Super Bowl and everyone curses Polian knowing that they could have made history at 19-0 but he chose not to.
    If he thought the team was feeling pressure to win the Super Bowl before that’s nothing compared to now.

  44. Douchemanzedah does make a point. Single coverage is singular. Safety help over the top implies plural. But by definition that also means someone else is being single covered, ala Wes Welker. Since none of them approach what Wes does, they are directly responsible in addition to others for the lack of seachicken progress.
    D. Branch would like to have us to be unconditional fans. Get real man. The seachickens suck. Part of that fact stems from the lack of production from the WR spot. i.e. himself. He says he is his biggest critic. Well if he was then whatever that old backup QB said shouldn’t phase him. Cause he should of thought much worse of himself. Fans are just as emotionally invested in the team as he is physically invested. They stop short of criticizing the play call, but agree with the critique that bunch calls on 3rd and short are wrong. Now if he followed his mantra of with us or against us, Why not back the decision of the OC. even if it doesn’t produce a 1st down. Since you know, your either with us, or against us! I also like the fact that early in the program he singles himself out as the only person on the team, player/coach wise that has been to a superbowl. Then later as he is explaining his Us or Them mantra, he points out that he would never single himself out and put himself above the team, since its a Team and all about family.
    The guy is full of contradictions and basically sounds like an idiot who spouts his mouth w/o thinking things thru.
    Props to Burelson for not being a douchebag. If any fallout occurs because of this I hope his status isnt affected. He clearly was the only one of the players who had his head on straight.
    Douchemanzedah is just mad he is not with the team he rather be with, since he wanted his payday. Hey bud it was your choice. Stop whining about it. Did you seriously think the seachickens had a chance at the big game? Hasselbeck is on his last legs. The team is in a semi rebuilding phase. So if your reasoning was to take less money to go to a winner, and you chose the seachickens of 09 and the immediate future, you sir are a complete idiot. Enjoy your check though. Im sure Chad has spent that same amt of money in fines.
    These guys are so disillusioned. “We keep everything in house”” its not to be discused outside our house” Except for the fact that we “all have broken ribs” opps
    Talk about 45m of hypocrisy

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