Highlights from Nix's press conference

Only time will tell if hiring Buddy Nix as G.M. was the right move for the Bills.

After Thursday’s plainspoken press conference, we can confirm it should be entertaining.

Nix acknowledged the perceived disappointment in the media room that the team didn’t hire some big name from outside the organization.  Then he said winning the day-after headlines wasn’t the team’s goal.  He said that’s as meaningless as “A+” draft grades from writers.

There was a “whirlwind process” over the last week that led to Nix’s hiring. Some highlights from Nix’s presser are below.  We hope to get a transcript later because the team’s online broadcast had spotty moments.

Nix on the team’s head coach search: “I know we have a list.  I haven’t been involved yet, but I’m fixing to be.”

On Aaron Maybin: “He’s a guy you decide in three years if he’s going to be a really good player or if you missed on him.” 

On Buffalo’s quarterbacks: “It’s important to let the new coaches have a shot with these guys.  If they’re good enough, they’ll have a chance to be here . . . It’s hard to throw when you’re lying on your back.”

On the roster: Nix says the team is further ahead than the Chargers were when he arrived there with A.J. Smith.  “I don’t know about rebuilding.”

On Terrell Owens: “Terrell will be a guy the next coach will make a decision on.”

On Marty Schottenheimer: “We have a list.  I’d rather not talk about the names.  We’re in the process of tracking them down.”

Finally, Bills owner Ralph Wilson seemed to appeal for a change in mojo in Buffalo.

“Number one, we’ve got be lucky,” Wilson said.  “That’s my philosophy.  That’s with anything you’re doing.”

14 responses to “Highlights from Nix's press conference

  1. If the world was based on luck, then we would all run around with a rabbit foot, a 4 leaf clover and a lil’ budda to belly rub prior to going to a job interview, buying a lottery tix or taking the field.
    I thought Al Davis was the old coot of the NFL. Good to see some other loser take all the heat!

  2. My first choice for coach of this mess has always been Marty Schottenheimer, he has proven more times than Shanahan, Gruden, Cowher the ability to come in and take a team from worst to worst.
    I believe that Nix hire gives us a chance at Marty.
    Also, if Marty werre not an option and he was definetly in retirement for good a close ally such as Nix would know that and have said so. He did not. He went with the “we have a list and we’ll look at it” line.
    I hope and pray Marty is in play.

  3. I think ole Ralphie has a list of head coaches that he would like to hire but he just needs to cross reference them with the obituaries…

  4. Marty is great at team building, you will have to find someone else if you want to go farther once the right players and scheme is in place. I support Marty, just not after the team starts to win. He consistently hits a wall just as the team is ready to take it to the next level.

  5. i will reserve passing judgment on the Nix promotion until we see what kinda coach he brings in…if its a Haslett type, then you know this is all just Ralph going cheap again. Hopefully its Russ Grimm or Schottenheimer.

  6. Ralph Wilson owns an NFL team and his main strategy in business is to be lucky?!
    That is one lucky S.O.B.!

  7. We’re the Buffalo Bills. Do we really need PFT taking shots at us? I think we do a good job of making ourselves look foolish on our own. A little objectivity would be nice to let people outside of Buffalo decide for themselve’s what kind of situation we have here. Half of the opinions and perceptions of the state of the Buffalo Bills has been completly media driven. It’s really not as negative as the wound pokers would like the public to believe. The team is financialy strong for being a small market with one of the most dedicated fan bases in the league. This sunday we play the Colts. It’s a game that the Bills will lose unquestionably with the high for that day being 18 degrees and we’ve sold out that game just like we have every game this year. The Bills are here to stay and maybe someday our season’s win loss record will show how great this team really is.

  8. What he said:
    “Terrell will be a guy the next coach will make a decision on.”
    What he meant:
    When comparing Terrell with other recievers this year, he is tied for 50th in receptions, 40th in yards & 49th in TD’s…Next Question!

  9. Ralph Wilson is one of the worse owners in regard of putting a quality product on the field. Ralph saying he believes in luck is only because his only successful 15 years in the NFL (not the AFL, which was only 8 to 9 teams) was because of luck. Luck that he found Polian. He hasn’t been able to do that ever again.
    As for Nix, he might be old, but at least he been part of NFL in scouting and evaluating. Which Russ and Marv haven’t. Maybe they will finaly hit their picks in the draft instead of reaching on the likes of Whitner, McCargo, Posluznay, Lynch, Hardy and Maybin. Those guys were all picked in the first two rounds and were all reaches and have not met their pick status.

  10. Can’t specualte too much. He could be the next Polian, he could be the next Donohoe. Doesn’t matter either way. I’m a Bills fan through and through and rooting for this team doesn’t change because of who is in charge who who is on the field, it’s about the team. As far as I am concerned there are 32 teams every season with a record of 0-0. Did red sox fans stop being red sox fans?

  11. I am a lifelong Bills fan and this is a terrible hire. The only thing that will make it worse is to add over the hill Shottenheimer………I can’t take 3 more years of boring offense and mediocretie!

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