Braylon Edwards: "We won't lose this game"

Well, now at least Braylon Edwards and Joe Willie Namath can be mentioned in the same sentence.

Edwards did his best impression of Namath’s guarantee Wednesday when talking about Sunday night’s alcohol free game against the Bengals.

“We won’t lose this game,” Edwards said.  “We
want it too bad. I don’t think we can lose this game knowing the way
our mindset is. Guys aren’t talking about New Year’s Eve. Guys aren’t
talking about family. All guys are talking about is the playoffs. All
guys are talking about is beating Cincinnati.”

Not even talking about New Year’s Eve?  Even with Dick Clark ready to be wheeled out? That’s dedication.

“Were all dialed
in. We’re all focused on this week. We know all we have to do is win
and we’re in. Guys are very, very serious and are approaching this as a
Super Bowl.”

The Jets are 1-0 in Super Bowls this season.

37 responses to “Braylon Edwards: "We won't lose this game"

  1. Child Please! – and that’s as close as the Jets are going to get, enjoy!
    How about them genius Jets coaches now?
    : )
    If it weren’t for Ryan, I could actually root for the Jets… almost.

  2. Do they even have to try to win this game, I mean, the Bengals are going to lose on purpose, so Pittsburgh misses the playoffs, right? Isnt that wat the Steelers are saying….?

  3. braylon wasnt part of the team yet but the jets played their super bowl in week 2. that said if this team plays like they did in week 2 they will get in. to bad for them they will have to play the pats again in foxboro and well we know how that goes.

  4. meanwhile in Cincinnati….Bengal players are overheard guaranteeing that will NOT win this game. Each time Sanchez throws a pick, they will lateral it right back to the Jests. They will catch the ball for Braylon in fear that he would drop it himself….
    Guaranteeing a victory over a team that wants to lose…..what bravado!!

  5. Predicting a win mostly likely over backups? This is the equivalent of Tomlin saying the steelers will unleash hell against the chefs… oh wait.

  6. Right…tell Edwards to just catch the ball instead of dropping it…and since the Bengals will most likely not play most of their starters they ought to win….
    What a way to back into th playoffs…first the Colts lay down for them and now the Bengals likely will…..There should be an investigation.

  7. Its easy to say you are going win the game . When the other team wont be playing its good players to rest them for the playoffs lol Way to go out on a limb there Braylon .
    Now if you can only guarentee you will stop dropping all those passes coming your way it would speak more .
    Congrats to us we just beat your 3rd QB lol yeahhhh us lol you can join the Ravens bandwagon there on betting them up and pounding their chests .

  8. Must be nice to have 2 wins handed to you…. Jets wouldnt even have a chance if the colts and bungals would play there starters…

  9. Sanchez drops back throws deep to Braylon, oh my caught by Leon Hall…………he hands off to Braylon…….Jets win Jets win!!!!!!!

  10. willyweiser says:
    December 31, 2009 11:04 AM
    Sanchez drops back throws deep to Braylon, oh my caught by Leon Hall…………he hands off to Braylon…….Jets win Jets win!!!!
    lulz – just close the comments Florio, it’s all down hill after this one.

  11. For some reason I think the stars will align and the Broncos will get in because the Jets or the Ravens will beat themselves Sunday.

  12. If the Jets even make it to the postseason, they’re one and done.
    The Bengals are obviously already in the postseason… and they are *definitely* one and done.

  13. The Jets are not asking teams to throw games. You haters can say all you want, perhaps be jealous as hell, but when it all comes down to it….if your teams played better this season, you wouldn’t be hanging on other’s results to determine if you are going postseason, and wouldn’t be upset that the Jets final two scheduled games are against teams who are already in the postseason, and are choosing to rest their starters, or rumored to not want someone in the play offs.
    All cop outs. Direct your anger at the other teams. Jets are the pawns here. You just sound like simple-minded haters.

  14. “Edwards did his best impression of Namath’s guarantee Wednesday when talking about Sunday night’s alcohol free game against the Bengals.”
    So Edwards won’t be drinking?

  15. This is almost as good as Aaron “Who the hell is Aaron Smith?” Smith guaranteeing a win over the Pats a couple years back.
    Braylon is the biggest joke in football. This guy will never be the player he was supposed to be coming out of college — #2 option at best. His ego never let him reach the potential of a #3 overall pick.

  16. Braylon not thinking about New Year’s Eve? Highly doubtful, he never misses a chance to hit all the popular watering holes during the week. No chance he will miss one of the biggest party nights of the year. Hopefully he won’t sucker punch anyone this time out.

  17. @xskippzx….
    The guys name is ANTHONY SMITH…not Aaron Smith. Don’t confuse the two. Two different people, attitudes, and positions. Watch any football lately little guy??

  18. That’s ok if they win the scrimmage this week against the Bengals. They’ll lose the next week’s real game in Cincinnati, regardless.

  19. xskippzz,
    For the record it was “Anthony Smith”…..who happens to not be a Steeler anymore……Aaron Smith is the DLineman that the steelers can NEVER lose to injury again, because quite frankly they absolutely blow without him.

  20. Rex is jumping for joy, what a Christmas! The Colts lay down and the Bungles will too!
    Kiss the rings Rex!

  21. dmackerman says:
    December 31, 2009 12:28 PM
    -Dick Clark
    It is almost worth staying up to see what condition he is in. I swear I could see the frost on him after they thawed him out. With all the make-up, he looks like a wax statue. You know he is insisting on doing this every year. Let Seacrest do all the work, and Dick comes in for the money shot. Sorry, was that inappropriate and off topic?

  22. Edwards will be in Times Square tonight doing unoffically what he does officially on Sundays- dropping the ball!

  23. Braylon, you will win if and only if, you catch the ball, i knew once the monday night game was over he would go back to his drops, Sanchez can’t develop if his go to guy drops his passes.

  24. Hope all you Jets fans are happy with NO HANDS
    Edwards how about all those passes he has
    caught for your team NOT. HA HA HA Looks
    like the BROWNS got the best deal in that

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