Lack of communication an issue in Denver

Brandon Marshall says he didn’t understand why he was being deactivated for Sunday’s game until the media told him the reason.

“[Josh McDaniels] hasn’t really said anything to me,” Marshall said.  “He just came in today and told
me that I was going to be deactivated, he was making an announcement
today and you know, I have to respect that.”

Just like the Jay Cutler situation last offseason, there seems to be a disconnect between player and coach.  The two men spoke Friday, yet McDaniels seems to be sending his message through the media.

McDaniels pointed out that Marshall didn’t try to talk the coach out of the decision.  That remark is telling.  It likely speaks to the type of attitude driving the coach crazy during a huge week for the organization.  

“It’s disheartening to have to deal with something like this at this
point in time,” McDaniels said.  “But we want the guys on the field that are dying to play
as hard as they can play with whatever, to try to get us in the

McDaniels is questioning Marshall’s toughness very publicly, a surprising tactic.  We have to think the issue has been addressed in private more than Marshall is letting on.

“There’s a lot of players that play with things that are more difficult to play with than what he has,” said McDaniels.

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  1. You know Brandon Marshall was right to point out that McDaniels never played in the league but is now trying to be an arbiter of whether a guy is hurt or not. Here is what I bet, I bet a lot more Broncos players would back Marshall on this one than their pip squeak coach who probably has never done anything tough his whole life, at least not tough in a football players view of the word. The truth is this move and benching the TE scream of a guy who is panicking before a big game. But he was fortunate in the choice of Marshall to bench because the media will never look over Marshall’s past trangression to even take a second to think about how ridiculous this makes McDaniels look. But benching Shieffler should at least make yall take a second look and wonder out loud if you have ever heard of such crap when it comes to a coach “benching” a player who already wasn’t going to play because of injury just to publicly humiliate him, and benching another key player before a game to get in the playoffs because of his attitude supposedly that so far as I can tell hasn’t been an issue all year.
    Yeah, I am going to hold my breath and wait on that though. Not.

  2. McDaniels should be fined.
    If it’s grossly inappropriate for a player to call out his coach, it’s equally unacceptable for a coach to call out his player so publicly. No matter who is, at base, right or wrong, it boxes the person into a corner – if he tries to talk him out of the action, he might be portrayed as weak, argumentative, insubordinate. If he says nothing, he may appear sullen, uncooperative, uncaring. Etc.
    No winners when the media is used as the primary means of, pardon the expression, communication.

  3. Geez Florio. You are going to bash Marshall for not trying to change McDaniels mind? Even though the advice from pretty much everyone to Marshall all season long has been to shut up, be a professional and do what the coach/team tells you?

  4. Uggh, and I just became one of those idiots I usually laugh at who don’t look at who writes the post and addresses their criticism to the wrong person.

  5. I disagree, Marshall is NOT right to point out that McDaniels hasn’t played in “the league”. It’s a notorious statement that lazy players or non-conforming players like to make. I’ve heard it all before. When their coach played in “the league” at one point, then the player says the coach is “old school” and the game has changed and/or passed them by. It’s always something with lazy/non-conforming players.

  6. Marshall has been a prima donna all year crying for a new contract. My guess is McDaniels just wanted to get the last word in this season.
    Doesn’t make a lot of sense, but Denver has done a lot this year that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  7. What the hell do you know about McDaniels and his toughness (or lack thereof)? Friggin nothing. So shut up. “Panicking” by sitting down your best offensive weapon? Seriously? The Broncos are gonna run it down the Chiefs throat all day long, just like last time, homie. They won’t need to pass much. This is a message that if you don’t put in the effort, you don’t play. If you don’t have a positive atitude, you don’t play. The team is bigger than the individual, and the Broncos would rather have team players. Sooner or later Marshall and Scheffler will get the message. The Broncos story is not about this season only. Why people aren’t understanding that blows me away. McDaniels plans on being around long after these guys are gone. They are looking for certain types of players and atitudes in Denver now. You either get with the program or you get gone. Period. I happen to like the approach.
    Is it not “arrogance gone wild” to use a big word and assume that those reading it won’t know it or have the capacity to find the definition on their own? Ring, Ring. Hello, kettle? This is the pot. You’re black you unctuous prick.

  8. well… Marshalls nick is ” baby TO” isn’t it? But it’s hard to side with either of these douche bubbles.

  9. coach never lost a battle with a mcdonald’s bag either. or set of a killin with a champagne bottle.
    marshall is a dick. it’s all about him. baby she-ho… get him a pink hat..

  10. You can’t blame McDaniel’s for Marshall’s childish behavior. If you aren’t willing to play hurt in a must-win game for the playoffs then you don’t belong in the NFL or any other level of football. I was proud of the strides Marshall made this season, and its a damn shame to see him throw all that away in a dipshit contract move. Whatever team pays the big bucks for him next year is buying damaged goods. Marshall will never be half the receiver of half the man Rod Smith is/was.

  11. rx
    I know for damn sure that Brandon Marshall is tougher than Josh McDaniels. Now dispute that if you can.

  12. McDaniels will be coaching in this League long after Marshall is huddling below an overpass with his crack pipe.

  13. Last time i checked…..The Head Coach is the Boss….Marshall is an incredible talent, no doubt, but he’s just another in a long list of NFL prima donna wide receivers….You have to like a coach who’s basically saying, shut up bitch, you’re not playing. I want guys that will play their hearts out for me…..I don’t see how his players, true professionals, won’t respect that…..

  14. How do you KNOW that? Because he’s bigger and stronger? Is that what “toughness” is? I’m not certain I agree with that at all. To me, “toughness” is an intangible quality that cannot be quantified with bench press reps and 40 times. Brandon Marshall certainly looks tough (and don’t get me wrong, I love Marshall as a player and definitely want him to stay a Bronco), but methinks he may be a bit fragile on the mental side. This is also not the first time he has been called out for not playing hurt. Shanny skewered him during training camp 2 seasons ago for not coming back from an injury…
    So I wouldn’t be so quick to jump to your conclusion, bro.

  15. It is so obvious that this is a racist move. Marshall just broke the record for catches in a game a few weeks ago, and is now being benched? Last week, Stokely hits an official, get tossed when the Broncos are hurting and are down receivers, yet nothing is being said or done about that, and if anything, a whole bunch of excuses are being made for him.
    Marshall is black, and Stokely is white. That is the beginning and the end of it. And you all know it.

  16. RX,
    Spot on.
    And whoever suggested that benching the TE Sheffler doesn’t watch the games. He is not a major part of the offense, and has been pissed ever since his BFF Cutler was traded.

  17. @ rx
    I was already to blast these guys, and you did it for me. I can’t think of anything you may have missed. I am not a Bronco’s fan by any means, but I am a coach, obviously not at the level of the NFL, and in my first season in charge I had to lay it down to set a tone for the future.
    The Bronco’s have a guy with a vision and the attitude to reach that vision, one who is not afraid of his players.

  18. “What we’ve got here is…..a failure… communicate. Some men… just can’t reach… we get what we had here last week….which is the way he wants. Well, he gets!”

  19. but I am a coach, obviously not at the level of the NFL, and in my first season in charge I had to lay it down to set a tone for the future.
    This is too funny……..What level exactly are you coach of, that you had to inform the PFT world that you had to set the tone……Pop warner league? High school?…Hell, even a decent HS coach would not jeopardize his job with such BS…Obviously “coach”, whatever level it is, you won’t progress past it…….

  20. I Totally know zip, I do mean zip, about Josh?
    But, as a GIANT fan and in this market, YOU DON”T put down TWO Players going into a playoff game.
    Now, the 64k Question: If Denver makes the playoffs, tell me, are these guys gonna play, if Josh thinks there NOT BEHAVING!
    Good thing this idot isn’t here. What about having alittle grow up conversation with the two
    guys who’s numbers show they got them this far?
    Even Coughlin would do that, wouldn’t he?

  21. I live in Colorado and follow the Broncos.
    Marshall played hurt with a hip injury, a serious one, so……toughness isn’t an issue.
    That being said….
    Josh has a severe problem with communication, this would not have been an issue with 31 out of 32 teams. He seems to run a soap opera…….no wonder we have lost 7 out of 9.
    Shanny would have just sat down and talked.

  22. Whichever team gives Marshall the contract he and his agent are looking for will soon be trying to figure out a way to get out from under the contract.
    If this guy is this much trouble BEFORE he gets his FU money, what will he be like with a pocket full of cash?

  23. You know…..Calling someone an idiot and then misspelling a 6 letter word…kind of makes it a moot point….

  24. McDaniels is a Jackass he doesnt know what kind of pain Marshall has or the trouble hes having at proving at a top level.
    McDaniels obviously doesnt know what a hamstring injury is like. Im sure a defensive lineman might be able to play with that injury but its kind of hard for a reciever.
    Marshall relies on his speed and explosiveness which is completely drained by a hamstring injury. It also takes your strength and leverage away. McDaniels would know all this if he played football.

  25. Apparently magsdad missed the Jim Rome radio show where Scheffler practically gagged on McDaniels’ junk, nobody on that team has been that effusive in their praise of a coach that has done nothing but ruin a perfectly good offense.

  26. marshall has acted like a professional this season, mcdaniels has, and is continuing to, act like a toddler and an idiot
    i loved his decision to get rid of cutler, but it’s clear, mcdaniels can’t just make a decision and stick with it, he has to play mental games and create alot of unnecessary drama
    the guy simply isn’t ready to be a head coach, he’s way to immature

  27. 1986 Bill Parcells meets with NY Reporters:
    Today, I have deactivated Lawrence Taylor &
    Leonard Marshall for BLAH, BLAH>>BLAH.
    I know this might be a surprise, because our playoff situation depends on winning this game.
    But, I’m doing this because I want to field the best players possible, who give us the best change to win. Although as a man, Head Coach, and Leader of this Team it’s my call, and NO I DID NOT SPEAK TO THEM, IN MY OFFICE YET, but I’m sure will get this done sometime
    Had this really occured, Parcells would be in a New Jersey Hospital with someone’s testicles
    hanging out of his mouth. GET A COACH, BEFORE THE WHOLE TEAM FALLS APART

  28. “Josh McDaniels did play football! Leave Joshua alone! You’re lucky that he even coaches for you bastards!”–rx

  29. Brandon Marshall is a stud. He kept his head down and laid low all season like a good doobie. Brandon played to win every play and has given 110% all season. What makes anyone…including the coach think that Brandon would not want to play if he could? What makes anyone think he would not want to be in the playoffs?….This is all way too silly…somebody chickened out but we don’t think it was Brandon…somebody is playing mind games in Denver…but we don’t think it’s Brandon….not a way to build a champion

  30. I think once again the point is being missed. This Sunday is an essential game for the team. Even with a win the Broncos need help to make the playoffs, but as far as the TEAM goes, the win is all they can do.
    Instead, McDaniel’s manages to mismanage his players to the extent that it might damage the franchise. This isn’t to say Brandon Marshall isn’t at fault either. His behavior has been unbelievably poor in the past, though over the last few weeks he seems to be the only Bronco playing up to his ultimate level. One does not make 21 catches in a game and take the resulting hits because he lacks toughness. He does it because he has something to prove, for better or worse.
    The fact is, these emotional, all-too-public dramatic displays don’t speak well for anyone, especially when you should really be working on doing whatever it takes to win the key game of the season. And KC might be weak, but any team can win any Sunday.
    I do find it strange, however, that two very talented players who are approaching their contract years are being benched at season’s end due to attitude problems (worse than injury problems in this day and age), and find it to be a bit of a coincidence that it will hurt their market value.
    I am a Broncos fan, born and raised, but I’m really starting to get tired of all this public drama and that it keeps affecting the short and long term future of this organization. Grow up, ALL of you.

  31. McDaniel’s manages to mismanage his players to the extent that it might damage the franchise.
    McDaniels will have something Jay Cutler never did.
    A winning record.

  32. CT.GIANTMAN says:
    “1986 Bill Parcells meets with NY Reporters:
    Today, I have deactivated Lawrence Taylor &
    Leonard Marshall for BLAH, BLAH>>BLAH.”
    Don’t be a ridiculous ass…Taylor and Marshall would have and did run through brick walls for Parcells.

  33. Yes, lack of communication and then some. The good side is that Cutler has finally been vindicated!! The true crybaby, temper tantrum, egotistical, back stabbing, crazy decision making McDaniels comes out. Jay just got a glimpse of it before the rest of us. No wonder he wanted out so fast. Can I be traded…please. ; )~

  34. Josh McDaniels is clearly not in control of his team. The Broncos record in the second half of the season speaks for itself.
    His childish tactics are damaging and ineffective.
    If he doesn’t change his approach he won’t be a head coach in the NFL much longer.

  35. The Wizard:
    As I said, the point is being missed. This has nothing to do with Cutler now. The ship has sailed and personally, I’m glad to see him on it. He can be devisive in Chicago all he wants.
    I just don’t like the petty fighting in the public eye and I think it can have a negetive impact for years.
    I am also suspicious of the motives. McDaniels is great as a coach except in that he doesn’t deal with the players as people very well (as shown over and over again when he treats “the player” as a comodity), that he always seems anxious to prove who’s in charge (and of course, he is, but you don’t have to be the guy to push it constantly), and that he does it in the public arena so EVERYONE knows what a storm he can make (which is not going to help us draw in new talent or reasonable draft picks).

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