Stewart fined $25,000

We told you earlier Thursday that Brandon Stokley received the standard $25,000 fine for making contact with an official last Sunday.

It’s not surprise, then, that Raiders tight end Tony Stewart was fined the same amount for the same infraction, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

From the same game, Raiders defense end Richard Seymour was fined $10,000 for personal fouls, and cornerback Stanford Routt $5,000 for a head-butt ejection.

That $40,000 team total gives the Raiders a high mark to aspire to this Sunday in what could be Tom Cable’s final game in Oakland.  Dare to dream.

7 responses to “Stewart fined $25,000

  1. I was surprised that none of these penalty were ever shown on TV….No Replay, no nothing….did they really occur. The one penalty they did show was the 15 yard penalty for taunting against zach miller. Raiders were in a two minute offense and miller got up in a hurry and the ref threw a flag…The ref’s were horrible, and CBS was even worse for not showing any of them on TV’s.
    GO RAIDERS!!!Beat the Refs!!!.

  2. That $40,000 team total gives the Raiders a high mark to aspire to this Sunday in what could be Tom Cable’s final game in Oakland. Dare to dream.
    It certainly would be nice. I think we’ll get it done, bring on the Ravens.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cable is retained. They don’t play well, but they give good effort, and throw punches the boss can be proud of.

  4. The lack of replays did suck. I got up for a beverage run and missed the guy who got called for making contact w/ the ref & still don’t know what happened. The Browns’ offensive lineman, for the only time this season, complained heavily after the game about the Raiders defense playing dirty under the pile. I was pleased to see Mack, Steinbach, Thomas & a couple others fighting back. That’s a good difference compared to the past few years when the Browns would’ve either rolled over or done something so blatantly stupid that the penalties would’ve equalled out.

  5. No replays available anywhere for the Raiders’ major infractions. Though you can see Brandon Stokely’s bad behavior on
    Usually infractions that are worth ejections get shown all over the place. Could it be that the refs were a little overzealous against Oakland and they’re having their asses covered by someone further up the NFL food chain?

  6. One day the Raiders will do it right and not just brush a ref, someone is going to lay one out when they get the chance.
    It’s the reason Wally Coleman will never ref another Oakland game. The NFL is scared.

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