Stokley fined $25,000

Broncos receiver Brandon Stokley may have barely grazed a game official’s finger, but rules are rules.

Any contact with an official incurs an immediate ejection, plus a standard $25,000 fine.  ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports Stokley has learned he will indeed be fined 25 large.

Stokley was arguing a pass interference call.  As he started to walk away from the official, he swung his arm wildly and hit the official’s fingers.

It was a costly moment for the Broncos, who were already down two wide receivers before Stokley was thrown out of the game.

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  1. yeah…that was by all means pass interference, i have no idea what the ref was looking at. and that shouldnt be enough to eject a player…maybe if you push him, or hit him, or like slap him maybe. but he didnt even mean to, and they lost that game because the stokley magic left with him.

  2. He smacked his hand full force. He’s a professional athlete. If that didn’t hurt the official then Stokley is too weak to play in the NFL. I could break someone’s hand by punching it, maybe you can’t.

  3. FURTHERMORE why spend any breath to defend Stokley? He was full-on crying before he even reached the official. Dude is done in the NFL.

  4. I think refs should be ejected and fined 25k when they are waving their hands in the air and hit players walking by.

  5. They should fine that back judge $50,000. He did about as purely incompetent job in that game as I’ve ever seen. The Stokely non-call was just the tip of the spear. Dude ought to be ashamed for getting paid to work that one.

  6. Vince Young who gave the full high five to the official didnt get fined but Stokley who barely grazed the official got fined for 25 k? WOW!

  7. If the ruling is “Any contact with an official incurs an immediate ejection” then why wasn’t a flag thrown and immediate ejection for Andy Reid when he slapped the ref on the Butt as he went to review the sideline catch near the end of the game. He made far more contact with the ref then stokley did and was also trying to influence the outcome of the call.

  8. I saw it happen. I don’t really care either way. This by no means looked like an accident to me. It looked like he was slapping the officials hand (high five style) in anger. It was not a big deal. But to this person it did not look inadvertent.

  9. “Any contact with an official incurs an immediate ejection, plus a standard $25,000 fine.”
    Absolute nonsense. On any given Sunday multiple players come into contact with game officials inadvertantly on passing & running plays over the middle. The official is run into or over by players and no foul is called, nor are they fined.
    Stokley inadvertantly touched an official while appealing a non-call that shouldn’t have been a non-call.

  10. The fine for making contact with an official should be at least $100,000. I mean, players get fined $20,000 all the time for minor stuff – intentionally touching an official is one of the worst things a player could possibly do.
    I saw Stokely slap at that ref’s hand in petulant frustration – a BIG no-no in my book. I wouldn’t mind seeing four game suspensions handed out for that kinda behavior: it intimidates old refs and sets a HORRIBLE example for all the kids watching.
    I have nothing against the Broncos or their fans, but I hope that was the last I ever see of Stokely, seriously…

  11. Honestly I’m glad Denver list but this fine is an absolute joke. He didn’t mean to hit the official..he swung his hand in frustration and it hit the officials fingers…when did the f’ng refs become so sensitive..come on now grow some balls..maybe if they weren’t so horrible they won’t have to worry about players or coaches complaining!!!

  12. I was watching the game, and am a Broncos fan. As soon as I saw Stokley throw his fit, I said, “Watch him get a penalty instead of the guy that did the pass interference.” And it happened. Then I saw the replay, which clearly confirmed the pass interference, but also confirmed that Stokley deserved his penalty and ejection as well. Even if it was accidental, it was done in a rage and he was out of control. I’m a Broncos fan, and I thought the officiating was terrible on both sides in that game, but Stokley was way out of line.

  13. haha look at all the whining Broncos fans taking after him. Bad calls were going both ways, and were mostly benefiting the Broncos. But guess what? No one else chased after a ref with their tears flying out of their eyes. That was some of the worst immature whining I’ve ever seen in this game. He should have been ejected solely on not having a pair of testicles.

  14. “Stokley inadvertantly touched an official while appealing a non-call that shouldn’t have been a non-call. ”
    the slap looked inadvertent, but in no way was Stokley innocent of wrong doing. he was yelling in th face of the ref. flailing about like koy detmer with a dislocated elbow. And who knows what was said?
    “hey ref, come on man, he was muggin me.”
    or more likely, what really was said,
    “come on you F**kin retard, open your F**kin eye you C**kS**ker. you F**kin blind or what, your mama would’ve seen that a mile away”
    get the idea? the slap gave the ref the excuse he needed to eject a player who seriously needed an attitude adjustment, at that moment.
    I am an Eagles fan, i was surprised by the ejection. the non-call for mugging, please, there were bad calls all around. lets talk about that 2 penalties enforced on Samuels Interception.

  15. @ Hooby..
    he had the ENTIRE FIELD more than 100+ yards to swing his arms around like a little girl .. absolutely no reason for him to be doing that 2 inches from the Ref.. and quit cryin about the call or no call that part has NOTHING to do with it.. theirs ways to express yourself without gettin childish and im sure they wouldve called a penalty to balance it out.. the Eagles got some bad calls that game as well as the Broncs you need to learn not to be a woman and hold grudges like they do

  16. Honestly, I’ve never wondered about the integrity of NFL officiating until this one. Mike Carey’s crew has always been woefully bad and woefully one-sided, but this one was beyond the pale. NFL security ought to be looking into it.
    The better team won. But Denver never had an honest chance. Phantom penalties all over the place, although they were nicely balanced out with blatant non-calls. Long conferences about nothing. Flags picked up. Incomprehensible rule interpretations. Celek’s last TD. It was sickening.
    Don’t hate on me cuz I’m right.

  17. architectx says:
    December 31, 2009 5:30 PM
    I was watching the game, and am a Broncos fan. As soon as I saw Stokley throw his fit, I said, “Watch him get a penalty instead of the guy that did the pass interference.”
    Naturally. He must have thought for a minute there he was still in Indy and got PIs merely for lining up @ a receiving position. 😛
    Stokley is not the type of player to go after an official, so one thing I am pretty sure of is that it was unintentional even if he was angry. In fact I remember seeing him intervene a couple times when a teammate was going to do something inappropriate and get flagged, like he did with Brandon Marshall last year vs Cleveland.

  18. ANY contact? So the multiple times a game that Brady or Manning put their hands on an official’s arm or shoulder to discuss a call or non-call, they all get fined?

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