FOX, Time Warner strike a deal

We’ve been getting flooded lately with questions from nervous Time Warner customers who feared an abrupt departure of FOX programming from their cable systems.

With the deal between the two companies expiring when the ball at Times Square displayed the number of the New Year, Time Warner’s 13 million customers hoping to watch FOX might have been SOL.

With the Eagles and the Cowboys getting together on Sunday for a nationally-televised game beginning at 4:15 p.m. ET, that could have been a major problem for NFL fans.

But John Ourand of SportsBusiness Journal has tweeted that a deal between FOX and Time Warner has been reached.

So FOX will remain on Time Warner.  And on Comcast.  Which is irrelevant to this post but for the fact that Comcast has purchased NBC.

18 responses to “FOX, Time Warner strike a deal

  1. I guess Time Warner “rolled over.” Fine by me; that’s how I voted in their little poll-rigging PR exercise.

  2. As my company that I am employed by (partnered to Comcast), same thing almost happened between us and FOX last year when a local competitor gave in to FOX’s demands right away. Of course, the deal was done a week before the new year, so everything is good.

  3. **** Time Warner. I’m going to switch before next season. Not only will DirectTv give me NFL Network, but I’ll be able to watch all the games instead of having to watch the Texans every week.

  4. I know this would suck, but for NFL fans it was no biggie – has everyone forgot about rabbit ears? With the new digital conversion those with HD sets actually get a BETTER picture that way then from any other provider.

  5. Waiting for some schmuck to put some political angle in here in regards to FOX…
    In 2005, Time Warner was among 53 entities that contributed the maximum of $250,000 to the second inauguration of President George W. Bush.

  6. # litemater says: January 1, 2010 9:09 PM
    Now if Time Warner can agree to this, How about get me my NFL Network!…..
    I’m suprised a cable company would give less than a shit about what its customers want.
    having been a customer of Charter Communications for a LONG time, I can tell you that they suck beyond all belief, prices aren’t good at all, and they’ve got a 100% local monopoly. Trouble with minnesota winters is that it can pose a problem with satelite, so its a decision between NFL network (maybe) and sunday ticket (also, maybe) or the games on cable (guarenteed). sucks big time, and the boss (wife) doesn’t understand the need for both….
    but honestly, F U charter, thanks for the soapbox.

  7. People were going nuts here in Florida because the agreement was reached only 54 minutes before pregame for the Sugar Bowl–Tebow’s farewell being televised on Fox. Fortunately, I have Comcast. It’s cheaper than Time Warner, doesn’t go snowy every time the wind blows, and I can get the NFL Network. Unfortunately, the Gators are winning. No offense to Tebow, but I was hoping to watch the Urban Legend in His Own Mind get run over by the coachless kids from Cincy like he was by the Tide.

  8. fox is hella greedy i hope they didnt get everything they wanted. i wouldnt even miss fox….i can watch the games online and im not into cartoons or rigged singing shows.

  9. theron2666 says:
    Ahh yes… I love DirecTv. Never in any danger and I have the NFL network.
    Unless there is a bad storm…then you may have nothing.

  10. Time Warner sucks. They don’t have NFL network, you never get to see the game you want on tv, and they are cheap,so you constantly have to worry about losing channels. I mean, woud I have had to get rid of my cable to watch the game sunday? great.

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