Vegas gets skittish about Saints-Panthers game

Though the betting lines are reflecting the strong possibility that teams like the Bengals, Colts, and/or Patriots won’t go all out on Sunday against the Jets, Bills, and/or Texans, respectively, something has caused multiple sports books to yank the Saints-Panthers game off the board.

A tipster tells us that the Saints are expected to activate quarterback Chase Daniel from the practice squad, and that Mark Brunell and Daniel will share the duties at quarterback, with starter Drew Brees not playing.

The fact that there’s no line suggests that Vegas has yet to get a feel for whether the Saints will or won’t use Brees.

The Saints clinched the top seed in the NFC playoff field when the Vikings lost in overtime to the Bears on Monday night.

UPDATE:  Peter King of NBC and Sports Illustrated says that the Saints’ depth chart at quarterback for Sunday is expected to be Mark Brunell as the starter, Chase Daniel as the backup, and Drew Brees as the emergency quarterback.

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  1. Peter King just offered an update-
    Now this is interesting. VERY interesting. Sean Payton told me today Drew Brees will be 3d QB Sunday–behind Brunell and Chase Daniel.
    Brees healthy. Payton feels he doesn’t want to risk Brees against rejuvenated Peppers and Panther rush. Isn’t as worried about O as we are.

  2. i dont even care about brees. panthers win straight up.
    i just wouldnt bet the farm as suckerpuncher isnt playin.

  3. as long as NO wins by less than 5, i am ok. no emergency.
    but my gosh, how about prepping yer qb for the playoffs…

  4. when vegas yanked all kansas city chiefs games off the board before chiefs would win super bowl , pete rozelle went himself to vegas and begged them to put chiefs games back on the lines because the public was starting to think the nfl was not on the level.
    1969 The season was marred not only by an injury to quarterback Len Dawson but also controversy surrounding Dawson and his purported involvement in a sports gambling ring. Back-up quarterback Mike Livingston and the Chiefs’ stellar defense led the Chiefs back to the Super Bowl, this time, to win it all.

  5. [Editor’s note: Thanks for reading PFT.]
    Heading into Sunday’s regular-season finale at Carolina, Brees has completed 70.62 percent of his passes (363 of 514).
    The league mark of 70.55 percent was set by Cincinnati’s Ken Anderson in 1982.
    218/309 70.55% 2495 yds 8.1 yds p/a
    Anderson’s record was done in 9 games due to a strike shortened season. Can’t really take anything away from either QB, neither has control of playing time.
    The 1982 NFL strike lasted 57 days, from September 20th to November 16th.

  6. His completion %? More like protecting his ACL from Peppers and co. after what DeMarcus Ware did to Bushrod.

  7. I would love to see Daniel get some time, I loved watching him at Mizzou. It will be interesting to see how he translates to the pros.

  8. I loved football!
    Gambling is for fools.
    If the casino owners weren’t doing that, they would be drug dealers and numbers runners.
    Gambling is for suckers.
    They punk your bitch ass.

  9. Brees should go to the media and mention his “dispute” with the coach trying to bench him against Peppers…

  10. Looks like the REALLY BIG FIX planned was the New Orleans- Carolina game tomorrow BECAUSE everysingle betshop now refuses to accept bets on that one game even though the talk of FIXES THIS WEEKEND mainly had involved the Cinci game and the Indy game. WOW how much money were they trying to bet on the New Orleans FIX?

  11. This would make it 3 weeks without a meaningful snap..I hope it doesn’t backfire on the saints..weren’t playing well anyway…if the Vikings don’t win the NFC, I am pulling for the Saints!

  12. This would make it 3 weeks without a meaningful snap..I hope it doesn’t backfire on the saints..weren’t playing well anyway…if the Vikings don’t win the NFC, I am pulling for the Saints!

  13. MrNatural says:
    I loved football!
    Gambling is for fools.

    Just how do you think Mara, Bidwell, Rooney, etc. got their money? And just who do you think did they built the NFL off of, and because NFL football was the best gambling sport out there and then surpassed baseball as the most popular sport in the country?

  14. Bob S,
    If you get a chance, see if you can get a copy of a book titled “Interference: The Effect of Organized Crime on Pro Football.”
    Mara, Bidwill, and Rooney weren’t the only suspicious ownere. Lamar Hunt, Carroll Rosenbloom, and Clint Murchison routinely had their team’s pulled off the board by Vegas.
    The book references certain games throughout the late 60’s and early 70’s with suspicious surroundings.
    It also points out how TV and and modern media streams exposed information once only available to insiders and gamblers. FYI, gambling concerns are the reason the NFL originally began putting it’s weekly injury report out.

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