Brady told that he'll play

Tom Brady’s father asked the quarterback whether he’s going to play this week.  He didn’t know. Ever the dutiful son, Brady then asked coach Bill Belichick to find out. 

“You’ll play, don’t worry about that,” Belichick told Brady. “You’ll be playing.”

Brady seems to think he will last the whole game.

“Close game, blowout, we get behind, I’m expecting to play the whole game,” Brady said.  “I wouldn’t see why we wouldn’t.”

Brady doesn’t want to hear from the Texans in the offseason, much less next week.

“Of course, I want to play. I don’t want to lose a game.  You don’t just forfeit these games.  Playing Houston, I don’t want to see one of them in the offseason and them saying ‘Hey, we beat you guys.’  Screw that.  You have to go out there and play.”

Somewhere, Peyton Manning is nodding.  And sighing.

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  1. Well, Brady’s quote about covers it. You’ve got to feel for Peyton and the Colts in this. None of this is their fault. I admire Peyton for keeping his mouth shut about all this because it was management’s decision.
    But …
    Part of me wishes he’d done a Favre, refused to come out of the game, kept playing his heart out, calling his own plays, to heck with Caldwell and Polian. What would they do? Fire him? Bench him for the playoffs? They couldn’t have done a bloody thing but go along with it. Yeah, I would have enjoyed that.

  2. I feel for Payton. Given the quality of his protection, it would appear virtually impossible that he would even get HIT, let alone HURT from a hit. I think he’s surrounded by an invisible plastic bubble.
    But that impression may just be an aberration of mine, brought on by the stress of watching the QBs of my (two) teams this season (Aaron Rodgers of the Pack, my Always team, and Brett Favre of the Vikings, for Favre’s seasons only), get regularly flattened.
    In the category of What If’s, I wonder where the Pack and the Vikes would be this season, all other things being equal, if AR and BF were not sacked even once – ooohh that is such a fine fantasy!

  3. Gotta love the pedal to the metal style of Belichick, but something tells me people would be furious if Brady gets injured.

  4. Kinda makes you think about how funny it would be if the Jets make the playoffs and wind up knocking out the Colts, and the way things are shaping up so far it’s pretty likely they’ll meet as long as the Jets win the next 2 weeks.

  5. Gotta love the pedal to the metal style of Belichick, but something tells me people would be furious if Brady gets injured.
    I would not count on pedal to the metal. Belichick has often, but not always, played to win the last game of the season. Remember a few seasons ago when the Pats played backups for most of the game against a weak Dolphins team in the last game of the season,and even had Flutie do a drop kick in the game? The Pats lost that game, although just barely. But the Texans are a much better team than that Dolphins team was.

  6. well Belichick did take out Brady against the Saints … there’s no doubt in my mind he will take him out if Mario Williams keeps on making love to Brady throughout the game

  7. I totally agree with Deb…It would have been great if Manning would have pulled a Farve & refused to come out of the game – I would have enjoyed that, too. But Peyton has far too much class to pull something like Farve did(does). Peyton is there working for the good of the team and respects his coaches. Farve is a self-centered prima donna working mainly for his own stats, glory, and legacy – and respects no one.

  8. It is true that the Pats pulled their starters in NO. It looked badly upon them because there was time on the clock…different situation than the Colts because the undefeated season wasn’t on the line for the Pats but they still pulled their starters and that is a very uncharacteristic move for a team that essentially likes to pile on the points.

  9. The Colts learned from the Patriots that 16-0 means nothing if you lose the Super Bowl. They want to win the SB. Nobody is going to remember the Patriots team that went 16-0 but lost the SB. But everyone will remember the Super Bowl winners.

  10. Everyone remembers the Patriots because they went for the perfect season – they didn’t pu$$y around. And everyone will remember the Colts for pulling the plug – even if they did win the Super Bowl.

  11. @BonnieD
    And only an idiot would think that throwing a game in week 16 gives you any better chance to win a superbowl six weeks later. There is zero logic behind your comment. The Colts have no guts. This much is clear. And by the way, many more people will always remember the greatest upset in super bowl history. People barely rememebr the Colts super bowl win from a few years ago. Even if they win, which they won’t, the only thing they will be remembered for is being gutless and afraid to face the pressure of striving for perfection. I’ll take 18-1 any day over my team acting like a bunch of pussies.

  12. Actually, everybody remembers the 16-0 Patriots. We’re still talking about them, aren’t we? No one’s talking about the 2008, 2006, 2005, 2002 or 2000 Super Bowl winners. How many people can even name them?

  13. TheWizard says:
    December 31, 2009 6:58 PM
    Peyton probably had more class by the age of 10 than Favre ever will.
    And Favre still has more class than Belichick will ever have.

  14. “Playing Houston, I don’t want to see one of them in the offseason and them saying ‘Hey, we beat you guys.”
    Does anyone really believe that Brady gives a s**t what a Houston player may or may not say in the offseason?

  15. As a lifelong Steeler fan – it is refreshing to see Brady, Belichick and company nut up in scenarios like these. No going turtle – they man up.
    Disappointed with the smoking gun about the cheating earlier in the decade – but props to the Pats for nutting up …… like men.

  16. Even Peyton knows this is truth.
    He’s a gamer and a competitor. No way he would bless that mess.

  17. That Colt-Jet game was ridicuolus . It was like Painter was throwing the game away. The only thing more embarrassing was seeing the look on Caldwell’s face having to explain it.

  18. TheWizard says:
    December 31, 2009 8:39 PM
    But only one ring. Damn.
    At least it’s ASTERISK free.
    GFY, WizzOnYourself.

  19. 59-0 slippery field covered in snow — a star QB like Brady could get hurt but he stays in and keeps throwing TDs, 6 of them while getting sacked twice.

  20. Remember that against NO, Brady hurt his finger and was yanked in the game (which was way out of hand by that point). We didn’t learn about the injury until the following week…and subsequent weeks we saw Brady missing receivers all over the place, throwing the least amount of attempts in his time with the Pats.
    Just something to keep in mind…

  21. I’m a Pats fan but honest to goodness, this is no different from the type of thing they both say in any scenario involving play time. Even in preseason. BB is purposely vague (See how that helps, Polian? When you define no stance you have nothing to defend afterwards.) while Brady says he wants to play.

  22. At least it’s ASTERISK free.
    Well, if that’s the way you want to be.
    Take the 16-0 regular season record.
    That’s asterisk free.
    Only team to every accomplish it.

  23. TheWizard says:
    January 1, 2010 12:15 PM
    At least it’s ASTERISK free.
    Well, if that’s the way you want to be.
    Take the 16-0 regular season record.
    That’s asterisk free.
    Only team to every accomplish it.
    NO, the ASTERISK there belongs to the “D’OH” that is the loss in THE MOST IMPORTANT GAME OF THAT SEASON. You know, as in “EIGHTEEN AND D’OH”.
    ONLY team to ever accomplish THAT as well.

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