Tank Johnson fires back at LaMarr Woodley

On Wednesday, Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley said he believes that the Bengals and the Patriots would “lay down” against the Jets and the Texans, respectively, in the hopes of keeping the Steelers out of the AFC’s six-team playoff field.

On Thursday, Bengals linebacker defensive tackle Tank Johnson responded.

[Editor’s note:  Well, the New Year’s resolution to not make any typos lasted one whole post.  Now, please excuse me while I go confirm the number of licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop.]

Per Geoff Hobson of Bengals.com, Johnson said he plans to call Woodley and “give him a piece of his mind.”

Johnson also shared a slice of his mind with Hobson.

“I can tell you this, we didn’t lay down against the Steelers,” Johnson said, “so I think LaMarr Woodley should worry about what concerns LaMarr Woodley and the Steelers and not worry about this great franchise in the Bengals.”

Still, as a matter of postseason strategy, it makes a lot more sense for the Jets to be a potential opponent than the Steelers.  And plenty of people are convinced the Colts threw in the towel in the second half of their game against the Jets in order to avoid an invasion of Terrible Towels come January.

69 responses to “Tank Johnson fires back at LaMarr Woodley

  1. Headline should have been: “Tank responds to talk of Bengals tanking”
    Both of these guys need to focus on football.

  2. Does anyone think a team would toss out a chance at a perfect season to avoid a team that lost to Cleveland, KC and the Raiders.
    I don’t have a full grasp on Indy’s decision, but I guarantee it isn’t because they are afraid of the Steelers.
    Sounds like the Steelers are becoming the new Baltimore. They can’t take care of their own business so they cry about other teams being mean to them.
    Bless their frilly pink undies.

  3. Funny, if Woodley and the Steelers would have taken care of business, they wouldn’t need another team to help them. Typical University of Michigan player.

  4. “Woodley needs his pie hole shut”
    Can it be called that? If there is any pie near that place, fat Ben made it his bitch a long time ago.

  5. Every year there is discussion about the team no one wants to face in the playoffs. It’s all BS. These guys line up & give their all (except for the dumbass Colts) no matter what…and the chips fall where they may. Anyone who thinks that teams sit around strategize who they want to play play or don’t want to play – with all the moving parts in the league – is nuts.
    Woodley is a jackass who needs to get a hold of the fact that his squad played above themselves, avoided any major injuries, and made a great run last year, but they’re not good enough to be a perennial champion…and this year with one or two major injuries, they sucked. Now age & FA catch up with them and Woodley needs to realize no one FEARS the Steelers. They’re just another good team…they don’t dominate & they don’t have a Peyton Manning who can eat you up at any moment. They’re just another team on the schedule that the NFL makes too much of and they’re toothless drunk obnoxious fans overcommit to because they have nothing else in sorry ass Shitsburgh!

  6. Tank Johnson, Tank Williams, Tank Abbott, Frank the Tank…Who really gives a shit about what this douchenozzle has to say

  7. Why would everyone be so afraid of the Steelers? The team is 8-7 for God’s sakes. Yes, they are the defending champions but their offensive line is still made of swiss cheese and their secondary a mess. They’d be 7-8 if it weren’t for that miraculous 4th down play against Green Bay. How about other teams are just worrying about getting their starters healthy for the playoffs and that’s why they’re “throwing in the towel”? How about that LaMarr? And Florio, who are these people?

  8. “……..not worry about this great franchise in the Bengals.”
    Great franchise? Sounds like someone is counting their chickens before they hatch! Cincy is best to lose this game. It’s the best chance they have to keep from going 1 and done. On the flip, cincy is on a downer… they could really use a convincing win to give them hope going into the playoffs. They wouldn’t get it from the Jets no way, so they lay down. Just like Woodley says.
    As for Woodley, the Steelers made their bed losing to 3 of the worst teams in the league.

  9. Hey FLORIO, didn’t TANK JOHNSON play on the DLINE for the Bears & Cowboys? When did he switch to LB?

  10. Had Woodley and his defense not “laid down” in the second half of 5 games he wouldnt need to be running his mouth about other teams laying down.

  11. Boo, hoo, hoo…poor Lamarr….sounds like the sniffly Wolverine that he is/was….crying time again eh Lamarr? After the Browns punked and biatched-slapped you Squealers, you make like Hines “smokey Robinson” Ward and get all blubbery? Kind of tough when you’re on the losing end, eh, loser?

  12. Someone should tell LaMarr it wasnt the Pats or Bengals fault they lost to the chiefs and Browns..You should have taken care of business when you had the chance and no help would be needed..Look in the mirror big mouth

  13. The funny thing is, Tank said “so I think LaMarr Woodley should worry about what concerns LaMarr Woodley and the Steelers and not worry about this great franchise in the Bengals.”
    But doesn’t he realize that is exactly what Woodley is concerned about? He appears to be upset that the Bengals would give a valid effort against them, but not against someone else, specifically to keep them out of the playoffs. There are teams that are getting the benifit of being scheduled against good teams when they are not going to be trying to win.
    Let’s say for example, the Colts are pulling their A-team for this weekend, and against the Jets. Basically, if you played the Colts earlier in the year, when they cared, you got beat, if you play them now, you win. Seems like the team that is playing them this weekend are being given an unfair schedule quirk. Teams like the Jets and Houston are getting an unfair advantage for getting into the playoff’s since their opponents aren’t going to be giving their fan’s their moneys worth. Meanwhile, teams like the Raiders are going to be trying to make statements against teams with playoff asperations. Something simply isn’t right about that, and Woodley said what alot of people already know. Teams would rather see a weaker team get in instead of facing a Steeler team that has gotten heathier. The Bengals won their games against the Steelers, but barely. Special teams doomed the Steelers, and having just one pro-bowler back would make all the difference in those final scores. Playing the Steelers scares those teams, and they know it. Why would they want to win?? Maybe Woodley is trying to rile them up, have them play for pride, but that simply isn’t going to happen. Cincy is scared, New England could care less, so at this point, the Steelers are sitting home, right where Cincy wants them to stay. They want a chance at getting past the first round, and with the Steelers sitting at home, their chances are much better.

  14. “plenty of people are convinced the Colts threw in the towel in the second half of their game against the Jets in order to avoid an invasion of Terrible Towels come January.”
    As as self-employed person who has sports on the TV in his office all day long, I have heard probably 100 talking heads plus read many others online give their opinions about the Colts decision last week, and out of all of them, there is only only person saying it was done to avoid the Steelers: YOU.
    Why in the world would anyone be afraid of a team that lost to the Raiders, the Chiefs, and the Browns, amongst others? This is garbage journalism at it’s most ridiculous: a fan reporting his own biased opinion as being that of “plenty of people”.
    Glad to see you starting of 2010 with same high level of journalistic integrity with which you slithered through 2009.

  15. Indy IS afraid of the Steelers and that was a pretty big factor in their dump job to the pathetic Jets.

  16. I guess Woodley is entitled to say what he wants to, but if he thinks it would cause another team to alter it’s game plan then he is crazy. Teams are going to do what they believe is the right thing to do in a given situation, and they may be right or wrong. The Steelers put themselves in this position by poor play, particluarly on defense when they had late leads, losing 5 games by 3 points each. I have to agree with Tank that they did not lay down against the Steelers. Congrats to them for beating us twice this year. It has not happened often.
    Now, about the Colts, a couple things. I think PFT and Florio is making this stuff up. Why would a passing machine like the Colts have a fear of playing against the Steelers pass defense, even with Troy back in the lineup? Why would they think about those playoff scenarios 2 weeks before the end of the season? It makes little sense. And it really makes little sense for them to give up a shot at making history by going undefeated because of a “fear” of another team.
    Secondly, on their decision, I do think the Colts may have made a huge franchise mistake by giving up on the Jets game so early. It was not even the last game of the season, and Manning has been protected pretty well all year long. You don’t get many chances at an undefeated season as history has shown. I don’t understand why they didn’t at least try to run up a bigger lead before giving up. They could have left Manning in but did more handoffs, since the Jets would still have to prepare for passes. Now, in some respects, there may be more pressure on them to win the Super Bowl. If they don’t, IMO it really makes this recent decision look bad, that they tanked the chance at a perfect season to increase their chance of winning the Super Bowl by eliminating the chance of injury in one damn game. I am sure that it is driving Peyton crazy, no matter what he is saying in public.

  17. The Steelers should be 5-10 if not for the phantom tripping call during the Minnesota win and refs throwing yellow flags like confetti in Times Square on New Years Eve against the Ravens. The Steelers scare no one, and for a Super Bowl winnng team to return 19 of 21 starters and possibly not even make .500 or the playoffs is pathetic.

  18. @ realitypolice
    Quit being such a douchebag troll. Better yet, why don’t you slither to another website to spin your drivel if this site doesn’t stand up to your “high level of journalistic integrity”?
    Not very hard for me to see why your not employed, errr, “SELF employed”. I bet you get a lot done with sports on in your office all day long. . .

  19. I think this whole idea of teams not playing to win every single regular season game is an attack on the integrity of the game itself…
    Having said that, I suggest all stiller fans use there terrible yellow towels to dry their tears and get ready to watch the post season without the yellow and black playing….

  20. Nobody is concerned with the team that lost to the Chiefs, Browns, or Raiders.
    They may be concerned with the team that beat the Chargers, Vikes, Packers etc.
    A different Steeler team shows up from week to week. And don’t forget Polomalu would be back for the playoffs.

  21. great franchise!?! hahahahhahahaha
    i agree that some of the bengals’ players were snubbed from the pro bowl. But, that just means that their fan base does not care enough to vote (or doesn’t know how to do it). Most importantly though, the players in the league don’t have enough respect to vote them in as well.
    i know the pro bowl is a complete joke, but so is the bengals franchise.

  22. “Now, please excuse me while I go confirm the number of licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop.”
    haha at least Florio is able to poke fun at himself

  23. Woodley definitely put his foot in his mouth with his ill-advised comment. But it is unfortunate that Tank the Skank didn’t put one of his guns in his …and then pull the trigger. The guy is a loser and always has been. He is the last Cincy player who should spout off about Woodley, who is an up-and-coming player who made the mistake of letting his emotions get the best of him. I would rather hear Carson Palmer criticize Woodley. At least he is a player of great respect.
    A lot of you Steeler Haters would love to think that not making the playoffs absolutely kills all of us Steelers fans which, actually shows us how much you guys worry about the Steelers each and every season. Me? I can live with a bad year every (9-7 or 8-8, whatever) now and then. You Cincy, Ravens and Jets fans, it’s just the opposite … you get a GOOD season every now and then. And other than Blatimore’s one and done in the SB and the Jets winning one back when they wore leather helmets none of you have a chance of playing in that game this year … and probably not for many others.
    Have fun with your 15 minutes of fame.

  24. You bet the Colts will laid down to keep the steelers out. With Troy coming back the Colts wanted none of that and the Jets are still the Jets might as well keep the bad team in.
    As for the other teams laying down there is no way the Pats will lay down. It’s just not in their makeup, they go for the throat and keep it there and for that they are the team of the decade.
    At least they have backbone and go for the win at any cost. I would never call a team that lays down and takes a loss a team of the decade. May the Colts lose in the first round for being cowards about who they can possibly face in the playoffs.

  25. Yes the Steelers sucked this season against bad teams . But they did play well against good teams .
    They did beat the Vikings , Packers , Chargers etc . But they did lose to Browns , KC , Oakland etc .
    But lets not kid ones self though . Does anyone really want the reigning SB champs coming into their stadium in the playoffs ? NO . The same team for the most part that just went to the SB as a 6th seed to win it all . YES they are scared .
    Reguardless of this team losing 5 games this season to some bad teams . Other teams knows this team is just as capible of winning big games too . So every sit on the couch wearing the Snuggies they got for Christmas and watch some good football this weekend . Sunday at 11 we will know who is in and who is out . Happy New Year as well .

  26. If I were a coach and in the playoffs, I would want to play my starters all the way through regular season. I do not think it is wise to let starters rest for an extended period of time (unless there was an injury concern). I would probably pull them in the mid to late 3rd qtr (unless we were going for a perfect season).
    I definitely would not allow the ramblings of a desperate player/team such as Woodley enter into any decision I made as far my starters. Anybody that reads anything more into this other than a guy who is pissed off about his teams season and the fact that they put themselves into this situation of not controlling their own destiny/and could possibly miss the playoffs (I am not saying they will miss the playoffs katmandu) is grasping at straws. Remember Woodley your team and your defense is not the same as it was a year ago. Teams are not as concerned about facing you anymore. And while I think Troy is one of the best safeties to ever play the game, he cannot be everywhere and is not the complete answer to your secondary woes. Even if he plays Troy will not be 100%. As for the steeler fans that always say yeah but you would want hines ward on your team….NO! I would not want hines ward on my team but I would LOVE to have Troy Polamalu on my team every day of the week!
    As a Ravens fan, I am first hoping/praying we get in and secondly I would like to see the steelers get in and hope there would be a possibility of seeing a repeat of last years AFC Champ game (with a different outcome of course).
    For me, every AFC Champ game should be the Ravens and steelers!
    Happy New Year!

  27. The Steelers should worry about Miami first. If I were the Dolphins, I would be real pi$$ed that they were assuming a win.

  28. Ravenmaniac … Nice post. Thoughtful comments. Not because you are rooting for the Steelers to get in the playoffs, but it’s nice to read someone pulling for their team without offering up shit-talking dribble against the Steelers.
    Good luck Sunday at Oakland. Don’t take the Raiders lightly … just ask the Steelers. lol.

  29. Colts are pussies. Bengals aren’t significant enough to be called pussies. I hate the patriots but they’re no pussies. They won’t lay down.

  30. @Ravenmaniac … It’s so nice to welcome 2010 with the voice of reason! Happy New Year, my friend!
    I’ve already posted that LaMarr should stop talking and focus on Miami, Miami, Miami. (Tomlin, I’m not a Belichick fan, but after the Anthony Smith debacle two years ago, the Hines Ward mess this season, and this silliness, maybe you should start considering gag orders.)
    Tank … sigh … I don’t blame you for being annoyed, but are you really sure you want to give away that many pieces of your mind?

  31. Woodly is brilliant!
    The Steelers won a LOT of close games LY and could have been 10-6 or even 9-7 then… This year they could have been 14-1 going into this week.
    If I were ANY playoff team I would not want them to get in!
    Did anyone think the NFL would want a repeat champion? has anyone noticed ho Harrison on the Steelers is held on nearly every play and it is never called?
    This IS a business first and to have more people with a chance yearly is logical and good for ratings!

  32. Hugh G. Rection says:
    January 1, 2010 10:48 AM
    @ realitypolice
    Quit being such a douchebag troll. Better yet, why don’t you slither to another website to spin your drivel if this site doesn’t stand up to your “high level of journalistic integrity”?
    Not very hard for me to see why your not employed, errr, “SELF employed”. I bet you get a lot done with sports on in your office all day long. . .
    I guarantee I make more money than you do living in your mother’s basement. I’m sure you wish you could make a living doing what you want like I do, instead of going to whatever time card punching, boss having, loser gig you’ve got.
    I love the low lifes who have to resort to calling people “douchebags” and such instead of making coherent points, and don’t accept any criticism of their heroes. If want to slurp up Florio’s drivel without worrying about facts, go ahead. You don’t need to attack everyone who disagrees with you.

  33. Maybe if the Steelers played better during the season, they wouldn’t have to worry about what other teams are doing.

  34. lol@raven fans talkin crap.. lol now thats funny.
    # chunky soupy sales says: January 1, 2010 9:49 AM
    “Woodley needs his pie hole shut”
    Can it be called that? If there is any pie near that place, fat Ben made it his bitch a long time ago.
    lol@6-5 @241 bein fat.. rofl
    mcnabb is 240 @6’2 lol seems to me donavan has been stealing some of the pie.
    We did make our own beds by losing to scrub teams…7 times to be exact.We will bounce back n be stronger next season..however i see teams such as the bungholes to resort back to their usual ways..then we wont have to listen to their BS.
    My pick is in for the Superbowl… Saints vrs Chargers.. perfect story line for the media.

  35. Notice Tank said, “We DIDN’T” – past tense. I think the articles were referring to the FUTURE, on Sunday. He worded it in such a way as he was not lying in that scenario.

  36. “I don’t have a full grasp on Indy’s decision, but I guarantee it isn’t because they are afraid of the Steelers.”
    Because the Steelers seem to be the only team (or one of the few) that have been able to sack Manning in the past.

  37. The Steelers should of worried about what the Bengals were doing while they were kicking their ass both times this year.

  38. @ reality police
    “This is garbage journalism at it’s most ridiculous”
    “Glad to see you starting of 2010 with same high level of journalistic integrity with which you slithered through 2009.”
    “If want to slurp up Florio’s drivel without worrying about facts, go ahead. You don’t need to attack everyone who disagrees with you. ”
    Uh Mr. Self Employed (i.e welfare recipient), I believe YOU were the one that is the attacker. The fact that you’re a couch potato troll that has nothing better to do than watch PTI and Around the Horn, doesn’t mean Florio hasn’t heard from inside sources what he reported. You don’t know that it is “garbage journalism”. Florio doesn’t claim to be a journalist anyway. This is a rumor and opinion website.
    Go away, little troll, go away.

  39. @Deb…Happy New Year to you. I hope you and yours have a safe and healthy 2010.
    Here is to another year of this stuff.

  40. “…the number of licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop…”
    I used to lol everytime the owl said “3”. My question is how (why) did you think to use it as a reference in this context? What were you smoking drinking last night, Florio?
    (Now, imagine that “cross out” line going through the word “smoking”).
    How do you DO that anyways? I am going to buy a laptop that has that cross out feature. I want to DO that. I LOVE that.

  41. To all that are saying “steelers should have played better so as to not be in this sutuation” WE KNOW ALREADY.
    I agree with you so can u please come up with something more original to say. Your banal and obvious statements reflect the vast dearth of brain cells in your head. Your mouth-breathing side drooling nature is so evident it is painful. I am more stupid for having read your posts.
    Woodley clearly knows what he is doing. They need help to get into the playoffs. He does not like the situation but that is where they are. But he is too proud to ask for help so he is going oppo. It’s not gonna change anything but in all his statements he is basically asking for help.

  42. The Steelers have sent the Bengals home for the season multiple times over the past decade, most notably in 2005 when the 6th seeded Steelers played the 3rd seeded Bengals, beat them, and then went on to win the super bowl. The year after, on the last game of the regular season, the Bengals needed a win and they were in the playoffs…. and Pittsburgh beat them on the first play of overtime on a blistering slant pass for an 80 yard or so touchdown.
    No matter what they say, or how much they deny it, the entire Cincinnati team and city is scared snitless of Pittsburgh in the playoffs. They’re home doing voo-doo dances hoping Pittsburgh stays home this season, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them were curled up in a ball in bed, literally, with worry about it.
    On Sunday, Cincinnati will walk onto the field in jock straps, bend over at the waist facing their own end zone, and kick a giant Vaseline tub over to the Jets wrapped in a note that says “Be Gentle”.
    Jets 77, Bengals Zero

  43. @JT,
    Let’s be fair, JT, the only reason the Bengals lost to the Steelers in the 2005 playoffs is due to a cheap hit that took Palmer out of the game on the first series. And, if memory serves, he connected for a big pass on that particular play. I had a feeling that was a taste of what was to come. I think Palmer would have torched the Steelers that afternoon. And no, I’m not a Bengals fan.

  44. Come on Florio you sound so disgruntled.
    No one cares about the Steelers except Steelers fans and players. No one is scared of the Steelers either.
    Is that going to be the excuse of Steelers fans this year? That they would have made and dominated the playoffs if it wasnt for a league wide conspiracy to keep them out.
    Come on do you hear how ridicolous that sounds. The Colts have always rested players and they said they were going to rest players WEEKS before they knew that game against the jets would help keep the Steelers out of the playoffs. Go back and read your own articles you said it a 100 times in the last month that they would rest players.
    Also their is going to be teams in the NFC this year that rest players in week 17 before the playoffs. So do you add them in the conspiracy to? No, but b/c resting players in the AFC will hurt the Steelers its something new? Or their doing it only b/c it hurts the Steelers? TEAMS REST PLAYERS EVERY YEAR! Get over it you sound bitter.

  45. # pantherdan89 says: January 1, 2010 1:41 PM
    The Steelers should of worried about what the Bengals were doing while they were kicking their ass both times this year.
    When will people comprehend regular season and post season are like night and day?? we know from experience its a different game..different mindset …
    Lol BigOx its not like that was our only win that postseason.. rememeber we went on to beat bigger and better teams to make it to the Superbowl,so i dont know if i would assume anything.

  46. I’m no Steelers fan, either.
    I can be fair.
    Regardless of 2005, the Steelers are 15-6 against the Bengals in the last decade, and 53-28 lifetime….horrible! Even the lowly Browns have a respectable 60-56 record against the Steelers.
    As for 2005, extrapolating one successful play somehow into “The Bengals would have destroyed the Steelers” is sketchy at best. Pittsburgh’s strength is with their defensive coordinator who works magic by adjusting his defense to cover any weaknesses exposed. (I wish someone would hire him away for 20 million…)
    The bottom line is this: Cincy fans and the entire team have landing streaks in their shorts worrying about Pittsburgh taking yet another Super Bowl appearance away from them, and I’m being very serious. They DO NOT want Pittsburgh in the playoffs. Heck, they don’t even want them in their division!
    Deep down inside, way in the pit of their spine, all of the Bengals are downright scared of the Steelers in the playoffs, because they’ve seen Pittsburgh put a hurting on them so many times.
    Cincy’s big tough football team is going to turn into the biggest bunch of little bitckes you’ve ever seen sunday night. They’re all at the mall right now trying on orange and black prom dresses, with sexy high heels and fur handbags to match, and the Jets won’t even need to ply them with one drink to get their panties off.
    Jets 77, Bengals Zero

  47. Not a great franchise? Bengals seem to think so.. Fans too..
    Some of the responses saying the Bengals aren’t and never have or will be a great franchise are only counting wins and losses of a team and have no clue what they’re talking about.. What has made it great is the maturity level now of the players, what they have overcome this year and that every one of them want to return next season.. I doubt you’ll see many FA’s jumping ship if they get offers to come back this year and even TJ would come back in a heartbeat if he could now…and the squeelies know that..
    Squeeeeeeeeeeely Lamar.. Go squeel on your couch this year..you can squeel to Ben while you watch the playoffs on TV.

  48. @YeahYeah …
    Yes, I’m a Steelers fan, but I’ve posted several times on different threads that LaMarr should have kept his mouth shut regardless of whether we edge our way into the playoffs. If we’d finished our games, we wouldn’t have to worry about anyone else, and no one owes us a helping hand. The Bengals earned the division title and should be proud of what they’ve accomplished. Congrats.
    Having said that, though, they’re really not a great franchise. There’s a difference between being a great team and a great franchise. They’ve been a successful team this season and I have no doubt that dimwit TJ wishes he’d stayed put. And they have the personnel in place to continue that success in future seasons. Whether they’ll become a great team remains to be seen. It will depend on how they perform in the playoffs this season and in the seasons to come.
    But a great franchise is about having owners who consistently do right by the team and the fans and consistently keep the team competitive. I think a lot of Bengals fans would argue that Mike Brown isn’t that guy.

  49. YeahYeah says: January 1, 2010 8:26 PM
    Not a great franchise? Bengals seem to think so.. Fans too..
    lol where they a great franchise when half of them were in prison suits and fans were SCREAMING to get rid of Marvin Lewis?? Cmon now…..maybe in time they can fix their image not by just winning but cleaning up their locker room..but its gonna take more than a few extra wins.
    The invite still stands to come touch our trophies 🙂

  50. Ok. The Shitsburgh squealers absolutely SUCK this year and they wanna blame everybody except their’ shitty selves. lol its so funny being a bengals fan and watching all the squealer fans run around crying about people resting there starters haha suck it up you nearly got swept by two teams in your division an troy polamalu is a great player but hes not gonna do it for you by himself. he didnt lose all the games you lost and he sure didnt win em either so enough with all the wining and crying. ITS OVER pitt. chalk it up and watch the bengals in the PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!! hahaha bet it feels great in MIAMI! see ya there! WHO DEY!!!

  51. Steeler lhgady, i hope your hott but probably not good looking women don’t even exist in shitsburgh ha ha super bowls heal wounds very easily no matter what the wound is. So have fun watching your 2009 AFC North Champion Cincinnati Bengals in the playoffs!
    R.I.P. Slim #15 we miss you homie

  52. bengalsarebackinprison … amazing how you talk shit on all Steelers fans. I’m a Steelers fan and I’m not crying about anything.
    You say Super Bowls heal wounds …. I would agree because I KNOW. How in the heck woujld you know??? When was the last time or the first time your team won a Super Bowl?? Notice I’m not blasting ALL Cincy fans because I’m sure there are some with class. Talk about a fair weather fan … where were you when the Bengals were the Bungles for over a decade and Marvin Lewis was the most unpopular guy in town??? Forget that, huh?
    I don’t mind watching the Bengals in the playoffs. But let’s wait and see how long they are there. Like Mr. Wolfe said in Pulp Fiction: “Let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks quite yet.” lol

  53. well Bengal hot or not you wouldnt have a shot.. (im a poet n dont know it)its bad enough my hubby is a Raider fan..thats low enough.
    Im a football fan so ill watch the playoffs regardless whos playing,but doesnt mean i have to like any of them.IM a STEELER fan and STEELER FAN only! If it doesnt benefit my team i could care less who wins and who doesnt.Well I lied i dont want the Pats or the Cowboys winning shit!
    I know we made our own bed by losing to the scrub teams..but i still believe with Troy on the field its a different story. i say this becus troy doesnt get burnt… Gay gets burnt weekly..not only that the defensive scheme is different as well ..If you ever watched a Steeler game then im sure your intelligent enough to notice the different swagger that D has with Troy out there.Not to mention Troy can tackle!
    Anyway good LUCK (cus u will need it) in the playoffs……………………make sure when yall lose to come back and say HI! LOL.

  54. After Cincy wears out their knee-pads servicing the Jets on Sunday, the Jets are going to travel to see the Bengals the very next week and wipe the floor with them.
    This will be sweet! Can you imagine how much heat Marvin Lewis~Dreyfus will take when he allows a Jets team to get momentum from a week 17 win and send Cincy home in the first round??? “Oh, you shouldn’t have laid down and let the Jets in!!!”
    Can’t wait!
    In all honesty, Cincy can’t beat the Jets. The Jets defense will shut them down no matter what.

  55. you guys are retarded. First,the jets have a rookie quarterback who currently ranks in the top ten in turnovers by quarterback. Second, we are not scared of the steelers polamalu or not he’s not the reason the cheaters suck mike tomlin has abandoned the most important part of being successful in the national foootball league in running the football. shitsburgh has been so dominant in that particular area along with great defense but this year none of that shit has been seen. For the first time ever we SWEEP the division with the top two teams in the 08 AFC championship game last year and they are currently fighting for a playoff berth. For once in your life shitsburgh cheaters cant give credit where credit is due. Nobody in the NFL is afraid of the cheaters cuz we already know how you cheatin asses operate. Just ask the chiefs, and the browns. haha
    YOU SUCK! maybe next year cheaters!

  56. and JT we cant wear out knee pads if we aint playin dumb ass. and the shitty jets WILL NOT beat us in cincinnati. NO CHANCE. u must be a cheater fan too huh lmao i am having way too much fun wit u shitsburgh bastards! This is great!

  57. Hey Bengal.. did you know Medenhall has over a 1,000 rushing yards?? LOl i wouldnt say thats abadoning the running game.. Honey you really should start watching some more Steeler ball before running the mouth sunshine.And Lol@ someone from one of the lowest franchises in the NFL dissing other teams.. cmon..reality check sunshine!
    you could of had a few winning seasons if you could learn how to operate a team from inside a locker room and not a prison cell. 🙂 We dont forget everyone wanting Marvin Lewis gone.. we remember the Boo’s at your own home..dont pretend to act all prim n proper now.

  58. Hey bengalsareback…. I’m not a Steeler fan….. you should read my posts better.
    Also, I was going to tape the Bengals-Jets game, but I’m worried it might be considered porn. Since Cincy is worried Pittsburgh will send them home again like a cheap date and they’re going to willingly be brokeback mountained by the Jets, I don’t want to run afoul of Cincinnati’s rather strict community standards on this type of thing.
    Anyone have Larry Flint’s phone number? Maybe he can produce a DVD of this orgy….
    Jets 77- Bengals Zero

  59. “In all honesty, Cincy can’t beat the Jets. The Jets defense will shut them down no matter what. ”
    Zero yards for the starting QB….. look out Cincy!!!

  60. BRA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!
    Told you! Bengals lay down because they’re afraid of the Steelers, and the team they let in beats them to a pulp!!!!
    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!
    “bengalsareback”….. Sure they are!!!!

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