Brandon Marshall benched

Brandon Marshall will sit out Denver’s season finale, but it’s not just because of his hamstring injury.

Broncos coach Josh McDaniels announced Friday Marshall will sit because of a coach’s decision.

McDaniels reportedly said the reason was an accountability issue.  According to the Twitter account of Colorado Springs Gazette reporter Frank Schwab: “McD’s message is Marshall wouldn’t play through some injuries that others will play with on Sunday.”

Marshall was suspended by McDaniels in training camp, when Marshall also appeared to milk an injury and give less than full effort.  Marshall’s contract is up after the season, and he may be trying to avoid an injury that keeps him from getting paid.

Of course, an incident like this is a huge reminder that any long-term contract for Marshall will have its risks.

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  1. Thanks for the win in my championship last week Brandon!
    Denver loses without Marshall this week.
    Good luck!

  2. Marshall would be a fool to play injured for a team that has done nothing but made excuses to avoid paying him his due. Let them see what they have without him. If they don’t cut it, it adds to his stock and proves Josh needs him more than he needs Josh. The etam has no excuse to not pay Dumervil and they’ve made no moves toward rewarding him either. Bowlen has become cheap. Under Shanahan both players would have been resigned before the end of this year.

  3. Has anybody else noticed that Marshall has had more trouble with Mickey D’s than most other people? First it’s the McDonald’s bag that launched him through a television, and now it is McDaniels who has launched him onto the bench.

  4. Is it fair to say Donko fans may have seen BMarsh on the field as one of their own for the last time!?! And the collosa Donko collapse continues.

  5. McD is looking-out for the long-term attitude of his team… but this pretty much rules-out a playoff appearance.

  6. I can remmeber appx 13 weeks ago, when marshall was so happy and hugging his coach….it was a denver love fest…..and then they arrived in Baltimore and then Pittsburgh and then…….and then…..
    Losing often changes that loving feeling…..
    Please Ozzie…do not do a deal for brandon marshall…..

  7. I love how the wheels have fallen off Denver’s season. McArrogant is going out just like he came in….

  8. Makes the Pro Bowl on Tuesday.
    Wednesday, he is hurt in practice and he is “limited”.
    Thursday, he is out. Team lists the injury as slight.
    Friday, he is benched. The coach states that “he won’t play through an injury that other guys will play through.”
    Most players say that, at this time of the year, everyone is hurt in some way (which I would imagine is accurate). As a Broncos fan, I will say that he is our best offensive player, without a doubt. He makes spectacular catches, but is not a fast guy by any means.
    He is, however, the most fragile player, mentally and physically, I have witnessed play. Mark it down, he will be a Redskin or a Cowboy.
    This isn’t a McDaniels thing. This is a guy who got everything he needed. Pro Bowl, stats, highlight reel from the season. Now that it is essentially over, he simply does not want to play.
    The Scorpion and the Frog. Its his nature.

  9. well, all we do down in Diego way is get the popcorn out and watch the continuing soap opera called the “Denver Broncos”.
    were waiting on who McHoodie Jr calls out next

  10. “Marshall would be a fool to play injured for a team that has done nothing but made excuses to avoid paying him his due.”
    How long did it take you to create the fantasy world you live in ? Marshall has been arrested 4 or 5 times in the last 2 years, was with Darrent Williams when he as shot and killed, has had repeated other offseason problems and repeatedly been uncooperative with the team.
    Yes he’s great on the field, but what kind of “due” should the team risk on someone who is a walking trip to jail waiting to happen ? You can’t possibly claim that you would pay the guy a mega-contract if it was your money being paid to him and at risk of this turd’s bad behavior.
    Look at his legal history here –
    Involved in 8 different incidents, 1 in college and 7 in the brief time he’s been with the Donks. And you’d pay the guy a big stack of guaranteed millions ? Good thing you’re not running the asylum.

  11. BTW, to anyone who thinks the Broncos have become “cheap” or are unwilling to pay him, make a list of all FA’s and RFA’s for next year from every team that have signed a new deal as of yet. Its not the Broncos, its all of the teams.
    If you don’t see a strike coming in 2011, you’re blind. Its going to get ugly.
    Right now, the only guys I believe that were in the 2010 FA class that have signed (and didn’t switch teams) are Phillip Rivers, Ben Rothlesberger, and Eli Manning. Three guys you build a team around.
    Teams are checking out what’s happening next year.

  12. “He and Cutler will be a great tandem in Chicago.”
    Where they will continue to post losing records and miss the playoffs.

  13. I love how the wheels have fallen off Denver’s season
    McDaniel’s first season has been a success by anybody’s definition.
    Except the delusional.
    Or the immature.

  14. Brandon Marshall is quickly becoming the next T.O.
    Denver already had to ship out one star player for jerking him around, where do you tink Denver would be this season WITHOUT Brandon Marshall?
    Easily becoming one of the best receivers in the game.

  15. Who else is going to catch the ball? It’s not like noodle arm can get it to Royal. Don’t tell me Gaffney is going to be the go to guy with the playoffs on the line, hell r chances r slim as it is.

    Bellicheck called his former disiciple McDaniels and told him that he didnt want the Steelers in the playoffs and that he wants the Broncos to sit their best player and to tank their own playoff chances so another team can get the wildcard spot infront of the Steelers. Hes a good boy so he did what hes told and benched Marshall!!!!
    I have no clue if that hurts the Steelers or not but it makes as much sense as all the other things you Steelers fans say are happening to keep them out of the playoffs.

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