Marty's son expected to get a shot in Buffalo

In my haste to post the news that Brian Billick will interview for the Bills, I missed another big item at the bottom of Jason Cole’s report for Yahoo! Sports.

Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is expected to interview for the Bills head coaching job, too. 

The interview makes sense.  When Buddy Nix was hired as the new Bills G.M., there was speculation than Brian’s dad Marty could be in the mix for the job.  But Nix also has a history with Brian, who coached in San Diego before moving to New York.

A conspiracy theorist (none around here) may wonder if the Bills could possibly land a package Schottenheimer deal, but the elder has said he doesn’t want to return to coaching.

37 responses to “Marty's son expected to get a shot in Buffalo

  1. Great choice. The JETS offense has been absolutely “explosive” this year! Just think what he could do for Buffalo…

  2. Its a slow day when they post Buffalo news.
    Keep naming bums. We are not that dumb.

  3. Who is the Coordinator interviewing with?
    The Bills new Head Coach might not be hiring his own staff? Oh, that always works out!

  4. “Marty’s son expected to get shot in Buffalo”
    Holy crap, are Arenas and Crittenton there? Oh, I get it, Plaxico is out on work release.

  5. Get shot? Let’s hope Buffalo has good hospitals, then. Actually, he could probably just cross over into Canada and get free healthcare.

  6. I like the Jets Offense, minus Sanchez who will prove to be a bust. A bust with a lot of guts and heart, but a bust none the less.

  7. I tend to agree – Look how they have developed Sanchez – This guy is amazing – Martys kid is a shoe in

  8. “Kraft is sponsoring the upcoming destruction of the Cowboys’ old home, along with a children’s essay contest where the winner gets to pull the trigger. Bet you wish you’d taught your kids to read and write now, eh Philadelphia?”

  9. If you change “Buffalo” to “Detroit” in that headline, than you can change “Marty’s son” to “Anyone going to Detroit,” the headline is still accurate.

  10. Haha the fact that Brian Schotty is even being mentioned as a possibility for a HC position shows just how inept Ralph Wilson and the Bills are. He can’t cut it as an OC, so why not give him total control? Not sure if this will elevate Wilson over Al Davis as craziest in the NFL, but it will sure make it close.

  11. i really hope Brian Schottenheimer gets shot in Buffalo, though I’m not saying I would be crestfallen if it happened in another city. There might be no scientific proof of it yet but I believe he’s more harmful to a Jets fan’s health than smoking.

  12. He’s a “Shot”enheimer.
    Maybe he’ll be shot by a “Marty” since he’s been “fired” quite a few times now.

  13. It’s a very simple process at One Bills Drive.
    Toss out as many 2nd tier coach names as
    possible, then have them bid down, amongst
    themselves on who will take the job for the
    least money ( kind of like name that tune)
    and the low coach Wins. It’s not a big deal.

  14. Please Old Buddy – No Schottenheimers in Buffalo! We have endure 10 years of losing and bad offense! We don’t need anymore! The game has passed the old man by and the kid just isn’t a very good O-coordinator! The Jets offense is terrible!

  15. He’ll surely get shot in Buffalo but I HIGHLY doubt he would in Orchard Park…where the stadium is.

  16. So I guess Marty fulfils the NFL’s requirement to interview coaches with four sylable last names.

  17. Ralph,
    Please if you or any of the Buffalo Bills staff reads this site, and I know at least one person does, then I beg you to get the Schottenheimers into to fix the mess thast has been created up there. Do the right thing here Ralph you have alot of fans begging for things to be turned around.
    Get the F’in job done!

  18. there’s no way that the jets will be lucky enough to have buffalo take schotty off of their hands. these are the jets we’re talking about, luck isn’t their strong suit.
    the jets #1 rushing attack is even more impressive when you consider that it’s in spite of the coordinator.

  19. Any chance Craig James son will get a scholarship at a D-III school, the lazy ass?

  20. Jets suck funny if he would stay you all say how good he is now that he would leave that shitty organization you say he sucks…JETS fans suck.

  21. first let me say, that Brian Schottenheimer wouldn’t be a bad hire, but it wouldn’t be great, Sanchez hasn’t played well, but i don’t put all the blame on Schottenhemier, he has coached very well and his running attack has been good, i believe Rivera or Cowher should take this job, but Brian wouldn’t be the worst hire.

  22. As a long time Jets fan I couldn’t be more thrilled to hear of this development… I really do hope he gets the Job, then maybe the Jets can begin to progress as an offensive unit.
    Hey Schotty, as a parting gift, can you please take Gholston with you… thanks!

  23. “A conspiracy theorist (none around here) may wonder if the Bills could possibly land a package Schottenheimer deal, but the elder has said he doesn’t want to return to coaching.”
    FUNNY, asking a question is outlawed in this corrupt monotheistic fascist country now. Go be a lawyer, cut deals, steal money, push papers and shut up. That is a possible scenario since they are related and good coaches and all, i say bring marty in as a consultant.. or don’t even need him on the team, he can get advice from him, it is his dad. ASK A QUESTION, YOU ARE conspiring… Damn Tool Bag.

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