Report: Bucs tell Morris and staff that they'll be back

Our pal Warren McCarty of ESPN 1440 in Amarillo, who has a track record with us of tracking down good info, tells us that sources close to the action in Tampa say that coach Raheem Morris will be back for a second season.

The development comes notwithstanding recent reports that the Buccaneers have reached out to former Steelers coach Bill Cowher.

Per McCarty, Morris and his staff have been told that they’ll be back for 2010.

If the power-that-be in Tampa have told Morris and company the truth, this leaves Cowher with one fewer option for 2010.  And with the Panthers also reportedly not in play (for now at least), Cowher might have a hard time finding a team that will pay him $10 million per year and give him the keys to the car.

Buffalo remains an option, if Cowher would be given final say over personnel and if he’d get the price he wants.  Chicago could be in play, too, if Cowher would be willing to let G.M. Jerry Angelo call the shots — or if Angelo gets fired along with coach Lovie Smith.

Tennessee could be an destination, if owner Bud Adams decides that it’s time to replace the guy who has been on the job longer than any other NFL coach with the guy who had held that distinction before leaving the Steelers.

Seattle is looking for a G.M., and the Seahawks could decide to fire Jim Mora and turn the operation over to Cowher, who would then hire a G.M.

Then there’s the possibility of a surprise, with a team like the Lions, the Giants, or the Jets cleaning house in the hopes of catching Cowher.

The Cowboys could be interested, but only if owner/G.M. Jerry Jones would be willing to get out of the way and let Cowher call the shots.  (And that’s a Texas-sized “if”.)

Bottom line?  Cowher might have waited a year too long to get back in, and he might have to wait a year longer in order to find the right fit.

Or two years longer, if the NFL remains on course for a lockout in 2011.

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  1. This is great news! 2 easy wins for the Panthers, Falcons and Saints next year… wait nevermind didn’t the Buc’s just beat the Saints last week? HAHAHAHAHA…..
    Go Panthers!

  2. “Per McCarty, Morris and his staff have been told that they’ll be back for 2009.”
    But what about 2010?

  3. Ah the running of the Bucs franchise into the ground for a move is in effect..
    Los Angeles Bucs or London Bucs 2012….

  4. That is not TOO Promising, If that is the truth, then they are definitely GONE. Since it is posted that he is told he will be back for 2009 not 2010….OOPS!

  5. Really, “they’ll be back for 2009” great reporting. I think someone needs to check what year it is. 2009 is so last year.

  6. Just because another team on Cowhers list is eliminated, doesn’t mean he’s any closer to becoming the Bears coach. I will always be a fan of the team, but that doesn’t mean I’ll possess high hopes of the higher-ups making the right decisions. In this case Lovie Smith is due $11 million and due to how cheap the McCakseys are he is not going anywhere. Sure they’ll “sacrifice” Turner, but Lovie will simply then hire another Rams coordinator or a another buddy of his. Same with the DC. Again I hope and pray that I am wrong and the McCaskeys will make the conscionable decison of firing the entire coaching staff, but from what we all know and have seen of these owners, the future is continuing to look grim. Here’s to high hopes, mates.

  7. well if the Bucs do keep him, then maybe we can see if they improve. i knew this team wouldn’t be good with all the talent they lost, they can improve though. as for Cowher, the place i think he should look at is Buffalo, if Seattle does look to take him on, he should take the job, but i dont see them going after him, i cant see Chicago doing it either, but if they do make a move he should look at that job too, don’t see the Titans making a move either and he will not coach the Browns, the redskins seemed locked on Shanahan so i don’t see them chasing Cowher.

  8. They (staff)will be back in 2009?? Thought this was the 2009 season?? Would like to see Cowher take over the team, but Morris has the team playing alot better. Only if Freeman can keep from turning the ball over, that will help out alot.

  9. im on board with this i think Raheem needs another year, he’s growing as a coach and the D is definitely better under his control than any one elses.

  10. “Per McCarty, Morris and his staff have been told that they’ll be back for 2009”?
    Good to know that Morris will be coaching in the past. For the sake of the Bucs franchise, he’d best not be in the future.

  11. C’mon Bill you know you don’t belong on any Florida team. Actually you don’t belong on any team from the south, lets be serious. You don’t want to go to Chicago because you won’t be calling the shots. You need Buffalo just as much as they need you. Go back and team up with Buddy Nix and give the good people of the northeast something to cheer about again.

  12. “Per McCarty, Morris and his staff have been told that they’ll be back for 2009”
    has to be the height of sarcasm … 2009 ? really ?

  13. Nick Saban said he would coach Miami too.
    I’ll believe it when Morris is on the sidelines for the Bucs first pre-season game next year. Even then it will be week to week.

  14. No offense to Cowher but just because you live in Carolina doesn’t mean you get to coach there. I think he needs to lower his exceptations. If all of the rumors are true. If a team has a franchise QB odds are they aren’t switching HCS because that team is already successful. Most of the first year coaches will probably at least get another year. Teams like the Lions were probably still excepting another rebuilding year.

  15. Well I guess we can cross the Bucs off the list of potential playoff teams for 2010. That franchise has gone right back to the Culverhouse era.

  16. Cowher wants to be lead dog on the team. He won’t be content to run behind Jones or Holmgren so forget Dallas or Cleveland. Jets won’t clean house this season and can’t see Cowher taking an interest in Lions or Seahawks. Chicago is possible if Angelo goes, but it seems a long shot, as does Buffalo. Would be surprised if he’d want to supplant Fisher. Still think Carolina is his top choice, if it’s viable. Maybe Houston or Tampa, if Morris doesn’t stay.
    But of all the teams you’ve mentioned, the Giants are most interesting. Coughlin is vulnerable. They’re just two years off a Super Bowl. It’s an NFC team, and I think he’d prefer only playing the Steelers every four years. The Giants are known for playing his kind of football and the Maras–at least under Wellington–had a similar ownership model to the Steelers. NY is a big stage. Yeah, I could definitely see Cowher with the Giants if they’d meet his terms.

  17. As much as I hate Coughlin and the Giants, they have done well under him. 2 years ago they won the SB and last year went 12-4 and lost steam because of Burress. One mediocre year should not get him fired. The only way he gets fired is if he has a Marty Schottenheimer-esque dispute with the GM. The Giants are no way in hell a surprise team in the running for Cowher

  18. “Cowher might have waited a year too long to get back in…” OR maybe some teams are coming to their senses, and realize he’s not worth paying 10 MILLION A YEAR

  19. They (coaching staff) will be back in 2009?? I thought this was the 2009 season. Cowher would be good for the team and hope he can come in. One thing I have to say is that the Bucs have not quit on Morris, which is a good sign. If Freeman takes care of the ball better, 2010 could turn out a lot better.

  20. “Per McCarty, Morris and his staff have been told that they’ll be back for 2009.”
    So not only are they firing Morris, but they think he’s dumb enough not to notice that this promise doesn’t preclude them from hiring Cowher for 2010?

  21. “Per McCarty, Morris and his staff have been told that they’ll be back for 2009.”
    That should be awesome since it’s 2010.

  22. Might have waited too long?
    Cowher has his pick of any number of jobs Florio. What are you talking about.

  23. I hope this is a nightmare or a joke. Radio has no business being a head coach except for a peewee football team.

  24. why would the Jets get rid of a coach who lived up to his hype… #1 ranked defence in the NFL… and he also comes with a big mouth and tears to boot.

  25. I’m confused… I thought that Raheem Morris and his staff were ALREADY THERE for 2009. How can they come back for 2009?

  26. get real florio. there’s no way the giants, jets, or lions are cleaning house to get cowher. it’s just not gonna happen. neither is the idea that tennessee would debate firing fisher. seattle even seems like a giant if. as does, as you said, dallas. it wouldn’t surprise me if he wound up in chicago, but at this point, that seems to be the only viable option.

  27. Florio, we love you, but please quit writing crap like this.
    “Possibility of a surprise team like the Jets or Lions?” Seriously?
    Jet fans like Rex Ryan “for now”
    AND I’M A LIONS FAN! And we very much like Schwartz at the moment. (good draft etc.)
    So while you’re speculating and posting rumors, at least keep them “somewhat” real.

  28. Cowher to the Lions? Seriously? They had a good draft (for once) and like the direction they seem to be going. The seriously senior Mr. Ford is also insanely loyal to his employees (see Millen, Matt). It ain’t happenin’…

  29. “I hope this is a nightmare or a joke. Radio has no business being a head coach except for a peewee football team. ”
    Yeah, I mean a pee wee team could beat the previously undefeated SAINTS, right?
    Nice racial blast with “Radio Raheem” , btw.

  30. So the game plan for the Bucs was the go young and let them grow up together. Not a bad game plan, I think.

  31. Does anyone ever notice that the Patriots are NEVER mentioned during HC discussions. If Bill Belichick is such a cheater and whatever else why would the Krafts keep him – especially (as the argument goes) he was only ever a winner because of videotaping meaningless footage that we all had access to. Love the shot of Herm Edwards waving to the camera.

  32. “Does anyone ever notice that the Patriots are NEVER mentioned during HC discussions. If Bill Belichick is such a cheater and whatever else why would the Krafts keep him”
    Because Robert Kraft condones cheating. Facilitates it, even.

  33. Take the Cowboys out of the equation — Wade has probably gotten himself one more year (as long as today’s game is competitive). If not, then you can look at Mike Zimmer, Todd Bowles or someone else out of the Parcells family tree most especially someone who has coached at Dallas in the assistants role before. Someone else who hasn’t already been a head coach in the league. Jerry will want to maintain control and won’t be able to find another Wade so easily. Forget about Garrett. He’s not ready — that offense could’ve been historic if not for his play-calling acumen (insert joke here). The players played down to his level this year and last.

  34. The Jets were ready to give Cowher whatever he wanted last offseason and he turned them down. Then Rex Ryan came in and, despite some bad trash talk and dumb pressers, has been better than advertised (having the #1 defense with Kris Jenkins out since week 6 is very impressive and exactly what he was brought here to do.) There’s no way that they’d can him for another shot at Cowher after just one season.
    Furthermore, is this an actual rumor? Or by naming the Jets, Giants and Lions are you just trying to get a few cheap page views?
    Finally, if you’re looking for a team that could actually clean house and run after a proven winner like Cowher, keep an eye on Minnesota (who could probably parlay a Super Bowl into a new stadium.)

  35. Finally some great news. This means Morris has a chance to build build build. Starting over with a new coach only means more losing.
    I’m even more excited about the off-season and next.
    Go Bucs!
    A True Bucs Fan!

  36. did you just throw in the Jets and lockout bits to garner more hits and comments? toolbox

  37. To”A true Bucs fan”:
    I waited along with all the other true Bucs fans for our shot at the play offs and then the Big Show. We waited through the terrible 0 and 26 streak. We waited ! Through bad owners,bad coaches and too many QB changes to list. We waited.
    We can wait some more. Another year maybe two or three. Not so long really. Because I have seen some real improvement in the last few games. Some flashes of greatness among all the rookie mistakes. I really think we might be finally moving in the right direction. So let the retooling continue. We have 10 picks in the draft! So , I can wait. I can wait. GO BUCS!

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