Colts, Bills on track to play in snowstorm

So what makes a meaningless Week 17 game slightly more interesting?

Cold and snow and wind.

According to WGRZ-TV, a lake effect snow warning has been issued for Erie County and various surrounding counties.  (Ralph Wilson Stadium is located in Orchard Park, which is located in Erie County.)

A total of three-to-six inches of snow is possible tonight, with another three-to-six inches on Sunday.

Wind gusts of 30 miles per hour will send will chills below zero.

So maybe for guys like quarterback Peyton Manning it’ll be harder to stand on the sidelines than it will be to play in the game.

36 responses to “Colts, Bills on track to play in snowstorm

  1. Florio, did manning insult ur mother? what has the colts organization done to you? never anything positive about the colts by you…

  2. I would send the guys they have no intentions of playing to the locker room, or to the opposing owner’s box. There is no reason for them to be on the sideline in those conditions when they aren’t playing.

  3. So, you mean that none of the Colts good players are going to play?? Damn, I was looking forward to hearing Bill Polian come up with something stupid to say in defense of blowing the game this week…….
    Something like, we didnt view 15-1 as an historical achievement…..

  4. wow…journalistic ethics i guess.. not allow my comment florio? Whats your deal with manning and company?

  5. The Colts brass blew it.
    This game could be played in Hell and if the Colts were 15-0, Manning would be out there slinging passes like it was training camp.
    When their starters eventually play a full game again in two weeks it will seem like an eternity since they played for anything worthwhile.

  6. 25-35 mph winds in No. NJ means that the Jets and Cincy won’t be doing too much passing. This will mean that it won’t matter who the QB is for either team. They will resort to the M.O. of running the ball and playing defence.

  7. What does Polian care, he is in a warm press box.
    The 30 injured players should have stayed at home to save Irsay on expenses for all those guys. (LOL)

  8. stefanovich says: January 2, 2010 10:16 PM
    Domes are for pansies
    Ok MR. tough guy behind that computer,lets see you go play the game either inside or out and while doing that call them pansies to their face.

  9. This game isn’t meaningless, it’s a Bills game. Playoffs or not I love my team and every game is FUN.

  10. schitforbrains you must not post very often. It takes a few minutes for posts to go through. Besides, not many of us have a lot of nice stuff to say about the Colts after throwing last week’s game.

  11. I’m gonna laugh my ass off if the Colts win the Super Bowl. Florio won’t know what to do. With any luck, his head will explode.

  12. @stefanovich – domes are for smart people…. why the hell do you insist on sitting in shitty conditions? Ok, I admit it, I’m from Southern California!
    @wwwmattcom – love your passion for your team

  13. florio i dont get why snow,wind,cold is any more interesting than the mud bowl you despise so much ??
    also, this makes the colts that much smarter, if they had won last week they’d feel pressure to subject manning etc. to that crap.
    i dislike the colts, hate manning and polian, but they did the right thing last week

  14. ParkerFly says: January 2, 2010 10:58 PM
    It takes a few minutes for posts to go through.
    I feel sorry for the poor people that have to read and approve them.

  15. Since the Colts are not interested in winning games that do not count, since the team tanks games once they’ve clinched the Division and since the Colt’s starters could become tired or even risk injury if they play in cold weather, I expect to see the Colt’s taxi squad against the Bills.

  16. Being a extrovert conversationalist in society is good for society.
    Be thankful for extream weather.
    If it was not for extream weather… 90 percent of people would never be able to start a conversation with a stranger.
    That stated… Thank’s so freaking much for this post Mr. Florio.
    Now I will not sleep tonight, I will be up all night thinking about the freaking “Tuck Rule” Tom Brady Victory Over The Raiders game in the snow.
    I hateYou Mr. Florio..
    But I love you at the same time.

  17. I live about 3 minutes from the stadium.
    The temp outside right now is -5 degrees so I can’t even imagine being out there for 3 hours tomorrow.

  18. Reptar says:
    January 2, 2010 11:15 PM
    I’m gonna laugh my ass off if the Colts win the Super Bowl. Florio won’t know what to do. With any luck, his head will explode.
    luckily your ass and florios head will remain in tack throughout the playoffs. sounds hot though.

  19. “If it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score?”
    -Vince Lombardi.

  20. chris says: January 2, 2010 11:27 PM
    Ufanforreal Domes are for bitches i will tell it to all…Sissy
    Yeah another tough guy running his mouth while sitting behind the computer,much like alcohol courage.

  21. Butchd
    You have an odd way of cheering against the Colts. You are always sticking up for them.
    Who is your team?
    Colts aren’t smarter, Polian made them quitters.
    The only person to blow up in the NFL is my GM Mr Polian. He actually turns white to red to purple. Scarces the recieving person to think he is going to have a heart attack right there and then.

  22. Has anyone thought of the reason why Polian made his team quit with the jets , MAYBE because of the game being in Buffalo? Of any GM, he knows what the conditions weather plays in Buffalo and he selfishly, he did not want history to bite him in the butt by having one of his old teams knock out the Colts. We all know Colts could beat the Bills, but the weather is/was a problem.
    Polian just could not endure the headlines…… ALthough I think he is pretty surprised by the outrage of HIS decision last week.

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