Tebow makes his case for a draft-day climb

When the Florida Gators destroyed the Cincinnati Bearcats on Friday night in the Sugar Bowl, the biggest losers might have been the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Jags are widely believed to be interested in Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, thanks to an owner who apparently has never played poker.  But the Jags likely will be making their initial pick at some point between the 15th and 20th positions in round one of the draft.  And recent history tells us that huge quarterback performances in BCS bowl games will drive a guy’s stock through the roof — and that poor performances will cause a guy to slide.

It’s a curious dynamic in a process dominated by tangible measurements and Pro Day workouts.  With a stellar showing in the Sugar Bowl capping that 2006 season, LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell shot all the way to the top of the board.  A year earlier, Vince Young’s performance for the ages in the BCS title game pushed him all the way to No. 3.

Likewise, a horrendous night for Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith in the 2006 BCS championship (due in large part to the fact that multiple Florida defensive lineman were unblocked for most of the night) resulted in a free fall all the way to round five.  Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn’s lackluster college finale against LSU in the same Sugar Bowl that saw Russell shoot up likely fueled Quinn’s drop into the 20s.

On Friday night, Tebow generated 533 yards in a 51-24 rout of the previously undefeated Bearcats, completing 31 of 35 passes for 482 yards and three touchdowns.

So while FOX’s Brian Billick explained one of Tebow’s primary flaws — a catapult-style release that involves Tebow swooping the ball down to thigh level, where it will be more easily knocked out of his hands by the likes of Dwight Freeney, Jared Allen, and Elvis Dumvervil — scouts will pay less attention to the flaws and more attention to the fireworks.

But it makes no sense to ignore mechanical deficiencies that could make Tebow into another Byron Leftwich.  (Still, Leftwich was drafted in the top ten, and he never had a game like Tebow had on Friday night.)

Then there’s the reality that Tebow seems to be the kind of guy who can be molded into a better quarterback, a guy who’ll respond to coaching aimed at making him the best possible player he can be. 

So while it’s easy to pick apart things that he will concern folks at the next level, the reality is that Tebow is a proven winner, an obvious leader of men, and he capped one of the greatest careers in college football history by putting up even bigger numbers than Vince Young four years ago.

In other words, if the Jaguars want Tebow, the Jaguars are gonna have to trade up to get him.

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  1. Trust me when I tell you this: the Jaguars have no interest in Tebow. None. Zero. Zilch.
    Gene Smith will not trade up to get anyone in the first round. Especially a guy who’s pro capabilities are completely unknown.
    Second, let’s suppose they did draft him. Does anyone who understands anything about pro football really think that in a head-to-head match up against a pro-style defense, that Tebow is going to unseat ANY pro quarterback from his job? And, yes, I’m talking specifically about David Garrard.
    The Raiders can have him.

  2. I can’t say I’m confident that Tebow will ever be more than an average (at best) NFL QB, but I have to say I’m rooting for him. I understand how he can be almost “nauseatingly perfect” at times, but I think the NFL could a guy like that. With all the T.O.’s, Pacman Jones, Michael Vick’s etc. in the game now, we need some more good guys.

  3. Wasn’t Cincinnati missing some selfish head coach with no ethics who couldn’t just finish the season that still had one game left?

  4. Completely disagree on this one. Tebow is not a top 15 pick no matter what he does between now and the draft. He is a product of his system and while he could have a solid NFL career, I highly doubt it will be as a traditional QB. My guess is that he gets used the way Pat White has in Miami and that he’ll be drafted in the 2nd round like White as well.

  5. If teams base their selection of guy based on what he did in one game they get what they deserve. Did you see how long it takes Tebow to get rid of the ball. He’s Dante Culpepper but with a weaker arm and slower release.

  6. You don’t take a project at 15-20. You take a project in the 2nd or 3rd round. And most projects never work out.

  7. “if the Jaguars want Tebow, the Jaguars are gonna have to trade up to get him.”
    Raiders and a number of teams are licking their chops to get some team to overbid for this guy. A proven leader with a horrible release point, footwork and a catapult style release – maybe he bucks the trend and lights it up? Who knows?

  8. Brady Quinn fell to the right number but the wrong round. Five rounds later would’ve been the right round. The 2nd coming of Tim Couch. Just what we need here in Brown’s country.

  9. Brian Billick? What in the world does he know? Wasn’t he the offensive coordinator when the Vikings fell to an inferior Falcons team? He inherited a stellar defense when he took over and won the super bowl because of a defense and a kicker. Who did he draft at qb? Kyle Boller?

  10. I wonder what will happen when he gets knocked down once by an NFL DE. Yeah he put up a good game against an overrated College team, but he doesn’t have it to make it in the NFL. I see him going early to the skins.

  11. In other words, if the Jaguars want Tebow, the Jaguars are gonna have to trade up to get him.
    I don’t think so Florio. While he made some nice throws, the majority of them were so easy that Antwan Randel El could complete them.

  12. if you spend 5 minute or ten minutes or 20 minutes around tim tebow, your life is better for it. HAHA but your nfl team wont be, he’ll be average at best!!

  13. Further proof the talking heads at PFT here who just post other peoples news for living don’t even know what their talking about.
    Byron Leftwich holds the title for most passing yards thrown in a bowl game…ever.
    So, yes, yes he did have a bowl game like Tebow did.
    And he has a lousy release like Tebow HAS.
    Leftwich = Tebow

  14. i believe in Tebow as a QB. Give him a year or two to learn the system and he’ll give his team everything he has to win for a decade. He can be molded, he is a leader, not a lot of risk with a guy like that with his resume compared to other high draft picks let alone pricey free agents.

  15. Jamarcus Russell and Vince Young as the examples for a quarterback moving up in the draft based on a good bowl performance……………..I’m sold

  16. JaMarcus Russell
    Vince Young
    Troy Smith
    Brady Quinn
    No matter how good or bad the above performed on the big stage right before the draft they all have one thing in common: They all suck.
    Florio, as for “leader of men” and “proven winner”, throw that trash right out the window: Gino Toretta, Danny Wuerffel, Matt Leinart, Chris Weinke and Eric Crouch were “proven winners” and “leaders of men” also.
    Btw, is Pat White a “Proven Winner and a “Leader of Men”? How many snaps did that 2nd round draft choice take all year?

  17. He had a great game but the mechanics that seem to worry NFL teams haven’t changed..it would still be a big risk to draft the kid in the first round.

  18. “In other words, if the Jaguars want Tebow, the Jaguars are gonna have to trade up to get him.”
    Seriously, did you say that? Name one draft expert who thinks Tebow, even now will go in the first round? Give me a break. He is a great leader because he wins and his team believed in him. So did Auburn in Jason Campbell. So did LSU in Jemarcus Russell. So did USC in Matt Leinert and Utah is Alex Smith. I mean i can go one forever. I love Tebow and his fire, but poor mechanics, terrible release, and lackluster arm strength will bring him down to earth. A few losses with change a winner into a bust.
    Prediction, second round, to the Jags (no one else seriously wants him right now, not with all the good QBs in this years draft).

  19. Jacksonville’s already missing their 2nd rounder and then whatever they gave up to get McCown. They’re not going to trade away their whole draft to grab a QB who needs so much work. They need a world of help on defense.

  20. No one has worse mechanic than Phillip Rivers. He does alright.
    Tebow wins, and that does count for something.

  21. The Jaguars should take the best available player when it becomes their turn to pick, if its Tebow then so be it. In Gene Smith we Trust…

  22. I would not risk a 1st rounder on him, but if I need a QB, there are not any guys coming out this year I would.
    All the other QBs have questions as well.
    Can Bradford stay healthy in the NFL?
    Can Clausen win a big game?
    Can McCoy throw in the NFL?
    The next highest rated Qb is Pike and he looked awful vs the Gator D.
    A late 1st round pick is not that much of a finacial gamble, but you may be passing up the next Ray Lewis or Ed Reed by taking a QB too early.
    It will be interesting to see if he plays in the SR bowl. Maybe NFL QB coaches are able to adjust his throwing motion and he moves up, or they expose a major flaw and he falls off the board like Andre Woodson.

  23. Troy Smith was never going to go high, as he had bigger problems than that bowl game. His height was a major factor, and no amount of bowl games would correct that.
    Tebow is definitely one of the more coachable QB’s in the draft this year. He needs a hell of a lot of it, but the second round could well come calling now. I don’t remember a player come out of college with such obvious deficiencies, yet with the sheer momentum that Tebow has in the media.
    I’d be surprised if that isn’t the order. I don’t personally think any of them are anywhere near NFL standard, and certainly they lack the intangibles that make Flacco and Ryan the emotional leaders of their teams. None of them are guys that have the mental strength to walk in and take over a huddle at the beginning of next season in the way those guys do.
    I’ve argued for a few years that if you rated many of the Quarterbacks on a 1-100 scale both physically and mentally, you’d find the ranges much closer on the physical side than you would in the mental category. Think of the difference between Rex Grossman and Peyton Manning. Physically, they can both make the same throws, but the biggest difference is in their decision making, and how much their teams believe in their ability.

  24. Wherever he goes, he should be coached well and much. Changing his footwork, his release and his recognition skills is going to take a lot of time, he already has his leadership skills, but how can a team hold you as a leader, if you hold on to the ball too damn long, take sacks and don’t make any plays? Let us give him time to develop

  25. Interesting fact –
    The last Sugar Bowl winning QB to do squat (and I mean squat) in the NFL was Dan Marino in ’82.
    The jury is still out on Matt Stafford.

  26. You have to admire the kid though for wanting at least the opportunity to play quarterback in the next level. I like Tebow’s attitude, but there definitely are a lot of questions that need to be answered, and this game did only help his cause in being drafted. I just hope Big Red doesn’t waste a pick on him.

  27. Any NFL team that takes him in the first round deserves exactly what they get. He wont transition well into the NFL, especially on a bad team

  28. No Gatorphile here – Penn State grad, so my take on Tebow is not biased due to coming from Gator Nation.
    On to Tim Tebow – just what is not to love about Tebow as a man, as a human being, his leadership, intangibles, physical measurables, dedication, character, commitment to team – not self?
    Even his giving of 700-800 hours of his own time over this last year to those less fortunate. You don’t have to be a math whiz quickly determine that’s 18-20 full forty hour work weeks …. for nothing but to benefit others. That’s real.
    Mary Poppins flying around with an umbrella sounds more plausible as a character than the real Tim Tebow. He’s just that good of a person.
    As for whether Tebow’s performance will translate at the next level, of course that is the big question. I, for one, hope to heck it does – though it’d take too long to delve into his throwing mechanics and all the rest.
    But before parting, Mike Florio touched on a good point. Tebow is coachable – not a prima donna-esque a-hole. He needs good coaching ASAP — not some rotating door of failures on a bad team. As such, it’s possible that his stellar performance in the Sugar Bowl could HARM his professional development – if he goes early in the draft to a lousy team, with comparatively lame coaches, weak offensive line, shoddy “skill players,” …. etc.
    Another question is how will the ever-beloved Tebow respond to NFL fans if it gets turbulent … which it invariably does? To my knowledge, Tebow has never had to face any real hardcore scrutiny and criticism from Gator Nation, from his teammates or from the media covering the Gators. In the NFL though — the cynic in me sees cynicism in others in certain contexts… and sadly, it’s been confimed time and time again.
    Ben Roethlisberger, who has been likened to a diety in The ‘Burgh http://data.fineartstudioonline.com/websites/FredCarrow/works/3379_50589l.jpg
    — has even faced internal criticism on many fronts, including teammates, media and fans.
    Tebow seems strong enough to deal with it – but it appears the only criticism he has received has been from the outside from semi-toothless Vols’ fans – but no critcism from within. How will he respond?
    Just a few additional things to ponder on Tebow.

  29. Good for Fox for having only one half their booth for last night’s game with a kool-aid drinker. It was great to hear some real analysis and real criticism about the kid’s pro status from Brian Billick (and Jimmy Johnson at halftime).
    Brennaman still managed to go off the deep end toward the end, but he was certainly kept more in check last night than he was by Charles Davis during the 2009 NT game.

  30. If Urban Meyer is such a great coach, why then, in four years, didn’t he coach Tebow into the corrct throwing mechanics ? It doesn’t appear that he was “coached up” at all in proper QB fundamentals

  31. False, false, false, false, false. Why do you even consider aspects that won’t be a factor in the NFL, like being “a proven winner.” The NFL game is entire different, and winning in college ball means jack. Jason White, Eric Crouch and Ken Dorsey were “winners.”

  32. Florida technically just couldn’t “win” this game. Before the game Cincy was a lot of peoples cute pick. Take the points, Cincy’s O will give FL prob and hell, maybe even win!! Maybe it was the overzelousness of a lot of people wanting to just see Florida go away because they are tired of their success or something. So Florida goes out and makes a team from the state of Ohio their bitch (again)and now everyone is saying Cincy was overrated. So funny, yet so delicious just thinking of the pain some of you have inside. Whats even more amusing is people turning into full blown NFL draft scouts and breaking down Tebow’s throwing mechanics. Just shut up fags, we all know what his mechanics are, but lets not act like we know as much as guys making millions that breaks down film for a living. You all know dick. Tebow, the poor bastard, can’t have 31-35 for 482 yds acknowledged as one of the best games ever. Can some of you even comprehend how good what the yds per throw, completion percentage, and overall performance that is. Last game of his career and he goes out like THAT. Can you atleast give it to the guy before you dismiss it by saying “oh well, i dont think he’ll be good in the NFL anyhow.” Bitter, sorry ass losers you are

  33. Why does any NFL team want to spend many millions on a project in the first round like Tebow? He is a HUGE gamble, and you are going to have the right coaches around him to succeed.
    I think people are struggling to remember someone at quarterback with Tebow’s athleticism, and you can’t. Just look at his numbers in college. The closest (I’m not saying exact) in the pros right now is McNabb. But McNabb is a great pocket passer too, so probably a bad comparison.
    With that said, Tebow may set a new standard for the future QB in one direction or another.

  34. I get so tired of hearing about mechanics, and let me preface this by saying I DO NOT drink the Tebow Kool-Aid.
    1. He’s a great athlete…the sh** ain’t rocket science, he’ll learn the “pro style” QB mechanics.
    2. Whomever drafts him the QB coach will have to earn his paycheck and actually teach fundamentals.
    3. I’ll take a mechanically raw Tebow in the 1st round instead of “mechanically superior” pro style QBs like JaMarcus Russell, Matt Leinart, etc. any day of the week. He’s a winner…period.

  35. Tebow is a winner and impresses me with a strong work ethic.
    Don’t forget another QB who had a strong work ethic and who fell to 199 because he was too skinny and had poor mechanics (Tom Brady).
    @ Clubfoot, you are right on about Billick.

  36. “Then there’s the reality that Tebow seems to be the kind of guy who can be molded into a better quarterback, a guy who’ll respond to coaching aimed at making him the best possible player he can be. ”
    Uhhhhh, I don’t see him as that kind of guy at all. I actually see him as the opposite, a guy who’s been so successful for so long doing things his own way, who obviously has such a strong sense of self, that he will have trouble dealing with radical changes or with not being the best. He seems like an Eric Crouch kind of guy who’d rather find a way out than have to deal with failure. A strong desire to be the winner is not the same as understanding the sacrifice and process that it takes to become a winner, especially when you’re used to being better than everybody else on a better team than everybody else.

  37. I would have loved to see what all you haters would have said about Tom Brady 10 years ago. I find it astonishing how these pro guru’s out think themselves every year when it comes to drafting players into the NFL. The Patriots and the “greatest coach” in the game wait until the 6th round to draft Brady, and he’s hailed as a genius! That’s asinine. I’ll throw some names out of recent 1st round QB’s… David Carr, Joey Harrington, Patrick Ramsey, Kyle Boller, J.P. Losman, Alex Smith, Jason Campbell, Matt Leinart, JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, and the list goes on. Certainly Tebow has earned a chance to be drafted, regardless of his ”shot put delivery”, this coming from the Re Tard who cut Dilfer for Elvis Grbac and drafted Kyle Boller in the first round! Is that the only flaw with Tebow is a release issue? If I am an owner and my coaches and personnel people tell me Tebow isn’t a franchise Quarterback because of his release, I am going to fire your ass! Why do owners pay coaches millions to coach and they can’t help Tebow’s release! Thinking like this is why some many teams suck in the NFL! He has scored more Td’s than any other player in SEC history! You know the SEC, that’s filled with NFL ready players… If that isn’t a proving ground, WTF is?

  38. Tom Brady did not have poor mechanics – He was too skinny and at the time had questionable arm strength – mechanics and accuracy were never the issue.

  39. A couple of things.
    First of all, the person with the user name Wick should be writing for PFT and secondly I literally laughed out loud when I read the last line of ” me so horny’s” post.
    You call other people bitter ? Seems to me you need to check a freaking mirror after your hate filled rant.

  40. He beat a team with no defense or head coach. I could have put up 500 yards of offense on that Cincinnati team.

  41. But it makes no sense to ignore mechanical deficiencies that could make Tebow into another Byron Leftwich. (Still, Leftwich was drafted in the top ten, and he never had a game like Tebow had on Friday night.)
    I’m pretty sure Leftwich had at least 10 games where he threw for well over 400 yards in his college career. That’s why he was drafted in the top-10 out of Marshall.

  42. somebody please call matt flynn and tell him that being a great leader and national champion quarterback resulted in him being chosen 1st in the nfl draft. oh wait, matt flynn fell to the 7th round.
    tebow has more than delivery problems – his footwork sucks too. if whoever drafts him isn’t committed to going to a spread offense you can forget him playing quarterback. just for fun, let’s note he’s one shot from becoming the next eric lindross.
    the hilarious tell in florio’s article is this sentence “scouts will pay less attention to the flaws and more attention to the fireworks.” there is a reason for this – 95% of scouts are morons. you can look it up.

  43. There were some teams prior to this game who had Tebow projected as an NFL tight end. I believe Bill Polian (Colts) was one of the ones on record in saying this.
    The question is did Tebow do anything in this game to change any of those opinions? Because tight ends rarely go early in drafts…and coverting a college quarterback to tight end, makes it even less likely for those teams to take Tebow early in round one.

  44. “But it makes no sense to ignore mechanical deficiencies that could make Tebow into another Byron Leftwich. (Still, Leftwich was drafted in the top ten, and he never had a game like Tebow had on Friday night.)”
    Beastie Bills:
    “Further proof the talking heads at PFT here who just post other peoples news for living don’t even know what their talking about.
    Byron Leftwich holds the title for most passing yards thrown in a bowl game…ever.”
    I was thinking the same thing when I read this, so I looked it up. In the 2001 GMAC Bowl, Leftwich was 41 of 70 2TD and 576 yards. Yes that was 576 Yards! Just a “few” more than the 482 put up by Tebow.

  45. All of you assume here he will be drafted as a QB… One of the more famous Gator QB’s was drafted in the NFL and ended up playing wide receiver. At the time, and for years to come, he held the record at Florida for the longest touchdown pass in Gator history and went to several Pro Bowls as a NFL wide receiver. His name is Cris Collinsworth. Maybe Tebow will end up being the same way. My best guess is that he will be a so-so NFL player, but will become a great coach and motivator of men.

  46. Before every one jumps on Tebows nuts for the game he had remember one thing….he played against Cincinnati. The bearcubs went 12-0 in the big east. Pitt hung 44 on that defense and all but gave cincy that game. The same Pitt team that only put 19 up on D1 power house UNC winning by 2. And to point out that Tebow put up better #’s in that game than what Vince Young did against what ESPN was calling the greatest team ever before the game was played is ridiculous. The two performances can’t be compared. VY put up huge #s against a top 5 D and probably one of the top 5 teams ever assembled in CF and Tebow did what he did against the bearcubs.
    Anyone that watched the game knows that most of those throws were to wide open athletes that cincy couldn’t cover. The throw to side of the endzone was sweet though.
    Tebow is the most overrated player ever in CF. He was always surrounded with the top talent in the country. Wait and see what happens to him when he takes off in the pros and gets hit by a 250lb LB that runs faster than he does instead of one that goes 210- 220lbs. Not to mention he was running a spread offense, where you would rather have him take off than key on him and have a harvin or moody get the corner and take it to the house.
    One last thing…Tebow only really won one title, Chris Leak won the other. Taking 5 snaps a game isn’t enough to say he won the title
    I’m done ranting now

  47. All of you pro-scouts/coaches/GM’s here seemed to forget the most important, thr PLAY ACTION pass
    If he’s not to make it in the NFL as a QB its because of lack of ability to run the play action pass. Faking that handoff while your back is turned to the defenders is a HUGE thing for a QB to pulloff, they have to literally turn back around and find all the defenders and his WR’s, its extremely hard to do and learn, add to that subpar decision making and you have a nightmare on your hands

  48. joe.attaboy says:
    January 2, 2010 8:43 AM
    Trust me when I tell you this: the Jaguars have no interest in Tebow. None. Zero. Zilch.
    Gene Smith will not trade up to get anyone in the first round. Especially a guy who’s pro capabilities are completely unknown.
    As opposed to a draft prospects who’s pro capabilities are completely known???? Everyone’s draft is a crap shoot.

  49. Touchdown Jesus doesn’t need proper mechanics or the ability to run a pro style offense to succeed in the NFL. He will win with pure will power.

  50. Tim Tebow is a first round pick. If this is 1984. If anyone takes Tim Tebow with their first round pick this year, it will be one of the last decisions they make in their respective position. Great guy, and a great performance last night, though.

  51. Phillip Rivers throws the football like a shot put, Peyton Manning couldn’t throw a spiral to save his life, Tom Brady drafted in the 6th round, Matt Cassel hadn’t started since high school, how are they doing?
    Let’s look at Brian Billicks choices for qb, Kyle Boller, could throw 60 yards on his knees, cut Dilfer for Elvis Gerbac, how did that turn out?
    Every year there are draft suprises and busts, teams put so much emphasis on what a guy can do at the combine(run really fast w/o pads, jump really high).
    Point is leadership and work ethic are really underrated and no one knows how good a player is going to be until they actually put on pads and play for real in the NFL, but would an NFL team want a guy who can throw the ball really far or run really fast or would they want guys who can just play and have a work ethic to get better?

  52. If Tebow responds so well to coaching, does that mean Urban Meyer and his QB coach are bad coaches?
    I’m all for believing Tebow is a hot commodity because of his measurables. He could be mold into a lot of things.
    A QB typically is between 210-230 lbs. Tebow is like 240 and will likely add a bit more muscle mass in the NFL. He’d be 6’3″, 240 lbs and able to run low 4.6 high 4.5 40. If he responds well to coaching, then maybe you put him in kick coverage or at ILB. Maybe at R, H, Y, or Z. (RB, TE, Slot WR, or FB).
    He has a high work ethic, passion for football, and excellent athleticism. I wouldn’t bet against him having a productive NFL career.
    That said, I’m concerned about his mechanics, I’m concerned about his velocity, and most importantly I’m concerned about his development time coming a zone-option system.

  53. I wonder if all the guys that think Tebow can’t cut it are the same guys that thought Reggie Bush was awesome.

  54. Knock on Tebow all you want. Now, look at the QB’s who are currently starting on NFL teams and determine if you’d rather have that QB or Tebow.
    My guess is at least 50% of those teams you would go with Tebow. He wouldn’t be any worse, most likely be better and he’d put fans in the seats for at least a few years to make $ to get some free agent O-Linemen to help him out. Will he be the greatest QB ever in the NFL? No. He will be good enough to win games though which already makes him better than some of those QB’s who have better “mechanics”.

  55. @jliskiew
    You’re wrong about Brady. He threw off the back of his feet a lot. Most of the gains in his throwing mechanics and overall velocity of the ball have come from stepping into his throws instead of throwing off of the back of his feet.
    Brady did not have arm mechanical issues though.
    (I am a Patriots fan)

  56. Tebow will best be served being drafted by a team that is established at quarterback. This will give Tebow say the two seasons he needs to work out his throwing mechanics and learn how to read defenses from under center instead of from the shotgun. I think he’s a lot like Aaron Rodgers in that if Rodgers had started when he was a rookie, he would have been out of the league – he had terrbile footwork. I think the same with Tebow – if he has to “save” a franchise, he’ll be out of the league within five years. He just has so much to learn and change right now. I think he can do it, I doubt there will be any rookie that works harder than Tebow – but you got to give the kid a chance to learn and adapt to the NFL.

  57. The Patriots got Brady in the sixth round, Cassell in the seventh, and Hoyer as a rookie free agent. A late round investment in the quarterback position allows a team to develop talent. An early round investment puts the coach and team under pressure to play the early-drafted player and on the player to perform.
    With a few exceptions, quarterbacks need to be developed over time. Teams that throw rookie quarterbacks into the fire usually get burned. The list of first round quarterback failures runs deep.

  58. Tebow seems like a good “football player” in the sense that he is a big guy, knows the game well, and obviously has a passion. I don’t know if that is who you want to take high in the draft, however – for good or bad, you have to gamble a bit on someone who seems better prepared for a specific position.

  59. Belichick and Meyer have a strong friendship. No question, Tebow would fit the Patriot way, and could be our “Pat White” Wildcat type player with the second round pick. The kid isn’t an every down QB though, but theres always a spot in the NFL for great football players, which he certainly is.

  60. Tebow could develop into something and was excellent last night. But he’s a major project whether at QB or TE or whatever. Other than the Jaguars — for pure business reasons — I doubt anyone considers him in Round 1.
    I could see him possibly climbing into Round 2 now. Probably the best course would be for a team to use him like the Steelers used Kordell Stewart once upon a time: running the option, throwing a little and catching some passes too while developing his skills as a QB.

  61. Pike certainly helped his performance. His team was physcially and schematically overmatched but he still stood strong in the pocket, fit the ball into tight windows, made excellent decisions, showed pretty good athleticism, escapability, and the ability to throw on the run… I am far more impressed with Pike now than before and can see him being a late 1st/early 2nd round pick. People slammed Roethlisberger too when he and his terrible college team were manhandled by Iowa, not noting the talent descrepancy between the two teams.
    Tebow, on the other hand, certainly didn’t hurt himself, but no matter what he did in this game, he wasn’t going to convince scouts that his throwing motion would work in the NFL. He will have to change his throwing motion and he will have to learn how to dropback, and work on his footwork in the pocket. This is a guy that made few multiple receiver reads in college, he will be a major project for whomever that takes him.
    You say that the Jags will have to trade up to get him, you’re wrong there, but if the Jags lose again, they may be in a position where they will be better off trading back to get more value if they pick him.
    I do think that Tebow has the work ethic, character, and leadership skills to eventually work himself into a solid NFL QB… but that may be 3-4 years down the road before he even resembles a real QB. His arm is strong enough, he has good size, good speed (but poor feet in the pocket) but his best attribute is his work ethic.

  62. Florio, I think you missed Billick’s point about Tebow’s release. Yes, the sweeping release will make him more susceptible to strips, but more importantly, it will give more aggressive, more talented, and more experienced NFL DBs a chance to really get a jump on his throws.

  63. So Tebow lays an absolute egg against a top ranked team, Bama, but he lights up an utterly inferior opponent from an utterly inferior conference and now he’s potentially a first-round pick? Let’s get real now.
    I’m not saying he won’t go in the first round. As long as their are poorly managed teams like the Skins and Raiders, the possibility will remain out there.
    The vast majority of his game is running and his passing opens up when teams are overly concerned about that, which isn’t going to happen in the NFL. He simply can’t take the hits from running up the middle like he does in college, and the option read doesn’t work in the NFL either.
    He may make an ok TE though.

  64. hitnbombs28 says:
    “Tebow is the most overrated player ever in CF. He was always surrounded with the top talent in the country. Wait and see what happens to him when he takes off in the pros and gets hit by a 250lb LB that runs faster than he does instead of one that goes 210- 220lbs. Not to mention he was running a spread offense, where you would rather have him take off than key on him and have a harvin or moody get the corner and take it to the house.
    One last thing…Tebow only really won one title, Chris Leak won the other. Taking 5 snaps a game isn’t enough to say he won the title
    I’m done ranting now”
    Yes, Leak was the first-string QB, but to say Tebow didn’t really win the other title is ridiculous. The Gators wouldn’t have made it to the championship game without Tebow in 2006. He was instrumental in every game of the season. I guess every QB who was surrounded by talent is overrated? And while he may not be a pro-style QB, he was one of the most dynamic, prolific, and best players to ever play college ball.
    As a Gator, I love Tebow. I would love to see him play(and be successful) in the NFL. I understand the issue with his mechanics/footwork/etc. The reason why most people see the Jags drafting him is to fix one of their major problems: putting butts in seats. Large Gator popluation in Jax; maybe a Jags game would actually get televised in the hometown market?

  65. Jay Cutler was on a bad Vanderbilt team and yet he just managed to be worth 2 1st round picks and a 3rd round pick.
    College success has little to do with pro success.
    Scouting is about effectively seeing who has the most potential to perform in your own system.

  66. College success has little to do with pro success.
    Get back to us when Cutler has some pro success.

  67. A review of the quarterbacks taken in the first round from 1992 through 2001 highlights how risky these picks are, especially given the investment.
    David Klingler, Cincinnati
    Tommy Maddox, Denver
    Dave Brown, N.Y. Giants
    Drew Bledsoe, New England
    Rick Mirer, Seattle
    Heath Shuler, Washington
    Trent Dilfer, Tampa Bay
    Kerry Collins, Carolina
    Steve McNair, Tennessee
    Jim Druckenmiller, San Francisco
    Peyton Manning, Indianapolis
    Ryan Leaf, San Diego
    Tim Couch, Cleveland
    Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia
    Akili Smith, Cincinnati
    Daunte Culpepper, Minnesota
    Cade McNown, Chicago
    Chad Pennington, NY Jets
    Michael Vick, Atlanta
    In 2002 it got even worse with Carr, Harrington, and Ramsey.

  68. Tebow did do great, but did anyone notice how WIDE OPEN the receivers were and Tebow had days to throw the ball. I don’t think you should judge his abilities based on the game last night where that good for nothing Cinci coach left the team high and dry. Let’s see, how did Tebow do against a better Alabama team?? Hmmm? Already forgotten that forgetable performance?

  69. I got sick of hearing Billick putting this guy down.
    What does he know about good QB’s. He couldn’t spot one anyway and proved that when he was coaching.
    I also recall how they use to say the same thing about Phillip Rivers and his throwing motion, now look at him show how wrong they were.
    This also was just not a one game thing as Tebow has been doing this his whole career in college.

  70. EVERY DRAFTEE is a risk no matter what round their selected in . If a team needs a quarterback ( like Minnesota and Jacksonville ) in two years Tebow would be an excellent choice to draft now . He’s coachable , physical , and a proven winner from a great program .
    I say he would be my top quarterback in the draft no matter what positiion he’s drafted at.

  71. All it takes is for ONE team to think that Tebow can succeed as an NFL QB. The other 31 could all see him as a 3rd or 4th round H-back. Florio is right that some perpetually dense loser of a franchise might fall in love with his performance against Cincinnati. If the Jags really are that team, they won’t have to trade up to do it. The rest of the league would gladly step out of the way and take players that might actually make it.

  72. I’ve never been a Tebow fan but I bet the guy works out in the NFL. His accuracy, work ethic and selfless personality will allow him to succeed. I just don’t want the Browns to draft him.

  73. Can Bradford stay healthy in the NFL?
    Can Clausen win a big game?
    Can McCoy throw in the NFL?
    first, Browns fans, if the Browns do draft a qb and if it is Tebow it will be second round, i cant see the browns passing on Eric Berry if he is still on the board when they pick, maybe Taylor Mays too, if they get a big time safety this defense could be great, a reciever would be good too, i see Bradford or Clausen being a redskin, if i had to say one or the other i say Bradford is the redskin, but Clausen is the backup choice. as for Tebow i can not see him going to anyone except Jacksonville in the 1st round, the Jaguars don’t sell tickets and they feel Tebow would help them do just that.

  74. IF the JAGS want Tebow, they’re going to have to trade up to get him? FLORIO, you’re predicting he’ll go in the top half of the first round? A top 15 pick? I heard Tebow passed on playing in the Senior Bowl, which won’t help his draft status. Somehow I’d be suprised IF he’s taken in the first round, Jacksonville took a QB named Matt Jones in the first round, thinking he was such a good athlete, they could make a WR out of him, how did that work out? His style, especially as a running QB, guarentees he won’t be able to take those type of hits in the pros, and expect to have a long career

  75. This is one of the dumbest posts I have ever seen on this site. Scouts don’t look at fireworks. They look at ability and measurables. Tebow has a slow release, no deep pass and holds on to the ball too long. And if you don’t think Leftwich ever had a game like that, you obviously didn’t watch college football in 2001 or 2002. Before his broken leg, he was a favorite to be the first pick in 2003.

  76. I’m tired of hearing how great this guy is. He’s a born-again crybaby bitch who has never played in a pro style offense. He will get eaten alive.

  77. There is no way Tebow goes in the top twenty in a drafted loaded with defensive talent. He might make a decent back-up / wildcat QB. However, I am sure he can run/throw circles around Brady “The Breck Girl” Quinn.

  78. Al Davis has to have a short memory this off-season. Cut ties with Jamarcus and bring in Tebow. Our best receiver this year was Louis Murphy. Damn imagine if we’d drafted Percy Harvin instead of DHB, this would’ve been a match made in heaven. Anyways. Tebow knows how to move the ball and win games. It’s a must for raiders. Holy shit! I just thought of somethin. Vikings are gonna go after Tebow. Keep your eyes open people.

  79. Interesting fact –
    The last Sugar Bowl winning QB to do squat (and I mean squat) in the NFL was Dan Marino in ’82.
    The jury is still out on Matt Stafford.
    ?????What?? Sorry to inform you, but Danny-boy never won a SuperBowl. Those Fish got squished in 1985’s SuperBowl (not ’82) by the 49ers. Get your history right!
    As for Tebow, I see him as a good option quarterback to run a Wildcat offense. But, not as a traditional QB.

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