After losing consciousness, Pat White doing "better"

During Sunday’s loss to the Steelers, rookie quarterback Pat White got his first taste of the NFL in something other than a cameo appearance, after starter Chad Henne left with an injury.

After only three drives, however, White exited the field on a stretcher, after absorbing a helmet-to-helmet hit from cornerback Ike Taylor.

Per a league source, White suffered a concussion.  He lost consciousness “for several seconds,” but White is now doing “better.”

White has the entire offseason to recuperate; the 30-24 loss knocked Miami out of the playoffs.

UPDATE:  Another source with knowledge of the situation says that White has been taken to a hospital for observation and testing.  He has full use of all extremities.

25 responses to “After losing consciousness, Pat White doing "better"

  1. Glad to see that Pat White is okay.
    One of my favorite college football players of all time.

  2. It was not a helmet to helmet hit. Ike led with his shoulder. Shit happens. I’m glad he’s ok.

  3. I’m glad to hear Pat is doing good cause when he got hit i thought he broke his neck ……

  4. waiting for someone to explain how that was a ” clean” hit.
    I bet the fines they are a comin’….

  5. Anytime I see and head/neck injury it makes my stomach turn. Glad to hear he is doing better!

  6. Glad to see that White is recovering.
    Sorry to see Florio once again tries to stir up controversy by misleadingly describing a legal hit as “helmet-to-helmet.” Florio, you should be ashamed of yourself, especially since you routinely call others in the NFL and the media to task for a variety of perceived transgressions.

  7. Great that he’s doing better. One of the TV play callers called the hit a legal hit. I saw helmet to helmet which is supposed to be illegal. I’m not sure I understand what the Dolphins are doing with Pat White. If he runs an option play he never throws a pass. The pass option not being included allows the corner to not respect the pass at all…..The Dolphins should try Pat as a reciever next season. They need one!

  8. “helmet to helmet” yet no flag. Could you imagine the NFL reaction if this happened to Brady. Ike Taylor would probably be thrown out of the league.

  9. Just another example of ignorant NFL fans running their mouth at every opportunity. Helmet to Helmet only applies to defenseless receivers and quarterbacks who are in a throwing scenario. Once White broke the pocket and started to run, he is treated as a runner. Helmet to helmet does not apply, even though Taylor did lead with his shoulder anyway.
    You’d be hard pressed to find any run between the tackles where the RB and LB doesn’t bash helmets.

  10. To chunky soup:
    If you didn’t see that White lowered his head right before Taylor hit him as he was coming in with his shoulder, then you are as blind as you are a Steeler-hater. It was a hard hit, no doubt, but it was not a dirty hit. Their helmets collided when White lowered his head at the last second. No announcer said it was illegal.
    Very glad to hear White is doing better. That is something soupy didn’t express in his typically-boorish post.

  11. Helmet to helmet =/= leading with your helmet which = a flag. There was no flag on the play because Taylor wasn’t trying to lead with his helmet; unfortunately for everyone White was going to the ground as Ike hit him. If White was standing up straight, Ike’s helmet hits him in the chest and there’s non of you are crying over a phantom illegal hit.

  12. Like everyone else, I’m glad that Pat White is OK. However, he is the one that initiated the helmet to helmet contact. Instead of going out of bounds, he lowered his helmet to deliver a blow to the defender, and got knocked out. It’s a contact sport people.

  13. There should be no fine for this. Lawrence Timmons tripped up Pat White which caused him to start falling to the ground. Ike and Pat’s shoulder pads collided and the force of the hit caused their helmits to collide. We’re the Steelers though so of course it was a dirty hit…

  14. “….then you are as blind as you are a Steeler-hater.”
    the Steelers are not relevant enough in the world enough to hate.
    But it still wasn’t a clean hit.

  15. don’t really know what you all are looking at but legal or not it was definitely helmet to helmet.
    Legal – probably. Cheap -definitely.
    typical Stealer hit.

  16. Hey chunky, if what you said is true, then you are a moron that wastes endless hours posting your Steelers hate on every thread about the team. You post hate about something you said you consider irrelavant! How in the blue hell did you get to be so damn dumb that you even make fun of yourself? LOL.

  17. It’s a damn contact sport. Please stop your crying Chunky.
    Please get back in the crib before you soil your diaper!

  18. Actually, Irish, its a collision sport! In any event, there are rules…one is you cant make helmet to helmet contact…if the NFL issues a fine, then we’ll know what the rule really is…then all the suppositions can stop…

  19. white got tripped up before the collision its no ones fault just an unlucky collision for white.

  20. So much for the playoffs going through Miami…..Bunch of losers! It’s going through New England once again. Imagine that.
    Get well Pat White.

  21. Persoanlly, I think Miami would have won that game if they had sent Thigpen out sooner. Pat White just doesn’t have the chops for the NFL. 1 pass, right into the gorund.

  22. As soon as Henne was unable to play for whatever reason, they should have played Thigpen. He can actually run the whole offense (and probably a better option than PW simply because of his frame.) Sup Anquan??

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