The 2010 restricted free agents

On Wednesday, MDS pointed out the AP report that more than 200 players who believed they would be unrestricted free agents actually will be restricted free agents under the rules of the uncapped year, which begins on March 5, 2010.

In a normal year, four years of service qualifies a player for unrestricted free agency.  In an uncapped year, the number moves to six.

Which means that plenty of guys will be pissed once they realize that they won’t be eating at the uncapped trough.

The full list appears below.

Cardinals (6):  safety Hamza Abdullah,  fullback Justin Green, guard Deuce
Lutui, kicker Mike Nugent, receiver Jerheme Urban, nose tackle Gabe

Falcons (7):  tackle Tyson
Clabo, guard Harvey
Dahl, safety Jamaal Fudge, punter Michael Koenen, running back Jerious
Norwood, guard Quinn
Ojinnaka, safety Charlie

Ravens (10):  guard Chris Chester, receiver Mark
Clayton, kicker Billy
Cundiff, punter Sam
safety Dawan Landry, tackle Tony
Moll, tight end Quinn Sypniewski, tackle Adam
Terry, cornerback Fabian
Washington, receiver Demetrius

Bills (6):  linebacker Keith Ellison, quarterback Gibran
Hamdan, guard Richie
Incognito, tight end Joe
Klopfenstein, safety George
Wilson, safety Ashton

Panthers (5):  linebacker James Anderson, linebacker Thomas Davis, tight end Jeff
King, cornerback Richard
Marshall, tackle Rob

Bears (5):  defensive end Mark Anderson, safety Josh
Bullocks, nose tackle Dusty
Dvoracek, safety Danieal
Manning, linebacker Jamar

Bengals (5):  linebacker Abdul Hodge, linebacker Rashad
Jeanty, linebacker Brandon
Johnson, guard Evan
Mathis, defensive end Frostee

Browns (7):  safety Abram
Elam, linebacker Arnold
Harrison, running back Jerome
Harrison, linebacker D’Qwell
Jackson, safety Brodney
Pool, linebacker Matt
Roth, fullback Lawrence

Cowboys (12):  receiver Miles Austin, defensive end Stephen
cornerback Cletis Gordon, defensive end Jason Hatcher, receiver Sam
Hurd, tackle Pat
McQuistan, center Duke
Preston, guard Cory
Procter, safety Gerald
Sensabaugh, defensive end Marcus
Spears, safety Pat Watkins, kicker Shaun

Broncos (13):  defensive end Elvis Dumervil, guard Chris
Kuper, receiver Brandon
Marshall, quarterback Kyle
Orton, tight end Tony Scheffler, defensive end Le Kevin
Smith, safety Daniel
Bullocks, center Dylan
Gandy, defensive end Jason
Hunter, receiver Adam
Jennings, guard
Daniel Loper, safety Ko
Simpson, linebacker Cody

Packers (8):  safety Atari
Bigby, cornerback Will Blackmon, guard Daryn Colledge, safety Nick
Collins, defensive end Johnny Jolly, fullback John
Kuhn, safety Derrick Martin, center Jason

Texans (7):  safety John
Busing, tackle Rashad
Butler, tight end Owen
Daniels, runing back Ryan Moats, safety Bernard
Pollard, linebacker DeMeco
Ryans, center Chris

Colts (9):  receiver Hank
Baskett, safety Antoine Bethea, safety Aaron
Francisco, linebacker Tyjaun
Hagler, cornerback Marlin
Jackson, cornerback Tim
Jennings, tackle Charlie
Johnson, linebacker Freddy
Keiaho, cornerback T.J.

Jaguars (3):  linebacker Clint
Ingram, defensive tackle Montavious
Stanley, receiver Troy

Chiefs (6):  quarterback Brodie
Croyle, linebacker Derrick
Johnson, linebacker
Mays, center Rudy
Niswanger, tackle Ryan
O’Callaghan, safety Jarrad Page.

Dolphins (2):  running back
Ronnie Brown, tight end
Anthony Fasano.

Vikings (6):  tackle Ryan
Cook, defensive end Ray
Edwards, defensive tackle Fred
Evans, quarterback Tarvaris
Jackson, cornerback Karl
Paymah, fullback Naufahu

Patriots (3):  kicker
Stephen Gostkowski, guard Logan
Mankins, linebacker Pierre Woods.

Saints (11):  running back Mike
Bell, tackle Jammal
Brown, guard Jahri
Evans, defensive tackle Tony
Hargrove, safety Roman
Harper, safety Herana-Daze
Jones, receiver Lance
Moore, receiver Courtney
Roby, tackle Zach
Strief, tight end David
Thomas, cornerback Leigh

Giants (9):  linebacker Chase
Blackburn, guard Kevin
Boothe, safety C.C.
Brown, nose tackle Barry
Cofield, cornerback Kevin
Dockery, receiver Derek
Hagan, receiver Sinorice
Moss, tackle Guy Whimper, linebacker Gerris

Jets (8):  quarterback Kellen
Clemens, cornerback Drew
Coleman, receiver Braylon
Edwards, nose tackle Howard
Green, tackle Wayne
Hunter, receiver Brad
Smith, safety Eric
Smith, running back Leon

Raiders (7): linebacker Jon
Alston, tackle Khalif
Barnes, linebacker Ricky
Brown, quarterback Charlie
Frye, linebacker Thomas
Howard, linebacker Kirk
Morrison, cornerback Stanford

Eagles (8):  receiver Jason
Avant, center Nick
Cole, linebacker Omar Gaither, linebacker Chris
Gocong, cornerback Ellis
Hobbs, guard Max
Jean-Gilles, tight end Alex
Smith, fullback Leonard

Steelers (1): tackle Willie

Chargers (11):  linebacker Tim
Dobbins, receiver Malcom
Floyd, defensive tackle Antonio
Garay, center Eric
Ghiaciuc, linebacker Marques
Harris, receiver Vincent
Jackson, defensive end Travis
Johnson, tackle Marcus
McNeill, linebacker Shawne
Merriman, running back Darren
Sproles, quarterback Charlie

Seahawks (5):  linebacker Lance
Laury, punter Jon
Ryan, guard Rob
Sims, center Chris
Spencer, defensive end Darryl Tapp.

49ers (3):  guard David Baas, linebacker Ahmad
Brooks, cornerback Marcus

Rams (7):  defensive end Victor Adeyanju, safety Oshiomogho
Atogwe, tackle Alex
Barron, running back Sam
Gado, defensive tackle Gary
Gibson, receiver Ruvell
Martin, guard Mark

Buccaneers (9):  receiver Mark
Bradley, receiver Brian
Clark, linebacker Matt
McCoy, tackle Donald
Penn, linebacker Barrett
Ruud, receiver Maurice
Stovall, tackle Jeremy
Trueblood, running back Carnell Williams, linebacker Rod

Titans (6):  defensive end Dave Ball, defensive tackle Tony
Brown, tight end Bo
Scaife, linebacker Stephen Tulloch, defensive tackle Kevin
Vickerson, running back LenDale

Redskins (7):  quarterback Jason Campbell, safety Reed
Doughty, defensive tackle Kedric Golston, linebacker Rocky
McIntosh, defensive tackle Anthony
Montgomery, center Will
Montgomery, cornerback Carlos

38 responses to “The 2010 restricted free agents

  1. and they didn’t know this before the season started?
    I would find it hard to believe that all these players are ‘just now realizing’ or ‘haven’t yet realized’, I mean they have agents don’t they?
    This will along with the 2 franchice tags available meansthere won’t be much in free agency this offseason, but I’m sure that ‘The Danny’ will find someone to throw boatloads of money at.

  2. maybe they will get the CBA done right away. It’s best for the owners, players and the Fans. Nobody gives a damn about the fans anymore. Just carving up our money between millionaires…

  3. Will someone explain the uncaped year? I’m just afraid that a team like the Skins will buy up all the top free agents, and a team like the Bucs won’t spend any money at all. Good bye parody.

  4. wow the chargers might luckbox into keeping all those players on their current contracts. 2010 could be amazing for them.

  5. I’ll wait patiently for jeff to call out the GMs with the teams below as “idiots” for having as many or more free agents than the Packers…
    Cowboys (OK, bad example)
    And then I’ll wait for the oligatory poop comment.

  6. defensive end Le Kevin Smith, safety Daniel Bullocks, center Dylan Gandy, defensive end Jason Hunter, receiver Adam Jennings, guard Daniel Loper, safety Ko Simpson, linebacker Cody Spencer,
    ^Those are on the Lions, not Broncos.

  7. The uncapped year does mean there is no salary cap, and that anyone whos contract expires (who have been in the league 5 or less years) are restricted free agents. So, any team wanting to sign Ronnie Brown would need to hand over a 1st round pick to the Dolphins. So, being that vurtially all the available free agents are restricted, the Reskins will not be able to go on an insane spending spree. Unless they poison pill every contract offer. And unless they want to sign even older players. Dan Snyders an idiot.

  8. I like this article for the reason that is contradicts everything the 4-letter is saying. If you listen to them money will be flowing. But the reality is that it wont. Rich billionaires wont spend anymore than they have to.

  9. So the Lions have 0 people that this effects? I couldn’t help but notice that is the only team you left off this list.

  10. This is a fink list, or at least what the NFL hopes will be a fink list. It’s hard to pick most hi-larious part of this: the idea that there both will be a lockout (which the NFL has said will happen for a long time, thus no football in 2010) and that there will not be a lockout (the contracts signed in this offseason with an uncapped year looming will be valid and played under in 2010); the deep and serious concern the NFL must have for the players who might get horribly mistreated if the union holds firm on its demands; or the sight of a cartel which so fears its own members that it designed an especially byzantine set of contract rules to prevent anyone, esp. playoff teams, from taking advantage of conditions the league itself created.
    It is in fact clear that rich billionaires (at least one or two) will spend whatever they feel is necessary, skewing the market for everyone else. E.g. Albert Haynesworth, whose contract, despite being a horrible deal for WAS, has nevertheless in effect established a floor for all future big-name DL/LB contracts.
    Call me crazy, but if millions of us idiots are willing to watch football, thus generating gargantuan revenues, I’d prefer that as much money as possible go to the men whose bodies are destroyed for our entertainment…

  11. And in fact there is NO basis whatsoever for the opening line in this post; that these players “believed” they would be free agents. The Chargers Vince Jackson and Shawne Merriman, to take two examples, are quite aware of how the uncapped year will affect their contract negotiations.

  12. The names in bold mean; those players are not quite as good as the current Vikings roster, just ask Pervy Harvin.

  13. The point that players are surprised/ticked to “just now” find out they will be restricted is funny. They don’t know the overtime rules are sudden death, either. My, My.
    What doesn’t get much talk is the fact that not only is there no cap, there’s no minimum either. Look out Browns, Bills and Cardinal fans

  14. Did anyone else notice the abundance of defensive players on that list? Doesn’t that seem odd. Its near a 2 to 1.

  15. How many times do I have to remind you guys that Ronnie Brown will NOT be an RFA?
    If there is no new CBA, a sixth-year of his deal kicks in so that he’s under contract in 2010 and will be a UFA the following offseason.
    Google it!

  16. What exactly does the uncapped year mean.
    It is really simple.
    1. You will have to have 6 years not 4 to qualify for unrestricted status.
    2. Teams will be able to spend what ever they want on their total final talley.
    3. PLayers can sign for only 30% more than what they played for in 2009.
    For example Player A has been in the league 5 years. IN 2010 he is a restricted player. Player A can sign with team B but team A which he played for in 2009 will have the right to sign the player for the exact amount offered by team B. If team A decides not to resign player A then they would get compensation picks in the 2011 Draft.
    4. Now here is the kicker which is really going to help get a CBA done and done fast. Players can sign for only 30% than what they made in 2009.
    Using the above example, lets say player A made 1 million dollars last year. Team B can offer him a contract worth only 1.3 million dollars for 2010.
    Where people are getting this “UNCAPPED YEAR” mixed up is this. Teams payrolls are uncapped not player salaries.
    So if the colts were right at the 127 million dollar cap for example and Manning and Wayne were both in their final year of their contracts. The colts would be able to sign Manning at only 30% more than last year and same for Wayne.
    Here is why I think a CBA deal gets done quickly. Usually the second contract is a players big money deal. Players usually start to decline in value after 5-7 year range more for RB. having to wait nearly your entire career for big money while risking injury or even worse for players, that the one big year you had was a fluke and more than likely not a real deal will cost players money.
    Think of players like Matt Forte or Sydney Rice.

  17. If there is no CBA, Ronnie Brown is automatically under contract as the 6th year on his contract kicks in for 5 million

  18. Florio if you dont see this hear I will email my question.
    I was watching NFL Network yesterday I think it was their Total Access show. During the show a segment came on about the uncapped year in 2010. The man they had in to talk about it said that the bottom 8 teams in the NFL next year cannot sign Free Agents. That they can only sign current players on their roster and players from their roster that will be free agents next year.
    I have never heard you bring this up and because I figure you know as much about this then anyone Im having a hard time believing it. Mostly b/c I think you would have said something if its true.
    I guess my question is if its true?

  19. Check out the big brain on Irish Mafia! Now I’m going to eat your Big Kahuna Burger.

  20. The man they had in to talk about it said that the bottom 8 teams in the NFL next year cannot sign Free Agents. That they can only sign current players on their roster and players from their roster that will be free agents next year.
    What they actually said was that the eight teams still active in the playoffs are the ones who can’t sign free agents unless they loose one of their own.

  21. didn’t the players union let them know what the contract stated in case someone opted out of the contract. The players can’t be upset by being restricted as opposed to unrestricted seeing how they signed the contract.

  22. Pack83 says: December 31, 2009 12:15 PM
    Teddy Thompson…PAY NICK COLLINS…NOW!!!
    yeah right. I’m sure he will get right on that.

  23. lawdjayee says:
    December 31, 2009 1:09 PM
    Okay, you’re crazy. The lockout (which is a management sponsored event) would come n 2011, not 2010, so most of your rant is irrelevant.

  24. Ok, so a few players are bolded and there is no key. There are guys drafted in 2005 that are bolded for the most part though there are other guys drafted in 05 that aren’t bolded. This makes no sense.
    lawdjay-any lockout that will occur would be 2011 at the earliest. Never have I seen 2010 listed as the lockout year until you erroneously posted it.
    I think the uncapped year is great. It puts far greater emphasis on the draft, where it is supposed to be, keeps costs down and players in one location longer. I hope that they agree to something like this for the next CBA. Good drafting teams will be able to compete with the big money teams because they will have 6 years to get out of their picks, plus the big money teams will be spending their free agent cash on 28-30 year old first time free agents who aren’t likely to live up to long-term contracts.

  25. He did it alphabetically by the team’s location.
    And then didn’t actually say the location.

  26. pugdog1228 says:
    December 31, 2009 12:05 PM
    maybe they will get the CBA done right away. It’s best for the owners, players and the Fans. Nobody gives a damn about the fans anymore. Just carving up our money between millionaires…
    Carving up your money, not “ours”.
    I’m one of the biggest football fans around, but I’ll be damned if I buy a $80 jersey or a $125 ticket in the nose bleed seats.
    I enjoy cheap beer and hi-def in the comfort of my home. Plus, the food is better at my house.
    BTW, I DVR most football games which means I fast-forward through the commercials, too. Thanks for paying for my entertainment, chumps.
    If I want to pay inflated prices I’ll go to Hooters. Better than getting snowballs thrown at me.

  27. To:IWanttoPunchFloriointheFace:
    Just a thought – ever heard of alphabetical order
    Ummm…Maybe try the city name. If you had a brain you would see that all the teams ARE in alphabetical order according to their city name. I hope now you can sleep at night.

  28. No wonder the owners arent in a hurry to get this situation worked out. They have MONSTER leverage right here. Simon says: labor wants this rule/law/guideline abolished under the new CBA.

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