Moss, Welker probable, but not injured

As the Patriots prepare to face the Texans in a game that could knock Houston out of the playoffs and nail down the No. 3 seed for New England, the Pats’ two starting receivers are probable for the game — but they’re not injured.

Both Randy Moss and Wes Welker have had limited involvement in practice this week, but their status is “not injury related.”  On Friday’s injury report, both are probable, which means there’s a chance they won’t play.

It’s extremely slim, but there’s still a chance they won’t play.

Also probable are cornerback Leigh Bodden (knee), quarterback Tom Brady (shoulder, finger, rib), receiver Julian Edelman (forearm), defensive end Jarvis Green (knee), tackle Nick Kaczur (shoulder), running back Laurence Maroney (knee), cornerback Shawn Springs (knee), and tight end Benjamin Watson (knee).

Defensive end Ty Warren (foot) and defensive tackle Vince Wilfork (ankle) are questionable.

10 responses to “Moss, Welker probable, but not injured

  1. Welker to Moss: “I really don’t want to get KTFO by Ryan Clark again in the playoffs…”

  2. Gambling on the end of the season is almost as fun as the start. Not sure how any team is going to play and it is basically a crap shoot. Makes it interesting.

  3. Moss to Welker – dude, we have to do everything we can to get the Steelers into the playoffs, since we OWN them in the playoffs this decade!!! With Meathead Chokelisburger at QB and the biggest baby in the league at WR, it will be a cakewalk!!! Don’t forget, the Steelers have not beaten the Pats this decade in the playoffs, and we own them… OWN THEM when the money is on the line.

  4. WallyWorld, the Pats have played the Steelers in the playoffs TWICE this decade
    winning 2/2 is not ownage

  5. Guatam
    winning 100% of the games isn’t ownage? What’s your definition, dipshit

  6. wilsuckdick4food,
    In that case, the Giants OWN the Pats in the Super Bowl, winning 100% of the Super Bowls that they have played against them. Also, this season, the Colts OWN the Pats, winning 100% of the games that they have played this season.
    Finally, GOOD TEAMS OWN the Pats this season since the Pats STILL haven’t beaten ONE SINGLE GOOD TEAM this season and won’t the rest of the way.

  7. GOOD TEAMS OWN the Pats this season
    No matter.
    Still “Team Of The Decade”
    We can live with it.

  8. Jealousy is a wardrobe that leaves one inadequately dressed!
    Storm clouds are brewing.

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