Shanahan still might have his eyes on Texans

As the football-watching world continues to wait for Mike Shanahan to be announced as the next head coach of the Redskins, some think that Shanahan is still waiting for a team from Texas to join the bidding.

Per a league source, there’s a belief in some league circles that Shanahan secretly covets the Texans’ head-coaching job. 

Adam Schefter of ESPN recently reported that Shanahan wouldn’t want the Texans job, because it’s currently held by former Shanahan lieutenant Gary Kubiak. 

But if/when Kubiak is fired, that could change.  Quickly.

In Houston, Shanahan would be reunited with his son, Kyle, who currently works as Houston’s offensive coordinator.  Mike Shanahan also would be working again with Texans G.M. Rick Smith, who was a member of Shanahan’s coaching staff in Denver before heading to the team’s front office.

Of course, Smith would have to give up final say over the roster in order to land Shanahan.  But if the options for Smith are a back seat to Shanahan or no seat at all, Smith might be willing to give up the ability to trump the head coach. 

38 responses to “Shanahan still might have his eyes on Texans

  1. I personally think that Kyle Shannahan should get the job. He has done great things with that offense and probably deserves a shot.

  2. I can only hope Gary is good as gone come Black Monday. 4 years and has taken the hometown team to only 8-8. Where is the improvement.(or uhh the common saying: What have you done for me lately?)
    Why should I expect anything better in year 5 with Gary at the helm? It will probably be same ol’ same ol’ of underachieving, mistakes, and full of excuses and another wasted year. Get a head start pleeeaaase! Cowher or Shanahan! Preferably Cowher.

  3. I would rather take the Texans job over the Redskins anyday. In the Texans you have a young, promising franchise. In the Redskins you have a lot more pressure, a crazy napolean owner and the weather isn’t as nice. Houston is a great place to live, D.C. , too many people. This is my opinion and this opinion has been rendered as fact by an independant panel.

  4. And hopefully..If he gets the job…Thru the miracles of modern science and possibly the fountain of youth…..Terrell Davis and John Elway will make incredible combacks….Either way, I have zero doubt old BronzeBoy can go 8-8 with the squad they have now…..

  5. Damn Florio, you’ve got Shanahan pretty much linked to every team as the Head Coaching Candidate!!
    Congratulations on being right when the time comes–I’m sure you’ll say you were when/if the time comes.
    Way to target practice with a scattergun!

  6. I am probably the only Redskins fan in the metro glad to here this.
    Dont get me wrong, I like Shanahan compared to the the guy we have (Zorn) any day. But there is one guy who keeps getting over looked who I would love to hear about getting an interview for the Skins job.
    Thats RUSS GRIM!!!!!

  7. Texans job is ten times better than the Redskins job. Why would anyone want to work for Dan Snyder? Working for owners like Snyder and Al Davis is fine for guys that are first time head coaches looking for an opportunity. If you’re an established proven head coach then you don’t need to subject yourself to the Davis’s and Snyder’s of the NFL.

  8. houston always seemed pretty damned crowded to me.
    houston needs a defensive minded coach. they have a good offense.

  9. when will teams realize just bc a coach has a son does not mean they know as much as their father or are nearly as qualified i hate you shanahan, schotty, polian, etc etc

  10. “Of course, Smith would have to give up final say over the roster in order to land Shanahan.”
    Could or would? Please show proof that Shanahan wouldn’t accept less. Let’s see if he can even get a job first.

  11. And his is going to help the Texans how? If I remember right Kubiak was groomed by Shanahan and their philosophies are the same. Sure Shanahan won a couple of superbowls but he didn’t do it until he had a running game with Terrel Davis. If Shanahan took over for Kubiak the only thing that would change would be the name of the head coach they both run the zone blocking scheme which is the Texans biggest problem this year. At least Kubiaks has proven to finish his season strong and Shanahan got fired because he couldn’t get his team to win one of their last four last season to get to the playoffs. Kubiak will coach The Texans next year which is his final year of his contract and it will be playoffs or bye-bye and he more than anyone knows it. I believe Kubiak will get this done and the Texans will be winners for years to come because him and Rick Smith are building a team to win for years not for one or two seasons.

  12. the great reporting of this site continues!
    First, Shanahon wants chicago, then buffao, then cowboys, then redskins, then bucs, and now texans.
    Keep up the great work, Florio.

  13. I#ve got a question Mike:
    Why do many of the articles you have posted recently that refer to an outside source’s previous comments link to PFT?
    Surely in this case, for example, you should link to the primary source, not your own website?
    Or is that one of the things that changed when NBC took over?

  14. All this Texans speculation might all be bs. Kyle Shannahan’s contract expires at the end of the season. He will follow Mike where ever he goes.

  15. A rat is unpredictable, you never know which way he’s going to go. He couldn’t care less who might get fired.
    A rat is a rat, and no one is safe.

  16. Good stuff AJ – and to add to that, Shanahan has won exactly ONE playoff game since Elway retired.
    I’m suffering in Chicago with Lovie Smith… At least you can say your kicker cost you two games. We have no such excuses up here.
    I’d gladly take Kubiak as an Offensive Coordinator or Head Coach if Houston doesn’t want him. Cutler probably would too, I can’t imagine the systems are too different, other than the fact Houston has REAL talent at WR and TE.

  17. Kyles contract is up, so that probably isn’t a huge factor.
    Mike was snakebit on the defensive side, I’m sure he will find a 3-4 guy and move forward.
    I would rather have Shanny anyday than this numbnuts from N.E. Josh is an offensive genius ?
    Like hell he is.

  18. Just what the Texans need – the exact same offense that has done nothing the past 4 years. Any other money that Shanahan makes in the NFL should be after Elway and Davis get their cuts. Without the two of them, Shanahan would have been fired long before he actually was.

  19. jibfest says:
    January 1, 2010 6:48 PM
    I would rather take the Texans job over the Redskins anyday. In the Texans you have a young, promising franchise. In the Redskins you have a lot more pressure, a crazy napolean owner and the weather isn’t as nice.*** Houston is a great place to live, D.C. , too many people***. This is my opinion and this opinion has been rendered as fact by an independant panel.
    You obviously have never lived in Houston, nor do you know the meaning of the word ‘rendered’

  20. Kubiak has proved hes a middle of the road coach. No reason to fire him unless you are positive you have someone better to replace him.
    If the person replacing him is demanding 5+ million a year, that doesnt always mean he’s a better coach.
    The biggest problem with texans was their offensive and defensive lines.
    Say what you will about Kubiak, both have gotten better under him. Personally I think the GM is more at fault than anything.

  21. @ Raw Deal;
    You wrote exactly what I was thinking.
    @ Allied Biscut;
    In addition to the teams you mentioned, Shanny wanted the Florida job too, but you know, it was um “according to sources”
    What about Seattle, a return to Oakland, or the Jags Florio?

  22. @jobfest
    I’m with SheHateMe on the fact that you have probably never been to Houston if you think DC has too many people. Houston has more people in and around the City Limits than alot of states have.
    I have a good idea for Houston head coach. Houstons O is doing good. The D, well. When/if Phillips gets let go from Dallas he can come down here for a couple of seasons. He would improve the D and at least get them past 8-8 and probably into the playoffs. Plus he would get more control than what Jerry will give him.

  23. Seems a though Florio has a “Beef” with the Redskins. Every week there seems to be a new team that Shanahan is interested in and these dumb articles on the Redskins use of the Rooney Rule from his so called unamed sources. If Mike Shannahan didn’t want to go to the Skins wouldnt you think he would have told Danny boy he’s not interested??? He told the Bills and they were talking huge numbers and partial ownership of the team. Come Monday or early next week Shannahan, “WILL BE THE NEW HEAD COACH OF THE REDSKINS”. And will probably get a deal close to what Holmgren got. Another thing most of the links for your Shannahan articles are from previous articles from PFT and doesn’t link to what source you you get your information from. Until I here it from Adam Schefter who is a close friend of Shanny, I will assume this is one of you theories or lies to get the traffic up on this site.

  24. Hey jibfest, Houston has 2.2 million people and Washington D.C. has 600,000. Can you figure out which city has too many people?

  25. I don’t think that anyone was assuming that Shannan was interested in the Bills job other then he was using it as a tool to drive up his price to the place he really wanted to go.

  26. Does anyone else feel sorry for Buffalo Bills fans with the way some of these people have viewed that HC job?
    I am not a Buffalo Bills fan but it seems rather elitists by some people to act like they are too good to coach in Buffalo.
    I understand people not wanting to take a HC job with a 91 year old owner who’s family might sell the team when he dies. is rebuilding, and needs to find a franchise QB, etc.
    Taking on a rebuilding protect with an old owner isn’t the most attractive job in the world, I completely get that.
    Just not a fan of the snobbish attitude by some of these Top Tier EX Coaches who act like they are above living and working in Buffalo or similar cities.

  27. The Texans are Oh so close. Kubiak deserves one more year. Need to spend some money on the following areas. Better Running Back, Oline, Pass Rusher opposite side Mario, and better corners/safeties. Fix those areas and they win 12 games but still lose twice to the Colts. Its a tough division with the Colts and Titans. Each team is around .500 or better on the year. Can’t blame Kubiak when the competition is jsut as good.

  28. Looking at the MSAs though (2008 populations):
    Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown, TX MSA
    Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV MSA
    But, Houston is still bigger…

  29. Let me set straight the dimwitted Big J, Stinemonster, Shehateme, and slipkid.
    Population Density
    HOUSTON: 3828 ppl/sq mile
    WASHINGTON: 9776 ppl/sq mile
    Now tell me which area is more crowded?
    Good call jibfest, sucks we have to put up with the brainless around here.

  30. So many of the Texans’ “fans” are freakin’ idiots. They all act like Jeff Fisher was God and Kubiak is a bum.
    Want to know what Fisher’s record was his first 4 full years? Try 7-9, 8-8, 8-8, and 8-8. Eerily similar to Kubiak’s first 4. Care to know what happened in year 5? Fisher’s team went 13-3 and had a Super Bowl appearance. In that past 10 years after not rising above .500 his first 4 years, Fisher and the Titans have had only 3 losing seasons. Yeah…get rid of Kubiak and start over!!! Dumb-a**es!

  31. @ben.there
    How spread out is your area?
    It’s nothing to sit in traffic 1-2 hours or longer to get anywhere in Houston. I live 13 miles from work and at 7am in the morning it takes me almost 1 hour to get there.
    Most people have to drive 20-40 miles to get to work or anywhere else. It’s 600 square miles in the City limits.
    How many people actually have to drive to get where they want to go? Do people even go to see the foreskins play? Bet there’s not much traffic during game days.

  32. I still question the census count for Houston. We have people driving in during the week from Louisiana, San Antonio, Huntsville and any other city within 200 miles of Houston.

  33. Houston needs to make a change…that team is loaded with talent.

  34. Why is Shanahan such a hot prospect? He couldn’t do zip without John Elway. Coaching in a historically weak division. He is one of those little people with a naPOLIAN complex. Has to have the say over everything, knows everything, keeps only yes men around him. Disagree with him and you’re shown the door. He does have the knack of attatching his lips to owners behinds, with the exception of Al Davis. The reality is, he knows nothing about personnel, he knows nothing about defense or special team. The reality is he should be a quarterback coach, maybe an offensive coordinator at best. Some people just don’t realize what their station is in life. He’s a shorter, cockeyed version of Lindy Infante. They should have put a revolving door on the Bronco’s building as well as their bank for what they paid all those slappies he brought in as his final piece to the puzzel, (thirty pieces later, they still can’t get one to fit in).

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