Buddy Nix announced as Bills G.M.

After an extremely frustrating technical delay — not the best week for Time Warner Cable — we can let you know that the Bills have named Buddy Nix as their next G.M.

But you already knew that, since you were wearing out that F5 button.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen was the first to report the news that the team’s director of college scouting got the job.  Nix’s age, 70, has already inspired some “youth movement” jokes.

Russ Brandon will be promoted from G.M. to team president and CEO.

Bills owner Ralph Wilson stressed how important it was to get a true “football man” to only deal with football decisions, as opposed to Brandon.

Which begs the question: Why wasn’t it important before?

28 responses to “Buddy Nix announced as Bills G.M.

  1. The best way to run an organization is to promote the people involved with its past failures. Just ask the good people of Detroit, MI.

  2. great pick for the Bills. Was the director of player personel for the Chargers and when he left there was a big drop off in the drafts. Great talent evaluator.

  3. Wow. The web stream on the Bills’ site is horrible. And to make matters worse… Buddy Nix looks like and sounds like he just fell off the turnip truck.
    Was he calling bingo at the shady acres home prior to this?
    Bills fans must be so proud…

  4. Wow! Someone at age 70 still working in Buffalo. Usually 70 year olds from Buffalo are retired and living in Sarasota Florida, or atleast Largo.

  5. Nix could do all the house cleaning that needs to be done Thanks for reassuring us Ralph that its all about luck. Why hire anyone based on rep?

  6. Great job Bills, It’s a move towards the future!! Now if you could secure Don Shula as your coach you’ll be set!!!

  7. Perhaps the Bills fans could bring in Mike Leach to lock Ralphy in a closet until he agrees to sign papers putting the team up for sale to the highest bidder!

  8. I don’t know why everyone is saying Buddy Nix is so old. When Ralph was 21 Buddy Nix was just being born. Well you have to think about it that way in order to make yourself feel better. Good hire though.

  9. Is Cowher really gonna be the next coach in Buffalo? How legit is that rumor?
    As a PA-bred Steeler fan, watching him prowl anyone else’s sidelines will be tough. But he’s definitely a guy that could potentially make some team–the Bills or other–competitive again.
    I assumed he’d be going to Carolina like everyone else, but I guess that won’t happen. I guess I’m frankly a little shocked that the Bills might be the best he can do.

  10. I don’t know why everyone is saying Buddy Nix is so old. When Ralph was 21 Buddy Nix was just being born. Well you have to think about it that way in order to make yourself feel better. Good hire though.

  11. Cowher isn’t going to Buffalo. They will hire a coordinator or former head coach on the cheap. I would not be shocked if Schottenheimer got hired.

  12. At the press conference, announced that he has signed Elbert Dubenion, Paul Maguire and Daryl Lamonica to bring veteran leadership to their team.
    “I know that they all seem long in the tooth,” remarked Nix, “but at this point, could they be any worse than what we’ve got now? I’m quite confident that Daryl will be able to get the ball to the WRs and that Paul still has enough leg to shore up the punting game as a pooch punter. Elbert would be used mostly near the goal line — if we ever get there.”

  13. Any chance Mike Holmgren will try to lure Cowher to Cleveland? After all, Cowher played for the Browns and started his coaching career there. How ironic would it be if the two head coaches from Super Bowl XL ended up working together in Cleveland? (Wonder if Holmgren would try to convince Cowher that the Steelers’ win wasn’t legitimate because of the officiating.)

  14. Is Schottenheimer really chomping to get back into coaching? Everyone knows Cowher is, but I haven’t heard much of anything about Marty since he got canned from the Chargers.
    Speaking of the Chargers….does anyone really think they’re going to the Super Bowl? Ten to one they fold in the playoffs like always.

  15. Nice! 70?
    Well good news there is the owner doesnt have to worry about firing him, cause he most likely be a goner in a few years with that stressful job!

  16. Was very sad to see Nix leave San Diego, he was a big part in helping draft a lot of our current team. Who cares if he is old, Parcells is almost 70 and you don’t hear anyone knocking his football knowledge.

  17. Shottenheimer is 66 and says he’s given up coaching for good. I doubt he’d want to take it up again to roam the sidelines of warm and sunny Buffalo.
    Cowher won’t go to Cleveland. It’s not on his wish list. And like I’ve posted before Holmgren wants power. Cowher wants power. Titanic meet iceberg.

  18. Deb:
    Titanic v. Iceberg is great imagery! Thanks for the laugh, and happy new year to you and everyone on PFT!

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