Brady, Moss return to practice

There’s no way to tell how long Tom Brady will play against the Texans, but he should be well prepared to play four quarters.

After missing Wednesday’s practice, Brady and Randy Moss both returned to the field Thursday.  Both players have routinely missed Wednesday work in recent weeks.

The Patriots had a full house at practice Thursday, and look as healthy as they have all season.  Defensive linemen Ty Warren and Vince Wilfork seem to be the most likely players to get rest Sunday, as they have played through injuries in recent weeks.

7 responses to “Brady, Moss return to practice

  1. WHAT?!?!?!?! The Pats stars are practicing, I thought they were going to throw this game to keep Pissburgh out of the playoffs……. I think reporters need to put microphones in Woodley’s face more often, he says some classics……

  2. Healthy at the right time of year…line em up boys, and we’ll see how it all sorts out come Feb. 7th…

  3. Pissburgh should’ve taken care of business!
    Anything they do won’t take Pissburgh into the equation…
    I know they hate to laydown….don’t be surprised if they go all out!

  4. Woodley obviously is just saying what everyone already knows…….look at the lines for cryin out loud….seems like everyone in Vegas agrees…whether there is any credibility in the claim that they will “lay down” to keep Pittsburgh out of the playoffs is debatable…I am pretty sure anyone would rather play the Jets, Houston, and Baltimore over Pitt though….(baltimore is much tougher than the other 2 but still)

  5. I don’t care if Pittsburgh went 13-3 – any team that has losses to KC, Oak and Cle doesn’t DESERVE to be in the playoffs.
    Hey Woodley. STFU – next year win some games and maybe you can control your own destiny.

  6. Hey Woodley. STFU – next year win some games and maybe you can control your own destiny….
    I would hope that would be the opinion of most; even Pittsburgh fans. If the best your own team can do is go 9-7, you sure should not be whining that the teams that are already playoff locks, and do not have a bye week, may be playing as many substitutes as mathematically possible for a majority of the game in the last game of the regular season.

  7. Yea the Steelers lost close games to crappy teams, yes they put themselves in a bad position to where they need to rely on other teams to help…..but why cant the man state the facts. Here are some other facts….they beat playoff teams such as the Ravens, Packers, Vikings, and Chargers…IF they made it to the playoffs, they would not have to worry about the Cheifs, Raiders or Browns, but would have to play teams they proved they play better against.
    Do you really think the Jets deserve a spot when they are likely to get their 2nd win against a team that is playing with their back-ups??? If those games are 3 weeks earlier they lose them without question thus making them 7-9, and in a worse spot than the Steelers.
    I’m just saying you can make an argument for EVERY wild card team as to why they dont deserve a playoff birth, thats why they are WILD CARD teams, both wild card teams in the AFC will be 9-7….so whats the big deal with Woodley stating the facts?

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